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A few helpful Foopets "secrets" (how to make your status different colors, fosters on profile, & more) (locked)

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I didn’t see any guides saying how to do these things, so I decided to put them together and make one. (:


1) Making text in status different colors
2) Making text on the side of pictures
3) Fosters or Godbabies on profile
4) How to make meebo text different colors

Making text in status different colors

To make text in status different colors, use these codes (Note: Text will show up as grey when you see it in your status, but to other people, it will be pink or blue)

Pink status:

<p class="pink"> Type your status here

Blue Status:

<p class="blue"> Type your status here

Making text on the left/right side of pictures

Use these codes to make text on the side of your picture.

Right side of picture:

<img class="right"src="IMAGELINKHERE"></p> then you can write anything you would like after.

Left side of a picture:

<img class="left"src="IMAGELINKHERE"></p> then you can write anything you would like after.

Adding a fancy “pet profile” code for your god-babies or fosters to your profile

This code may look difficult to follow, but actually it’s not that hard. :) Fill in where I put caps with what it says to fill in. For example, “/PET/PETIDHERE” would for example be “/pet/1”

<div> <div class="pet"> <a href="pet/PET ID HERE" title="View Pet Profile"> <img class="petpic" src="PET IMAGE URL HERE" /> </a><div class="info"> <h3> <a href="/pet/PET ID HERE" class="novisit">PETS NAME</a></h3> <p>PETS BREED AND GENDER </p> <p> <p><a href="pet/PET ID HERE" class="novisit"> <img title="Play" src="PETS PLAY ICON HERE" alt="" /> </a> <a href="/" class="novisit"> Play </a> <br /><a href="/pet/PETIDHERE" title="View Pet Profile"> <img title="View Pet Profile" src="PETS PROFILE ICON HERE" alt="" /> </a> <a href="/pet/PET ID HERE" class="novisit">View Profile</a> <br /></div> </div> </div></p><br /></p>

Okay… To simplify this as much as possible, i’ll use sharpy (pet/1) as example.

Where it says “pet/PET ID HERE” I would put sharpy’s pet id and make it “pet/1”

Where it says “PETIMAGEURLHERE” I would put a picture of sharpy by just going to his fotos, getting the picture’s url, and make it “Sharpy’spictureurl”

Where it says “PETSNAME” I would simply put “Sharpy”

Where it says “PETGENDERANDBREEDHERE” I would put “Male Pokey German Shepherd”

Where it says “PET PLAY ICON HERE” go to your profile, left click the green paw where it says “play” on one of your pets, and paste the link there.

Where it says “PET PROFILE ICON HERE” got to your profile, left click the page icon before “View Pet Profile”, select “copy image url adress” and paste it there.

Hope that helps some-what. :)

How to make meebo-ing text different colors

To make meebo text different colors, you need to have a meebo account on the actual website. Here are the steps:

1) Go to the actual site meebo and log into your meebo account
2) below where it says “Welcome to meebo” and your status and picture, you should see in the right corner of that box “Sign in to more accounts” Click it.
3) Scroll down and select “Foopets” or the little blue and green “FP” icon
4) log in to your foopets account through meebo

You should see your buddies from foopets, if you click on one and click “IM buddy,” a meebo chat box should appear. In the corner is a capital “A,” it’s next to the smiley face. Click it and you can choose the font color, text, and style. It will show up any color/font you choose.

I hope this helped [; ~Marrilyn


This is very useful. (:


Thank you! (:

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I think i’ll try the putting fosters on my profile sometime . I think I tried a diffrent way someone suggested and I coulden’t get their picture too show up .

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I hope it works for you! :) You have to be very careful not to change anything but what should be in the text, or you might mess up the HTML


Thank you and okay :)

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saves link Thanks SO much (:

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It is considered bumping whenever a “thank you” is posted. So please dont reply at all unless you have something new to add

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This really helped me. I used some of these on my profile. If there is anything else that isn’t on here I would LOVE to know! :)

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I am locking this thread snce it is being “tested” on