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How to shelter surf (all my tools given away) {Repost since the old one is archived.} (locked)

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I do not take any credit for this. All credit goes to KFM2 also known as BobbyKitty2. Here’s the link to the old thread:

Ok folks….time to give away all my hard earned information.

How do I shelter surf? And why would I?

You shelter surf so that you can find perfect pets to buy from the shelter. This way you don’t have to waste your money on low stat pets that won’t produce wonderful pets. (And it seems now, that the idea is to breed, breed, breed, breed, breed).

You also shelter surf to find a pet born on a special day. Here is the easy way to do that: (they tell you to use Google to search the forums since the search button doesn’t work, this is just a specific search)

How do I find a pet born on my birthday?

Let’s say you were born on January 11th….go to google and do this:

“born january, 11” (Make sure you use the quotes)

Now, if you want a special kind of pet do this:

“female Bengal born January, 11”

Want a first gen only?

“female Bengal born January, 11” -siblings (adding in the -siblings, makes Google leave out any links that have siblings and first gens don’t have siblings)

Searching for ultras?

Start with this link: http:/

That was the first ultra stat that was created and there are tons of them out there.

Ok….so how do I search and not break my back?
I can tell you what I use, but it is up to you to decide to download things to your computer. I thought one day that there must be a tool out there to help me search through url addresses. I mean, after all, all I am doing is changing the last digit up by one each time. Well, guess what? There are tons of url tools out there. On Chrome I use urlNext. On Firefox, I use URL Flipper or URLbarExt. I can’t give you links to but you can search for them yourself.

Using those tools, you just have to keep clicking a button over and over and over to search through pets. If you work hard, you can go through 10,000 or more a day.

Now, to anyone who wants the best ultras, I suggest you shelter surf through pets that are in order after the link I gave you above. You will find the best pets to breed over and over and make the most fds off of.

If you want old pets and oddies, then search through the old pets. But beware, even with these tools, it can take you months to find an oddie…and that is if you search 16 hours a day. There is no shortcut to the insane amount of hard work it takes. If you search the old pets, I can promise you, you might not find a pet in over 300 looks. Now it will be even worse.

Once you spend a few hours doing this, you will have respect for every shelter surfer out there. Even with all these tools, it is back breaking, exhausting work. You will hate it. Be bored quickly. But, when you find that one gem…that one perfect ultra, or that exact pet you wanted your heart will skip a beat.

Ok….so that is everything I know about shelter surfing. Good luck to all. I suggest you copy this post, because when I go I will delete my account and all my posts will disappear.

Have fun and find your dream pet!

Also, here are a few helpful quotes from KFM2 from her old thread:

After I am gone, I ask that you share this information for free with the people that are left. That is all I ask in payment for giving you my hard work for free.



and bump this a few times, so the word will spread across fooville.


birthday pets

Once you find one pet born on a certain day through google, then you can surf from that pet to look for thousands and thousands more. Google only finds a fraction of the pets that are on here. But, it is a starting point. Much easier than keep changing the pet numbers to change the dates by hand.

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A few updates…

Using Google to shelter surf:

“female Bengal born January, 11”

It’s now the breeding pages you are looking for when using Google. In the search bar, put in, “NoName is a [enter breed of cat or dog here] is owned by TheAdoptionCenter” and it’ll list every breeding page with pets in the AC and that specific breed, whether purebred or not. You’ll just have to sift through them to find a pet born on a specific date, I’m afraid.

Please Note: Google DOES NOT search pets by their “labels” e.g. LPH, LPGSD, Odd Stat, Lost Stat, etc. Google only searches by the pets’ breed.

Shelter surfing tools:

On Chrome I use urlNext

Okay, I tried looking for it, and it actually doesn’t exist. However, When you open a new tab on Chrome, click on the Chrome Store and in the search bar, put in “URL Flipper” and install it. ;)

Another very helpful quote by DarkenedAuras:

Actually Chrome urlnext DOES exist it’s just picky about caps…you gotta download something called:


N,X, & T must be capitol u,r,l, & e lower case >.>

weird but I have and use it lol


bump :)

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thank you for the wonderful information. it will come in handy, ever time i shelter surf. you r the best.




















Just wondering, how come this doesn't work for me?


^^ What specifically isn’t working for you??


Ummm, when I do everything that was posted above, it says it can not find this specific website, and I posted this on google.
“born March 11th”

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Yeah, that part doesn’t work anymore.

Apparently Google stopped trying to keep up with each individual pet.

If you try a few different links and change a few of the digits at one tie, you should be able to get pets in March in a few minutes. If that makes sense. :P


Yes it makes sense, thank you!