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FooPets will become subscription-only on April 26 (locked)

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Dear FooPetters -

As of April 26, all FooPets users will need to be subscribed to ClubFoo or ClubFoo Plus to access FooPets. We can assure you that this was a difficult decision for FooPets to make since every member of the FooPets community is important to us. We would love to continue offering FooPets as a free service, but unfortunately must switch to a strictly subscription model so that we can provide even better service and overall experience to all of our members.

We know that some of you have been caring for FooPets for over 2 years, and we thank you for your loyalty to this site. We are letting you know about this change now so that you have time to prepare, and we sincerely hope that you will continue to be a part of this community.

We’ve posted answers to some questions you may have on the FAQs We’ll update this sticky post with answers to other questions that come up.

We’ve also updated the packages on the subscription info page to offer volume discounts on ClubFoo and ClubFoo Plus.

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Oh yeah first post!!

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A lot of people are unable to pay though. So, they’re going to quit.

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Awww… I can’t get CF. :(

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This is the end of the line for me.

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I’ll quit. I can’t pay. I can barely pay for internet. These is how you pay a 2 year loyalty, making them pay. Foo gets worst every day. Everything you do to make these site “better” is making it worst. You’re really money hungry.

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So you’re just going to kick us off like we mean nothing to you?!

What am I supposed to do about my pets? This is my escape from real life troubles!

What about the ambassadors who don’t have CF? This is completely unfair and un-nessescery!

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You’re really money hungry.


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Pokey-Kennel – Exactly. Although, in my case (and I’m sure plenty of others, as well), it’s not so much “unable to pay” as it is “refuse to pay.” I love FooPets, but I outright refuse to pay real money in order to access a website who’s owners don’t even seem to care about, or respect their customers. Their latest changes have proven that. So… As much as I hate to say it, I suppose I will be leaving FooPets for good, come April 26th.

I love my little pixel pets almost as if they were real, don’t get me wrong; but… The changes to this website have been pushing me to quit for a while now.. This is the final push.

Absolutely ridiculous.

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I have to quit then because my parents can’t afford to pay for ClubFoo.

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They deleted the Pokeys in the shelter, too! What the heck? Everythings, all nice. We all get Legacys then- BOOM! They just crush our dreams. Soon, everyone’s going to quit. Who’s going to support this site now?

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Oh my god. That’s a terrible idea.

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No please!! No!!
My pets..
This is not fair foo!
I will have to quit!

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But i can’t pay

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what!! I can’t get club foo!!!!!!!!! what hsa foo come too to be doing this?? FOOPETS IS GETTING WORSE INSTEAD OF BETTER!!

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I think I’m going to cry now.

This is just absolutely insane.

So you’re just going to kick off some little kids and say “hey, you have to get your arse off here because you need to pay. But don’t worry, your pets will be fine. You just can’t play with them.”

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why foo why!!! You know how many good friends we have now thell be gone >:(