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10 steps on How to set up a Parent dashboard

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Hi i have seen so many posts on how can you create a parent dashboard and here are 10 simple steps on how to do it :)

Step 1:Go to your profile page and click on Edit preferences
Step 2:Scroll down and click on Send Parent Request to Enable Following Features
Step 3:If you click on that it should say Permission for the Social features below is Pending
Step 4:Your parents should go to their email and click on inbox,click the message that says “Hello from Foopets”.
Step 5:Click on a button in the email that says Create a parent Dashboard
Step 6:Ann application form should be there once you’ve clicked the button.Fill it out!
Step 7:Once your done login to the Parent dashboard
Step 8: Go to your profile and click edit preferences
Step 9:Scroll down and decide with your parents what you can do and can’t.Click either yes or no for the questions.
Step 10:Log out of Parent dashboard then login to your regular accout and they you go you know how to now!

I hope this helps you! Have a wounderful day and I will be happy to answer questions reguardless of this I’d be happy to help =)