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Arcade » Throw the Dog a Bone

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  • Line up the arrow to try and touch as many dogs as you can with one bone. Click anywhere to toss the bone.
  • Use the fluctuating red level within the arrow to gauge how hard or soft the bone is tossed. The more red in the arrow, the harder the throw.
  • There are 10 levels total. Each level will have a different pattern of dogs and arrow/bone location. Upon each level, the following point system will be awarded:
    • One (1) point is awarded for each dog that is touched.
    • If all dogs are touched, then five (5) bonus points are awarded.
    • Ten points are awarded for each remaining bone that is not thrown.

Win FooDollars

  • Think you can beat others at this game? Enter a pool and compete against others for FooDollars.
  • Click on Enter 1 FooDollar
  • Play your best.
  • Top three winners with the best scores split the pool 50/30/20! Total FooDollars awarded depends on how many people enter the pool.

Win a Trophy

  • Top daily winners with the highest score will be awarded a trophy.
  • Trophies will appear in your Gifts tab in your Profile.
  • Accept the trophy in your Gifts tab and use it to decorate your scenes!

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