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About FooPets

Created by a veterinarian, FooPets are the world's most realistic virtual puppies and kittens.

They get hungry and thirsty, enjoy playing with toys, crave attention, and love being spoiled by their owners. FooPets provide true companionship, and remind people of all ages of the commitment and joy of pet ownership.

You can adopt up to 3 FooPets (60 if you join ClubFoo), breed baby FooPets, decorate scenes for your pet, and earn daily and monthly allowances of virtual currency to care for your pet. was founded in 2008 by Dr. Ron Hornbaker, a veterinarian who believes the special bond between people and their pets can be recreated online.

FooPets make a perfect warm-up pet for young children, and special effort goes in towards making the site safe and friendly for young children. Learn more about this on our Parents Page.

No matter your age, you'll fall in love with your FooPet, and be welcomed here by thousands of other pet-lovers.