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Frequently Asked Questions


Adoption Rules

FooPets Need Love

Your FooPet needs love and attention from you. Pet and play with it whenever you can so your FooPet will be happy and your bond will grow strong.

Feed and Water Daily

Your FooPet needs to be fed and watered every 24 hours. Your friends or other FooPet members can help you feed and water your FooPet if you have to be away. Owning a pet is a big responsibility!

Take Care of your FooPet

Just like a real puppy or kitten, your FooPet needs medicine so it doesn't get sick!

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Why doesn't my FooPet want to play?

You must feed your FooPet before it will want to play!

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How do I care for my FooPet?

  • Give your pet food and water every 24 hours
  • Play with your pet
  • Walk your dog and clean your cat's litter box
  • Give your pet flea medicine

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How do I earn a bonding badge?

Feed, water and play with your pet every day! After 10 days, you'll earn a bonding badge.

You must feed, water and play with your pet within an 18-36 hour window from your last care session in order to maintain your bond. Once you have a bonding badge, if you miss a day your bonding badge will not increment for 10 days. If you know that you are going to be unable to care for a pet, you can enter your pets into the FooKennel.

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Why can't I see my FooPet?

You may need the latest version of Adobe's free Flash player, which you can download at Adobe Flash Player. If you still have trouble after you install it, try closing and then reopening your browser. If you still have trouble, try clearing your browser's cache according to these instructions. Finally, try rebooting your computer as a last resort. If you still can't see your FooPet, try a different browser or a different computer.

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How do I sell my pet?

You can sell a FooPet back to the Adoption Center at any time. Go to your profile tab, and click on the pet you want to sell. Then click "Sell Pet". The price of the pet is autogenerated based on your pet's stats. You cannot sell your pet to another member.

You cannot sell your last FooPet - you must own at least one pet. Remember that Baby FooPets must be weaned before you can sell them.

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Can I adopt more than one FooPet?

Yes! You can adopt FooPets with FooDollars from the Play page. Click "Adopt FooPets". The prices are autogenerated based on the stats of the pets. The maximum number of pets you can adopt is 60.

You can also breed your FooPet. See the Breeding Information Page for instructions. Before you can breed, you need to buy a Litter License with FooDollars.

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Can I play with other people's FooPets?

Yes! You can play with FooPets that belong to your friends.

Don't see a friends tab on your profile page? Users under 13 years old can request parent permission for social features by clicking Edit Preferences on the profile tab, and then clicking the parent request link.

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Can I play FooPets with friends?


  • Use the camera icon to capture FooFotos of your pet
  • Invite your friends to play
  • Click "My Friends" on the Play page to play with your friends' pets
  • Send gifts to your friends from the inventory tab on your Profile page (for users over 12 years old)
  • Accept gifts from the gifts tab on your Profile page (for users over 12 years old)

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What can I expect when I breed FooPets?

Once you've found a breeding partner, wait about 10 days for conception to occur. You can accelerate conception to happen immediately for 20 FD. Then your FooMommy will be pregnant for 2 weeks. Once your FooBabies arrive, you'll need to wait 2 weeks until the puppies or kittens are weaned.

FooPet puppies and kittens are not perfect representations of actual puppies and kittens. They are simply miniaturized versions of their parents, which will grow slowly in size but not change in appearance or color as they age. If you breed two parents of the same breed, all puppies in the litter will be the same breed. If you breed two parents of different breeds, about half the litter will be the breed of the mother, and about half the breed of the father. There is no concept of "hybrid" puppies or kittens. That said, the FooPet babies are still darned cute. :) The mother of the litter will keep the babies fed and happy herself during the first 2 weeks after birth. You can decide to keep or sell them.

LIMITATIONS: Pokey pets (the first generation of FooPets) cannot be bred. Breeding a parent with its own offspring or a sibling with its sibling is not permitted.

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Can I sell items that I buy in the FooMart?

Yes, you can sell back most items that you buy in the FooMart for 50% of the current price. Go to the inventory tab from your profile page and click "Sell this Item". We no longer allow users to set their own prices and sell items to other users.

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As a parent, can I control my child's privacy settings?


By default, users 12 and under will not have access to FooPets' social features (chat, forums, friending, messaging, and gifting). You and your child can view or edit these preferences from the Profile Tab by clicking Edit Preferences.

If your child would like to access social features, he or she can request access from the preference page. This will send an email to the parent email address on record with instructions on how to create a Parent Dashboard. This feature is only available to ClubFoo members.

You can create a new login and adjust your child's settings. More than one child account can link to your Parent Dashboard.

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What is included in ClubFoo and ClubFoo Plus?

ClubFoo includes:

  • Receive 50 bonus FooDollars every thirty days
  • Receive a 5 FooDollar Allowance each day you log in
  • Feed, water, pet, play, walk and clean up after your FooPet with just one click of the InstaCare button
  • Access the member-only ClubFoo Forum where Admins will listen to your ideas for more ClubFoo features
  • Get a ClubFoo Member Badge on your profile page

Become a ClubFoo member today!

ClubFoo Plus includes:

  • Receive 200 bonus FooDollars every thirty days
  • Receive a 10 FooDollar Allowance each day you log in
  • Receive a Free Litter License every thirty days
  • Feed, water, pet, play, walk and clean up after all of your FooPets with the InstaCare ALL button
  • Board all of your FooPets with the Board ALL button
  • Get a ClubFoo Plus Member Badge on your profile page
  • And all the features included in ClubFoo!

Become a ClubFoo Plus member today!

We have discontinued the monthly gift for ClubFoo members. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Why do I have to join ClubFoo or ClubFoo Plus to access FooPets?

As of April 26, 2011, all FooPets users will need to be subscribed to ClubFoo or ClubFoo Plus to access FooPets. This was a difficult decision for FooPets to make since all of our users are very important to us. We would love to continue offering FooPets as a free service, but unfortunately must switch to a strictly subscription model so that we can provide even better service and overall experience to all of our members. We appreciate all the support and love you've shown us over the years and we really hope that you'll continue to be part of this community. Thank you for understanding.

You can upgrade to ClubFoo or ClubFoo Plus at anytime. Your pets will be waiting for you!

Do I have to subscribe by April 26?
No, you can upgrade to ClubFoo or ClubFoo Plus at anytime, before or after April 26.

What's going to happen to my pets?
Your account will remain just as you leave it. If you do not subscribe by April 26, your pet(s) will remain on your account and will be well cared for by the Pet Samaritan.

Will I still be able the visit the forums?
No, in order to visit the forums you'll have to join ClubFoo or ClubFoo Plus.

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When will I be billed?

If you sign up for a monthly membership, you will be billed immediately after you join and every 30 days thereafter. If you sign up for a 6 month membership, you'll be billed once for 6 months immediately after you join, then you'll be prompted to renew before your 6 month membership ends.

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Where do I update billing information for my recurring membership?

If your membership is still active, you can update your billing information by visiting your Subscription Info page from your profile.

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Why can't I buy any more FooDollars?

You probably have temporarily hit the FooDollar transaction limit. Users can purchase FooDollars up to 4 times a day and up to $151.00 USD per week. Please try your transaction again later. This is to protect the cardholder.

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How many StarPoints and FooGems can I earn in a day?

The total number of StarPoints + FooGems that a user can earn in a day is 20,000. For instance, if you have earned 16,000 StarPoints and 4,000 FooGems in a day, you will not be able to earn anymore of either until the next day.

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How do I cancel my ClubFoo membership?

You may cancel your recurring membership at any time by going to the Subscription info page on your profile. At the bottom of the page will be a place where you can elect to cancel your membership. This will be effective immediately and you will no longer receive ClubFoo benefits or be able to access your pets or this site.

Also, please note, if you cancel your membership, you will not be entitled to any refunds and if you decide to sign-up again, you will be billed immediately for the new membership. Please do not attempt to sign up for ClubFoo Plus for the benefits and then cancel your subscription, as we will not be able to issue a refund.

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Why is my Foopets profile appearing in search engine results?

Many public profiles are indexed on major search engines. As a FooPets member, you decide what your Screen Name is and what information you publish on your profile. If you do not want to be found on major searches via your real name, please DO NOT use your real name as your Screen Name and DO NOT publish your real name anywhere on your profile. Please note that once you update or remove your profile on, it will take search engines some time before your profile is updated/removed.

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What if my account has been compromised?

If you think your account has been compromised, contact the Support Center. Be prepared to verify your account information so that we can better assist you in helping you get your account back.

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Where can I learn more?

Visit our Forums or use our Support Center to get help from an admin.

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