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Queen's FooPets Guide! (With Name Guide, Starpoint Levels, Sticky Guide, Stats Guide, and More!) (locked)

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Hello FooPets! I decided to make this because I see people just freaking out some times because they don't know what do to. So, here I am, spilling the beans.

Forums & Stickies

Well. You obviously know how to get to forums.. your here right now. BUT. People keep asked questions and such.. So I'm copying those Stickies, on to here so you don't get mixed up.

Profile Picture Requests And Offers…

Forum:: Chit Chat
Person Who Posted: MissX-Tine
What He/She Said:

If you want to buy a profile pic or make one for someone it should be done in Trading, not chit chat. This includes free ones.
EDIT: For clarification, ads for foo-shops do not belong here either. All of that needs to be kept in trading, please.

NEW! Sell a pet to a specific friend with new “Secret Links”

Forum: Announcements, Breeding, Chit Chat
Person Who Posted: McCats
What He/She Said:

This was posted in Announcements but just wanted to give you a heads up in case you don’t check that forum… but you should be!! :)
Good news…we’ve brought back selling pets user to user!
You can now generate a “secret link” if you want to sell your pet to a specific person. Just go to your pet’s profile, click “sell pet”, and then you’ll see an option to “generate secret url”. You can then give this link to the person who you would like to own your pet. NOTE: The prices will remain the same as if the pet had been bought and sold from the Adoption Center.
Have fun, and only give a secret pet link to someone you trust!

Pictures on profiles

Forum: Chit Chat
Who Posted: Lainee
What He/She Said:

I have noticed that quite a few members have pictures on their profiles that are clickable and will lead to sites outside FooPets if clicked. I’m guessing that those members are unaware that this can get their account suspended but they need to edit the pictures so that they are not clickable.
1.) Right click the image.
• A grey box should show up.
2.) Click ‘Properties’
• It should be at the very bottom. Another grey box will show up.
3.) Copy the new address/ link.
• Paste the link on your profile in place of the old picture. Make sure to put ! at the beginning and end!
(instructions borrowed from iHeeler)
Be sure to check that you are allowed to do this in the terms of the site that your pictures have come from and remember that copyrighted pictures are not allowed without permission.

A Few Things About The Forums

Forum: Chit Chat
Who Posted: twig3721
What He/She Said:

I would just like to draw attention to a few things that have been going on lately, and hopefully encourage people to be more responsible when using the forums.


An Explanation: Flagging is a way to show appreciation to other members or to notify admins that a member’s post is inappropriate. Every time you flag, you either add starpoints to the member or take them away.( Points are now not added or taken away when flagged)
The “Do” List
- Do flag a post if it is particularly useful or funny
- Do flag a post if it is inappropriate (language, gross images, etc.)
The “Don’t” List
- Don’t flag a post “inappropriate” for an infraction like posting in the wrong forum until you are sure that the user understands the rules and is refusing to comply
- Don’t flag a post just because you don’t like the poster


An Explanation: “Bump” means “bring up my post.” It is a reply that is designed to pull your thread to the top of the forum list. Bump can be saying “bump,” “whack,” or any other pointless thing. It is also considered bumping when you post immediately after yourself.
Is Bumping Ever Allowed? Bumping is allowed in the Breeding and Trading forums, since the search bars are disabled. Bumping is not allowed in any other forum, per the admins and ambassadors. If you post and then find you need to add something, use the “Edit” option – that’s what it’s there for. (Note: If you go to edit a post and find that it has been flagged so that you cannot edit it, it is then permissible to make another post with your corrections.)
To Those Who Bump: Please don’t. It clogs up the forums with unnecessary posts. It clogs the Foo servers and slows the whole site down. It is rude, and it annoys other members. It can lose you starpoints (you will likely be flagged “inappropriate”). If you repeatedly do it and disregard those telling you not to, you can be reported.
To Those Trying to Stop Bumping: Don’t get trigger-happy. Make sure the person has been informed first. Once a person has been notified, however, just flag the post and leave. If somebody has already told the OP (original poster) not to bump, it is not necessary for you to write the same warning.


An Explanation: “Netiquette” is a spin-off of “etiquette.” It means your code of behavior on an Internet message board. Netiquette on Foo involves being polite to other users, listening when they give you advice and suggestions or remind you of the rules, and deferring to those who have been members longer as a matter of courtesy.
Basic Rules of Thumb on the Foo Forums
- Don’t type in all caps. It makes people feel as though you are shouting at them.
- Try to limit the amount of chatspeak you use (dnt tlk lyke dis). Chatspeak is extremely difficult for non-native English speakers and those from countries other than the United States to decipher. It can also be difficult for older members. (Note: the odd abbreviation [brb, g2g, lol] is usually just fine.)
- Don’t beg for things (such as LL, FD, or pets). The members on this site work hard for the things that they have. You wouldn’t go up to a stranger on the street and beg him to give you his wallet or his dog – don’t do it here.
- Don’t post other users’ names on the forums in a negative light. It can lead to harassment for them. This is a reportable offense and can get you suspended or banned.
- Don’t advertise your sale or pet show on someone else’s thread. It’s extremely rude.
- Listen before you jump into conversations.
- Try to make meaningful posts.
- If there is already a thread about a topic, join that thread rather than creating a new one.
- Above all, listen to the ambassadors and admins.

Correct Forums

Chit-Chat – This is for any topic that doesn’t already have a board of its own.
User Supported Support – Go here to ask questions regarding Foo and get advice from other users.
Village – Try this forum if you need someone to feed your pets or are looking for foster pets.
Breeding FooPets – Use this forum to find breeding partners and to sell any non-spayed/-neutered pet.
Trading Post – Advertise sales, make trades, and sell spayed/neutered pets.
Real Pets – Talk about your real pets.
Useful Links

Other useful links may be added in future posts, since I can’t lay hands on my lists at the moment.
One last thing – DON’T post chain messages. They don’t work, and are against the rules.
Sorry this was really long. Just wanted to get all that off my chest.


Forum: Chit Chat
Who Posted: MissX-Tine
What He/She Said:

Just a reminder that acronyms that include words that are not permitted are also not to be used.
We all know what they stand for, and it’s still language that isn’t permitted.
Please keep this in mind while posting! Thanks =)
This includes posting something like WTFoo. Not allowed, we all know what you mean.
The bottom line is, you can’t curse. Stop trying, you will get suspended. It’s NOT acceptable.


Forum: Announcements
Who Posted: EAB1
What He/She Said:

Bumping is still allowed in the Trading Post and Breeding forums ONLY. We will update ALL users in the Announcements forum if this ever changes. Hope this dispels any rumors!
At the request of several of our users, I wanted to update everyone with specific rules regarding bumping. “Bumping” does not consist only of typing the word “bump”. It means any form of the word “bump”. “Bumper cars” is also considered bumping, as is thanking each person who posts on your original topic. Double posting is also considered bumping. If there have been no posts in 12 hours or more, the original user is “bumping” if they post again to move their topic back to the top of the forum.
There have been many attempts to circumnavigate the “Bump” rule, and none of these are allowed. Some are obvious, some are not, but we’ve seen pretty much all methods of bumping forum threads!
Be advised that when we see posts bumping a thread, no matter the method, those posts will be removed by Admins or Ambassadors.
They may also be removed by members who flag a bumping post “inappropriate”.
Thanks for your understanding and cooperation! Feel free to leave me a message if you have any questions.

New FooGem and StarPoint Daily Limit

Forum: Announcements
Who Posted: McCats
What He/She Said:

New Foo Gem and Star Point Limit

There is now a limit on how many Foo Gems and Star Points each member can gain on their account within a 24 hr period. This is simply reinforcing a previous limit that we had but that people had been able to circumvent using certain features.
Each account can earn 20,000 Foo Gems + Star Points – a combined total of 20,000. It can be earned as a combination of Foo Gems and Star Points or all of one or all of the other.

Rules of Conduct

Forum: User Supported Support
Who Posted: Corie
What He/She Said:

Please follow all rules onFooPets. If you violate the Terms Of Service, you are at risk of being suspended or permanently banned.
For more information on Rules of Conduct at please visit /terms
There is to be NO
Obscenities, profanity or lewd language
Sexual content (expressed or implied)
Political, religious, non-profit or rhetorical propaganda
Slander, defamatory, threatening, harassing, pornographic or obscene suggestions, comments, content, and/or images
Materials created by someone else without proper written permission to do so Copyright violation
Solicitation of user passwords
Solicitation of personal or private information that might identify another user
Misrepresent your age in a manner that if you are a minor, is anything but your actual age
Linking to our site or placing hyper links to other sites for monetary gain or public affiliation or recognition
No chain letters
Promotions or offering of prizes of any kind, including contests, raffles, lotteries, giveaways, ads on FooPets and /or applications created by FooMojo, Inc.
Spam or advertisements (free or paid in money) or solicitations of any kind or nature
‘Cheat’ or ‘hack’ programs that extract information or data from FooPets and/ or FooMojo applications or websites.
Posting ‘How to’ information or links on how to cheat, hack, or extract information or data from FooPets and/ or FooMojo applications or websites
No posting 3rd party links in forums, profile, messages, gifting, anywhere on FooPets site
Attempting to use FooPets in a fraudulent manner, including but not limited to cheat codes, algorithms, multiple identify tactics, exploits or similar measures to gain, or attempt to gain unearned FooDollars, items, pets, or access to FooPets or information or images that have not officially been announced or made public properly by FooMojo, Inc.
Attempt to circumvent the security systems of FooPets
Upload or submit any data or information containing viruses or other code designed to corrupt, interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality, software, hardware, telecommunications, networks, servers or other equipment.
Flagging for points or “flagging party” in forum posts, that includes role play
No Breeding shelters
No selling/trading or giving away account
In addition to the above, there are to be no
Role play which will include by not limited to
sexually explicit content
forced breeding
death threats
Trade or selling At your own risk!
If you trade/sell on FooPets, know you are doing so at your own risk.
We will not intervene in transactions. Foo only needs to know about reoccurring scammers.
Why? Foo does not need to be the insurance of trading/buying transactions. Be smarter with your credits. If someone offers you a deal to good to be true it probably is.
Buyer Beware…Develop relationships with valued and trusted traders.
Does canceling ClubFoo mean you loose your account?
No. If you cancel your ClubFoo membership, you will NOT loose your FooPets account.
However, you will loose the benefits of ClubFoo immediately upon cancelation. This means no more:
ClubFoo forum access
Daily allowance of 5 FooDollars
50 FooDollars 30 day bonus
Exclusive gift
(Among other cool things, like first dibs on new pets!)
If you cancel ClubFoo, it’s effective immediately. There’s no prorated membership and any remaining time left on the term of your membership will be forfeited.
Please be aware, if you cancel your FooPets account, your ClubFoo will automatically cancel all future payments.

Another Reminder/Warning

Forum: User Supported Support
Who Posted: Rozzy
What He/She Said:

I have already posted in another thread that answering a question that has already been answered is against the rules for this thread.
I am still seeing it please ask yourself…“Would I like a break for a couple of days?”
So please ask yourself that before you post on something that has already been answered
Now IF you have something NEW to add then thats fine

Pets & Stats, Name Guide, Pet Terms

So. You adopted your new puppy/kitty! Your so happy. But your confused. What is that grey box with green things? What do the green things do? What do I name my new pet?

Well. I’ll tell ya.

That Grey Box With Green, AKA, Stats

Each and every pet has different stats, and everybody goes for different stats, so this is hard to explain. But. I have a way.

If you would like a smart, brave, enduring pet, and you LOVE the color green, you probably go for 5/5 stats. If you like pets who aren’t so witty, you would go for 3/5 and under.

What. Are. You. TALKING ABOUT?? When you hear or see 5/5, this means all the pet’s stats are green. When you hear 4/5, one of the stats is grey, others, green. When you hear 3/5, 2 stats are grey, others, green. 2/5, 3 stats are grey, others, green. 1/5, 4 stats are grey, one green. 0/5 means none of the stats are green.

Everybody has their different opinion about stats, and you can share yours Here

Name Guide (Boys, Girls, Dogs, Cats)


Solider, Hanson, Buck, Harrison, Poker, Marley, Bob, Joe, Matthew, Blake, Austin, Spookers, Patrick, Charlie, Saint, Nimrod (I dunno), Handsome If you don’t like those, decide on your own!


Lovely, Rowan, Lauren, Claire, Goldie, Noodle, Ziggy, Izzie, Crosby, Chex, Kendall, Cameron, Honey, Sweetie, Zoe, Tadly, Tally, Beauty, Taylor If you don’t like those, decide on your own!


This is hard becuase people like Warriors.


This is hard because people like Warriors.

Pet Terms

MLPGSD: Male Legacy Pokey German Shepard Dog
LS: Lost stat
FLPGSD: Female Legacy Pokey German Shepard Dog
MLPH: Male Legacy Pokey Husky
FLPH: Female Legacy Pokey Husky
OS: Odd Stat
PWD: Porteguese Water Dog



  • bold * bold
    _ italic _ italic
    @ Courier New @ Courier New

This is (h1.) Type that in with words next to it and you got yourself BIG GREEN LETTERS

This is (h2.) Type that in with words next to it and you got yourself MEDIUM GREEN LETTERS

This is (h3.) Type that in with words next to it and you got yourself SMALL BLACK BOX LETTERS

StarPoint Levels

?•Foobie (0-99 StarPoints points = 100 FooGems upon daily login, 1 Shelter or Featured adopted pet allowed)
?0 – 9 points = Level 0
?10 – 19 points = Level 1
?20 – 29 points = Level 2
?30 – 39 points = Level 3
?40 – 49 points = Level 4
?50 – 59 points = Level 5
?60 – 69 points = Level 6
?70 – 79 points = Level 7
?80 – 89 points = Level 8
?90 – 99 points = Level 9

?•FooApprentice (100-4,999 StarPoints points = 500 FooGems upon daily login, up to 2 Shelter or Featured adopted pets allowed)
?100 – 589 points = Level 10
?590 – 1,079 points = Level 11
?1,080 – 1,569 points = Level 12
?1,570 – 2,059 points = Level 13
?2,060 – 2,549 points = Level 14
?2,550 – 3,039 points = Level 15
?3,040 – 3,529 points = Level 16
?3,530 – 4,019 points = Level 17
?4,020 – 4,509 points = Level 18
?4,510 – 4,999 points = Level 19

•?FooCadet (5,000-49,999 StarPoints points = 600 FooGems upon daily login, up to 5 Shelter or Featured adopted pets allowed)
?5,000 – 9,499 points = Level 20
?9,500 – 13,999 points = Level 21
?14,000 – 18,499 points = Level 22
?18,500 – 22,999 points = Level 23
?23,000 – 27,499 points = Level 24
?27,500 – 31,999 points = Level 25
?32,000 – 36,499 points = Level 26
?36,500 – 40,999 points = Level 27
?41,000 – 45,499 points = Level 28
?45,500 – 49,999 points = Level 29

•?FooGuardian (50,000-249,999 StarPoints points = 700 FooGems upon daily login, up to 10 Shelter or Featured adopted pets allowed)
?50,000 – 69,999 points = Level 30
?70,000 – 89,999 points = Level 31
?90,000 – 109,999 points = Level 32
?110,000 – 129,999 points = Level 33
?130,000 – 149,999 points = Level 34
?150,000 – 169,999 points = Level 35
?170,000 – 189,999 points = Level 36
?190,000 – 209,999 points = Level 37
?210,000 – 229,999 points = Level 38
?230,000 – 249,999 points = Level 39

•?FooMaster (250,000-999,999 StarPoints points = 800 FooGems upon daily login, up to 20 Shelter or Featured adopted pets allowed)
?250,000 – 324,999 points = Level 40
?325,000 – 399,999 points = Level 41
?400,000 – 474,999 points = Level 42
?475,000 – 549,999 points = Level 43
?550,000 – 624,999 points = Level 44
?625,000 – 699,999 points = Level 45
?700,000 – 774,999 points = Level 46
?775,000 – 849,999 points = Level 47
?850,000 – 924,999 points = Level 48
?925,000 – 999,999 points = Level 49

•?FooMystic (1,000,000-2,999,999 StarPoints points = 900 FooGems upon daily login, up to 30 Shelter or Featured adopted pets allowed)
?1,000,000 – 1,199,999 points = Level 50
?1,200,000 – 1,399,999 points = Level 51
?1,400,000 – 1,599,999 points = Level 52
?1,600,000 – 1,799,999 points = Level 53
?1,800,000 – 1,999,999 points = Level 54
?2,000,000 – 2,199,999 points = Level 55
?2,200,000 – 2,399,999 points = Level 56
?2,400,000 – 2,599,999 points = Level 57
?2,600,000 – 2,799,999 points = Level 58
?2,800,000 – 2,999,999 points = Level 59

?•FooGuru (3,000,000 and more StarPoints points = 1000 FooGems upon daily login, up to 40 Shelter or Featured adopted pets allowed)
?3,000,000 – 3,199,999 points = Level 60
?3,200,000 – 3,399,999 points = Level 61
?3,400,000 – 3,599,999 points = Level 62
?3,600,000 – 3,799,999 points = Level 63
?3,800,000 – 3,999,999 points = Level 64
?4,000,000 – 4,199,999 points = Level 65
?4,200,000 – 4,399,999 points = Level 66
?4,400,000 – 4,599,999 points = Level 67
?4,600,000 – 4,799,999 points = Level 68
?4,800,000 – 5,000,000 points = Level 69

•?FooAdmin (Employees of FooMojo, the company behind FooPets)
•?FooAmbassador (Specially selected members that help in Support and the Forums)

Hope My Guide Helped! Please Tell Me If It Did!! :D