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~A User's Guide To Prevent Hacking!~ (locked)

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Are you getting hacked? Are you worried about getting hacked? Then this guide is for you!

I have seen alot of hacking lately, so I decided to make this!

What is a hacker?

A hacker is somebody who breaks into accounts, emails, websites, etc. If you happen to make somebody angry, quickly change your info! They may hack for revenge.

What does a FooPet hacker do?

Usually, they’ll spend your FooDollars and FooGems, change your profile and username, pretty much change everything. Sometimes hackers will change your password, or at the worst, change your email, too.

Ok, I am worried now! Can you teach my how to prevent hacking?



Do NOT give out your log in info anywhere! Make sure your password has NOTHING to do with your username. For example, if your username is “HoneyPot”, you dont want to make your password “Honey”. Here is an example of a good password:


Change your password once a month to keep safe.


Do NOT say your e-mail you registered with anywhere on FooPets! Anywhere. This is the same with passwords, you dont want your e-mail to have anything to do with your username. We’ll use “HoneyPot” as an example again. If your username is “HoneyPot”, then your e-mail shouldn’t be “HoneyPot@whateverwebsite”

Logging on

Don’t log on to public computers! If you must, log off and clear the computer’s history.

Always log off, even if you’re on your own computer. It is possible for somebody to hack your computer and get all your computer’s info, which is a big danger if you’re logged in. After logging off, clear your history, if possible.

FooDollars and FooGems

You don’t want to say “I have 500,000,000 FooGems and 5,000 FooDollars!” Hackers may be hacking for that money, so saying you have alot is a risk.

How do I know if i’m being hacked?

Something will be different, such as FooMoney amount, username, etc.

Help! I followed all the steps and im STILL being hacked!

Contact and ask them to ban the other I.P. address from logging on your account.

I hope this helps!

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I like the guide (:

But I do think the true reason of hacking is that people give out their email and password.


Thanks! =]



I have seen this a lot and i think that is the true reason. & when that other person gets mad, they hack >.<. but very helpful (:


I added that, if you dont mind =)


I very much like this guide – VERY true. I am glad someone finally made it. :D I am going to change my pass right now… Hee.


Dog – That’s fine :)


iAarden: Glad I helped!


VERY useful!!! At last someone made a guide like this. Keep up the good work! :-)


Thanks! =D


Very useful. Thanks for taking the time to post this.


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Very usefull, I’ll make sure to use it ;)


I am happy to have helped!

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altho this is an awesome helpful tip, I would like to remind everyone of the rules for this forum
Please read MissX-tines sticky on this..
This means that this thread is NOT to be bumped up at all

and this is from Parrotlady..



Ok…I will make sure to not post here alot.


/Flags Useful/ =] This was very helpful, Doggeh.


Thanks i have got hacked 2 times but all they did was sell 1 of my pets and spend 50 fds but i was really sad and MAD but this will help thanks a million