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::Foo-Natasha's Text Guide:: (locked)

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Welcome to my text guide,A place where hopefully nearly every single type of text is placed here on this very thread,but please let me know if there are any more.So I hope I help some people.:)

Bold Black Text

*Text Here*

Bold Pink Text

<p class="pink">*Text Here*</p>

Bold Blue Text

<p class="blue">*Text Here*</p>

Bold Red Text

Bold Green Text

h4. Text Here

Massive Blue Text

h1. <b class="blue">Text Here</b>

Massive Green Text

h1. Text Here

Massive Pink Text

<b class="pink">Text Here</b>

Tiny Red Text

~<p class="private>*Text Here*</p>~

Tiny Pink Text

~<p class="pink">*Words Here*</p>~

Tiny Blue Text

~<p class="blue">*Text Here*</p>~

Tiny Skinny Pink Text

~<p class="pink">Text Here</p>~

Tiny Skinny Blue Text

~<p class="blue">Text Here</p>~

Normal Skinny Pink Text

<p class="pink">Text Here</p>

Normal Pink Skinny TypeWriter Text

<p class="pink">@Text Here@</p>

Grey Typewriter Text

@Text Here@

Blue Skinny Typewriter Text

<p class="blue">@Text Here@</p>

Red Box With White Text

<b class="red">Text Here</b>

Quote Box

bq. Text Here
Grey Box
bc. Text Here

Long Black Box With White Letters

h3. Text Here

Long Black Box With Grey Text

h3. <p class="prink">Text Here</p>

Long Black Box With Pink Text

h3. <p class="pink">Text Here</p>

Long Black Box With Blue Text

h3. <p class="blue">Text Here</p>

Long Black Box With Red Text

h3. <p class="private">Text Here</p>

Long Black Box With Tiny Grey Text

h3. ~<p class="prink">Text Here</p>~

Long Black Box With Tiny Pink Text

h3. ~<p class="pink">Text Here</p>~

Long Black Box With Pink Text

h3. ~<p class="blue">Text Here</p>~

Long Black Box With MiniScule Grey Text

h3. ~<p class="prink">*Text Here*</p>~

*Long Black Box With Miniscule Red Text

h3. ~<p class="private">*Text Here*</p>~

*Long Black Box With Miniscule Pink Text

Light Up Button

<a class="tbutton">Text Here</a>

Light Up Button Leading To Link

<a href="link here" class="tbutton">text here</a>

Big Light Up Button

<a class="hugebutton">Text Here</a>

Light Up Button Leading To Link

<a href="link here" class="hugebutton">text here</a>

Fake Link

<a class="">text here</a>

Real Link

"Text Here":Link Here

SmallButton That Lights Up

<a class="smallbutton">Text Here</a>

Thankyou.You Are Free To Flag.:P

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Great job Natasha. You missed the long green box.
There’s a similar one here

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I’m sorry but there is already a guide like this

Adeles beat me to it. Anyway, please bookmark this one or the other one

And please DO NOT PRACTICE on this thread or it will be locked


Wait,Does That Mean I Have To Delete This Thread Because Of Somone Else Had Already Made One?:(

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No I’m not going to ask you to delete it. There are alot of members that ask about this.
It is better tho if members would save the link to this one and the other one.

I just dont want anyone to practice on this thread otherwise it will end up getting locked and I would not like to see that happen because I know you worked hard on it. And also, this thread cannot be bumped…like saying..thank you..or this is great…those kind of things are considered as bumping…if anyone has something NEW to add then they can post it…..but bumping up after being warned will also cause this thread to be locked

Again….please save the link to this one and the other one…this way it is easily found

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intresting pink text

 h1.  <b  class="pink">*@intresting pink text@*</b>

Can also be done in normal size or h2 size

Also can be done in blue by changing pink to blue

Also the 4 text done on your first post doesn’t have away of doing it there is just the fond it is red bold.


Thanks! :D

A trip to my profile!

This helped a lot!

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This should not have been bumped back up as it was 4 days old. And I had also said to not try it out on this thread.This thread is now locked