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Bumping (locked)

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Bumping is still allowed in the Trading Post and Breeding forums ONLY. We will update ALL users in the Announcements forum if this ever changes. Hope this dispels any rumors!

At the request of several of our users, I wanted to update everyone with specific rules regarding bumping. “Bumping” does not consist only of typing the word “bump”. It means any form of the word “bump”. “Bumper cars” is also considered bumping, as is thanking each person who posts on your original topic. Double posting is also considered bumping. If there have been no posts in 12 hours or more, the original user is “bumping” if they post again to move their topic back to the top of the forum.

There have been many attempts to circumnavigate the “Bump” rule, and none of these are allowed. Some are obvious, some are not, but we’ve seen pretty much all methods of bumping forum threads!

Be advised that when we see posts bumping a thread, no matter the method, those posts will be removed by Admins or Ambassadors.
They may also be removed by members who flag a bumping post “inappropriate”.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation! Feel free to leave me a message if you have any questions.


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As of September 3, 2011 the time frame for bumping a post has been changed from 12 hours to 48 hours.