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Hidden foomart items. Update Page 3! (Some new items, and shows you how to get some 'vanished' items! :D ~ Please read this before trading for any 'rare' items.) (locked)

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Last thread is lost somewhere in cyberspace, tried finding it but couldn’t. So I’m starting over fresh. Thread found by an amazing member, copied all the links over to here. :) Please don’t flag, I want to keep adding! ^^

Notices -

Please check all pages. Some other amazing members have posted their own links for you to look at. If you’re still searching for a certain item, post and we will do our best to find items for you!

Do not accuse me of ‘stealing -—’s idea’. I know I wasn’t the first to do this, but I was before the other 2 existing ones at the minute. My very oldest thread was made in August last year and is in archive now.

Backgrounds -

Modern Flat – 3,5000fg
Haunted Manor – 500fg
TV Room – 5000fg
Doggy Playground – 5000fg
Red Autumn – 50fd
Christmas Morning – 5,250fg
Pirate Island – 50fd
Christmas Eve – 5,200fg
Hanukkah – 3,650fg
Asylum – 3,000fg
Bathroom – 50fd
Castle Pokey – 4,000fg
Castle Grounds – 35fd
Waiting to Give Thanks – 55fd
Sunroom – 30fd
Golden Desert – 30fd
Lush Rainforest – 45fd
Serene Evening at the Lake – 30fd
Mediterranean Paradise – 35fd
Mandala Art Walk – 4,600fg

Interior -

Jack-O-Lantern Rug – 2,100fg
Toy Pile – 5,200fg
Toy Pillow Pile – 4,000fg
Autumn Pillow – 5,000fg
Anchor Pillow – 7,500fg
Pink Camo Blanket – 2,000fg
Bathroom Rug – 4,000fg
Carved Wall Art – 85fd
Autumn Print – 4,500fg
Modern Mirror – 6,000fg
Bath Time! – Print – 4,500fg
Husky Profile Pic – 7,500fg
Balloon Time Fun – 1,000fg
Pinky the Plush Giraffe – 30fd.
Cute Yellow Giraffe Toy – 15fd
Pink Chenille Chick – 2,100fg
Pink Collar – 3,500fg
Red Paper Parasol – 45fd
Blooming Pink Rose and Bud Picture – 25fd
Fiery Red and Black Picture – 35fd
Sock Monkey – 4,000fg
Acorn Arm Chair – 60fd
Acorn Baskets – 47fd
Acorn Pillow – 20fd
Acorn Table – 5,000fg
Array of Acorns – 3,500fg
Acorn and Candle Ceiling Light – 55fd
Acorn Bells Ceiling Light – 55fd
Brown and White Cat Tree – 3,500fg
Sleek Velvety Red Sofa – 6,500fg
Cheery Yellow Flower – 25fd
Modern Wood Trimmed Sink – 4,500fg
Modern Red Sink – 45fd
Marigold in a Hot Pink Vase – 1,500fg
Four Unique Roses – 2,500fg
Ornate Blue Rug – 45fd
Retro TV 3,500 Foo Gems
Telescope 20,000 Foo Gems
Hardwood Table 11,500 Foo Gems
Antique Desk 15,000 Foo Gems
Bathroom rug 4,000 Foo Gems
Carved Wall Art 85 Foo Dollars
Autumn Print 4,500 Foo Gems
Fluke for mom 4,150 Foo Gems
Rustic Nightstand 21,000 Foo Gems
Fancy Ottoman 6,500 Foo Gems
Iron Hearth 23,000 Foo Gems
Brick Fireplace 13,500 Foo Gems
Compact Desk 5,000 Foo Gems
Passionate Tulips 2,000 Foo Gems
Twenty Pink Roses 3,500 Foo Gems
Antique Stool 5,500 Foo Gems
Pink Heart Bed 2,100 Foo Gems
Wooden Drawers 11,500 Foo Gems
Antique Chair 12,000 Foo Gems
Leopard Play Rug 80 Foo Dollars
Acorn Table 5,000 Foo Gems
Dragonfly Lamp 6,500 Foo Gems
Black Chesterfield Sofa 9,500 Foo Gems
Chinese Evergreen 4,500 Foo Gems
Weathered Window 1,000 Foo Gems
Flowering Cactus 18 Foo Dollars
Driftwood Lamp 12,000 Foo Gems
Fancy Pillow 3,100 Foo Gems
Black Chesterfield Footstool 72 Foo Dollars
Purple and White armchair 6,000 Foo Gems
Palm Tree Candles 2,000 Foo Gems

Exterior -

Fairy House – 2000fg
Playground House – 1,500fg
Light House – 4,000fg
Pink Tent – 2,000fg
Blue Crowned Pigeon – 4,500fg
Xmas Bed – 7,750fg
Madagascar Gecko – 3,500fg
Swing Set 7,500 Foo Gems
Mardi Gras Wand 150 Foo Gems Whispy Willow 3,000 Foo Gems
Two wood chairs 2,500 Foo Gems Dahlias 1,500 Foo Gems
Beach Ball 2,500 Foo Gems
Beach Toy Bucket
Stay Off Gras! 1,050 Foo Gems

Seasonal -

Mixed Flower Bouquet – 25fd
Red Carnations – 20fd

Dynamic -

White Four Pane Stormy Window – 255fd


Coolio Items:3 Me gonna get some:p


Howling, I;ll give it a shot! :)


Mind if I can help to find some items?




Mayan Pyramid – 35 fds


Floral Colander – 20 fds


Orchids in Lavender – 25 fds
Pink and White Tulips – 22 fds
Chocolate covered Strawberries – 25 fds
Pinkalicious Pillow – 18 fds


Love this thread c: Got quite a few items!


THANKS for listing these! I got quite a few of them!


Keep this thread up! It’s great.


While the item number and price amount are nice, a full listing such as the ones that give the name of the item are a huge benefit. I have a few items if anyone wishes to incorporate them into their background/interior/exterior headings.

/mart?pid=1400 stack of old books 155Fd
/mart?pid=1401 Glum Gargoyle 101Fd
/mart?pid=1402 Cat Tricks Book 74Fd
/mart?pid=1403 Cute Toy Monkey 15Fd
/mart?pid=1406 Dia del Caballo 210Fd
/mart?pid=1407 Curious Coffin 99Fd
/mart?pid=1409 Dog Tails Book 75Fd
/mart?pid=1410 Jersey Mud Rubbed Baseball 45Fd
/mart?pid=1411 Will May’s Baseball Glove 125Fd
/mart?pid=1412 Frog on a Barn Star 55Fd

I will be happy to continue making a list like this if others want to organize it.

Useful 10

It would be awesome if you could continue making a list ;o)

Useful 10

Siomarita – YOU are amazing! /Copies links to this thread./


Here are my lasted searches

/mart?pid=1413 Bunches of G.r.a.p.e.s 60Fd
/mart?pid=1414 Howling Wolf 99Fd Dynamic
/mart?pid=1415 Portable Barber Pole 85Fd
/mart?pid=1416 Flames in the Dark 80Fd background
/mart?pid=1417 Trick or Treat Time! 8,000Fg background
/mart?pid=1418 Mosaic Candle Light 50Fd
/mart?pid=1419 Dia De Los Muertos Skulls 75FD
/mart?pid=1420 Halloween Cake 3000 fg
/mart?pid=1421 Dia De Los Muertos Eve Party 80Fd background
/mart?pid=1422 Home Made Halloween Pie 15Fd
/mart?pid=1425 Crazy Candy Corn House 256Fd
/mart?pid=1426 Headless Horseman 160Fd
/mart?pid=1427 Papa Skeleton 146Fd
/mart?pid=1428 Dia De Los Muertos Skull Candle 5500Fg
/mart?pid=1429 Male Mallard Duck 78Fd
/mart?pid=1430 Blue Topaz 11,000Fg
/mart?pid=1431 Orange Citrine 185Fd
/mart?pid=1433 Guy Fawkes Fireworks 60Fd background
/mart?pid=1434 Yummy Pumpkin Pie 45Fd
/mart?pid=1435 Green g.r.a.p.e.s in a bowl 55Fd
/mart?pid=1437 Wingtip Creeper 50Fd
/mart?pid=1438 Autumn Oak Tree 255Fd Dynamic
/mart?pid=1439 Exotic Floral Drum 67Fd
/mart?pid=1440 Cotton Candy Machine 15Fd
/mart?pid=1441 FooPets Fun Park 75Fd background
/mart?pid=1442 Mini Fun Train 35Fd
/mart?pid=1443 Mushroom Drinking Fountain 70Fd
/mart?pid=1445 FooPets Cabin 57Fd
/mart?pid=1446 Brownie the Horse 60Fd
/mart?pid=1447 Autumn Pumpkin Flowers 60Fd
/mart?pid=1448 Tea Cup Ride 25Fd
/mart?pid=1449 Colorful Confetti Fun 65Fd background
/mart?pid=1450 Potted Rubber Tree Plant 42Fd

If a number is missing in sequence, it is because it was a blank page.


More items /mart?pid=1451 Gilded Xylophone 85Fd
/mart?pid=1452 Potted Indoor Palm 62Fd
/mart?pid=1453 Wall of Ice 60Fd background
/mart?pid=1454 Single Sunflower 25Fd
/mart?pid=1455 Bamboo Greens 65Fd background
/mart?pid=1456 Outdoor Palm 5500Fg
/mart?pid=1457 Row of Corn 70Fd
/mart?pid=1458 Lush Jade Tree 90Fd
/mart?pid=1459 Meditation Mat in Cream 45Fd
/mart?pid=1460 Meditation Mat in Red 45Fd
/mart?pid=1461 Hurricane Lamp 125Fd Dynamic
/mart?pid=1462 Pink Flamingo 44Fd
/mart?pid=1464 Peace Fork 55Fd
/mart?pid=1465 Fun Colored Bookshelf 80Fd
/mart?pid=1466 Bright Blue Bean Bag 6500Fg
/mart?pid=1467 Beautifully Bound Books 50Fd
/mart?pid=1468 Light Blue Distressed Dresser 70Fd
/mart?pid=1469 Red Brick Fireplace 150Fd Dynamic
/mart?pid=1470 Stop Light 150Fd Dynamic
/mart?pid=1471 Minimalist 6000Fg background
/mart?pid=1473 Brown Owl 35Fd
/mart?pid=1474 Shabby Chic Orange Tub Chair 50Fd
/mart?pid=1475 Hand Painted Chair 35Fd
/mart?pid=1476 Autumn Birch Tree 215Fd Dynamic
/mart?pid=1477 Autumn Maple Tree 200Fd Dynamic
/mart?pid=1478 Four Paned Winter Window 255Fd Dynamic


Annie your links are tempting me. xD



They are supposed to help, not tempt.

How was your birthday?


It was really good. :) I went to look around my new school, and it’s a special one so there’s only a few to a class. It was incredibly quiet and the teachers were so much nicer than the ones at my ‘normal’ school. Then we went for a meal.. And I eat too much. And in the evening we played bowling on the wii, so all in all we spent a lot of time together, me and my family. I definitely liked it! ^^ Thanks for asking. 8D


MitchySaurus?? Meebo


Tree stump?!? 35fd
Planes 62fd
Red tub chair 50fd
Giraffe 162 fd good re-sale fd
Cand heel 35fd
Cool foo fridge 9500 FG
Cool red old pillow 77fd

Following all 225 fd
Sin gel pane snowy window
16 pane winter window
Single pane brown winter window
Four pane winter window
16 pane winter window

25fd pears
20fd nectarine
Grey stove goes well with fridge above somewhere forgot how many fd
60fd fall road thing
Wetausi animal 90 fd lol(cow like)
68fd rhino
Dog toy have no clue how much
Antelope 6000 FG
Flamingo like thing 50fd
Cheetah rock
Aother cow like animal laying
That’s all I got :-)