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FooPets Rules of Conduct

Welcome to FooPets! We hope you enjoy your time here talking about our pets, and games while participating as a member of the FooPets community.
By following the Rules of Conduct, you help us keep the FooPets Community a fun and friendly place for everyone. If these rules are broken, it may result in a user’s removal from both the forums and other FooPets services.


The following are the Rules of Conduct and apply to public threads, messages, and any other form of communication within FooPets:

1. Abusive or disrespectful posts are not allowed.

Having a different opinion is okay, but personal attacks are never allowed.
Always keep your communication with others respectful at all times.
The following behaviors are examples of what is not allowed on the FooPets.

Harassment —Posts that are meant to irritate or personally insult a user.

Examples: Continuing to ask (beg) for someone’s pets, items, etc. after they have stated they are not for sale, continuing to confront another member after they have blocked communications, following member(s) throughout the site in effort to be disruptive.

ANTAGONIZING OR INCITING MEMBERS- ANY post meant to antagonize, irritate or incite other members, directly or indirectly, to get reactions from others is NOT allowed.

Trolling —Posts that are insulting or confrontational that attempt to get other users to respond. Accusing someone of being a troll is also a form of trolling.

Personal attacks —Posts that insult a user or a FooPets representative directly.

Dishonesty —Misrepresenting your age, slandering, scamming, or posts that reflect lies, or any attempts to circumvent security and safety protocols, etc.

Engaging in ANY other behavior that we see as inappropriate or not consistent with the spirit of FooPets.
This list is non-exhaustive. ANY behavior that we find offensive can be removed and offending member(s) may be disciplined.


2. The solicitation and publication of personal and account information is not allowed, THIS INCLUDES EMAIL ADDRESSES.

Do not post or ask for information regarding account information.
Your safety is VERY important to us. The only information allowed to be revealed is the state in which you live. All other information SHOULD always be kept private for your safety and the safety of our community as a whole.
Information you think is harmless could put your account as well as yourself at serious risk.


3. Trade at your own risk.

FooPets does not transfer pets between accounts or reimburse lost items. We will not intervene in transactions. If you feel that someone has acted inappropriately, please report it to support with as much supporting evidence as soon as possible. We will investigate each report and take proper action.
Trades on Chat are allowed. However, you are not allowed to message a random person and offer them a trade. If you have a pet or item available for trade, you should use the Trading Post rather than randomly messaging people. Once a trade is organized in the Breeding, you may carry on in Chat.

There is to be no offsite trading
This means that members are not allowed to trade/buy/ or sell any items, pets, FD’s or FG’s from any other site other than Foopets.


4. Please keep your posts and acts helpful, fun, and constructive.
Below are examples of non-constructive posts and acts:

Spam —Recurring posts of the same topic or text that are obviously meant to annoy other forum users. Examples include- asking for donations, chain letters, creating threads or posts with only one or more words repeating over and over with no purpose, advertisements to websites outside of FooPets, free money or paid opportunities, giveaways, etc.

Bumping (except in Breeding, Trading Forums and ClubFoo Members Only ) – posting on threads in order to keep them near the top of the forum page and posting below yourself is considered bumping. Posting non-constructive posts such as: Great Idea, Thank you, Funny, Inappropriate, I agree, LOL, No, etc. are considered bumping. Commenting on old topics (topics that are at least 72 hours old) with the intent to bump them into discussion is also prohibited. Questions are only allowed to be bumped up if it has not been answered in more than 72 hours.
As long as the conversation continues to be constructive, then we encourage users to participate in the discussion. If you are curious about a previous thread or post, please ask an A or FA for assistance.

Lobbying —Continually bringing up the same topic in numerous different threads or as an off-topic post in official threads.

Cross posting—Posting the same topic or thread in more than one forum is considered cross posting. As a courtesy to others before beginning a new thread, please look to see if an active thread on that topic has already been established.

“I’m quitting” posts—Posts that threaten to leave FooPets and that ALSO encourage others to leave FooPets are not helpful and are obviously not consistent with the spirit of the site.

Threatening posts—Posts that make threats, use other combative language, or encourages others to do the same are inappropriate and may be grounds for severe disciplinary action.

Insulting posts – Posts that insult, challenge, or have anything offensive towards FooPets users, ambassadors, admins, and FooPets are inappropriate and not consistent with the spirit of the site.

Cheating —Posts or acts that involve cheats or exploits anywhere on FooPets. Exploits (such as charging stud fees) or similar measures to gain, or attempt to gain unearned FooDollars (such as multiple account entries in the FooMart Showcase), items, pets, or access to FooPets or information or images that have not officially been announced or made public should be reported through the proper method by filing a report at the FooPets Support page or by contacting an Admin or Ambassador.

Inappropriate avatar size —Pictures that are long and that go over 400 pixels are not allowed. Images that are long and that limit the abilities of the site will be removed.


5. NEVER impersonate another forum user, admin, ambassador, or FooPets employee.

Impersonating anyone on the forum is dishonest and inappropriate behavior. We ask that you be respectful in our community.


6. These forums are for and about FooPets and its games.

We do allow some non-disruptive off topic discussion that is in the spirit of our community. However, topics like politics or religion, that are NOT volatile or disruptive are welcomed, but can be removed at any time, without notice.
Failure to keep topics like politics and religion respectful and non-disruptive can result in severe disciplinary actions taken against the offender(s).
Please contact an Admin or an Ambassador if you have questions about a topic being permitted on the forums.


7. Advertisements BY MEMBERS Are Not ALLOWED.

Posts that advertise products outside of FooPets are NOT ALLOWED.


8. Profanity is NOT ALLOWED.

This includes using any means to mask the profanity (abbreviating, spacing letters, replacing letters with punctuation marks, numbers, intentionally misspelling, ACRONYMS i.e., abbreviations or short hand, etc.)


9. DO NOT Post Images that are Inappropriate or Under Copyright.

Please keep all images appropriate for all ages. If you want to post image(s) but are unsure if they are copyright protected DO NOT post them.
Punishment for posting inappropriate pictures can be severe.


10. DO NOT post on behalf of a suspended user.

Posting on behalf of a suspended user is not productive or appropriate. We do not allow such discussions for the safety and privacy of our members.
If you do not understand why you were suspended or have further questions, you must contact SUPPORT.


11. Posting Outside Links IS NOT ALLOWED

To keep posts safer for our younger audience and to avoid inappropriate websites being posted, we DO NOT allow posting links to outside websites anywhere on Foopets. Whether the link is “clickable” or not makes no difference.


12. Zero Tolerance Policy

Immediate suspensions from the forum can result from any of the following: bullying, posting of images, text, or links that are obscene, harmful, threatening, abusive, hateful, and/or offensive.
This also includes presenting FAKE or FABRICATED screenshots, online or in support.


13. Breeding shelters are NOT allowed.

A shelter’s goal is to provide users a place to rehome and care for unwanted pets, not to breed and sell them. Re-Homing means you want to give up your pet to a user or a rehoming shelter, so that they can take care of them for you.


14. No Unauthorized Transfers

No selling or trading or giving away accounts. Discussion of account ownership or any conversation relating to the private details of an account onsite is not allowed for the security and privacy of our members.


15. To keep our site a safe and friendly place for all of our users, threads that feature roleplaying of any kind are NOT ALLOWED.

Since roleplaying requires a user to change his or her behavior to assume a role, it opens the opportunity for inappropriate behavior for a character that they are acting out. We ask that you help us preserve the spirit of our site.


16. Sharing accounts is NOT ALLOWED.

To protect your identity and to maintain your account’s reputation, we believe that there should be one person per account. The account can face suspension if these rules of conduct were to be violated.
The account holder is responsible for all activity on the account no matter who gained access or what was done or said while on the account. Discussion of account ownership or any conversation relating to the private details of an account onsite is not allowed for the security and privacy of our members.


17. Distributing contents from support tickets in the form of screen shots or copy/paste is NOT allowed.

At no time can anyone post screenshots or copy/paste any information included within the ticket. This is not limited to the Foopets website. It includes our Facebook page, Twitter feed, or any site owned by Foopets.

This is private information between each member and the support staff. It is to be kept private for the safety and privacy of all members. Anyone caught breaking this rule could have his or her social features suspended or suspended from the site as a whole.


18. Foopets is an English ONLY website.

To make it easier for the Admin and Ambassadors to monitor the website we must ask our members to use English only.

Text Talk- We allow BASIC TEXT TALK ONLY (EXAMPLE: ttyl- Talk to you later, bbs- Be back soon. lol- Laughing out loud, etc.). If Foopets staff cannot read and understand what is being said, we can not effectively monitor the site activity. It is for this reason anything going beyond the basics is NOT ALLOWED.


FooPets shall determine, in its sole discretion, whether these Rules of Conduct have been broken and may take any action it deems appropriate when facing any issue in question.



Your use of the messages feature and forums and chat is enabled upon your compliance with the Rules of Conduct and the FooPets Terms of Service. Failure to follow these Rules of Conduct may result in FooPets taking any or all of the following actions:

-Remove any postings you have made to the forums, user profiles, and any other form of communication within FooPets.

-Temporarily suspend your FooPets account and/or any other form of communication within FooPets.

-Indefinitely suspend your FooPets account and/or any other form of communication within FooPets.

Proprietary forums

The FooPets Message Boards are private message forums administered by FooPets. All message board content is allowed at the discretion of FooPets. We reserve the right to remove any content without notice and for any reason.

Changes to these Rules and Regulations

FooPets may revise these Rules and Regulations at any time by making changes to this page. You are expected to check this page from time to time to take notice of any changes we make, as you are expected to abide by them and the rules that had been previously established for each forum.