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✰ Rare Pet Guide ✰ (Copied)

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Original post by: iPokehPaws-
These are iPokehPaws- own options, people may disagree.

Creeping’s Note: I will delete since once the original owner makes their thread again or tells me to delete this one. I honestly made this because I didn’t want it deleted and I used it a lot.

This post will be used to stat the guide of the Pets of Foo :) I have seen many people asking the worth of their pet, and I thought it was about time to help out a bit. The following bit below I hope will help you with offering, and then looking for your rare pet.

So lets say you find a pet on the Play page. Either Lost, Over Stat, Ultra, Uber, or just an interesting stat pet. What is it worth? Most members the moment they find a pet on the Play Page, they want to know the worth of this pet. They want to know resell and pet value of their little angel. Well I am here in hopes of helping you with this. Now, lets stat out with the most loved Glitch of Foopets : The Lost Stats :)

Very Common Lost Stats – Worth AC

• Boston Terrier
• Mastiff
• Nebby
• Bombay
• Abby
• Mini Schnauzer
• Maine Coon

Common Lost Stats – Worth 300 resell to 1k resell

• Bulldog → 300 to 500
• Red Husky → 500 to 800
• Great Dane → 700 to 1k
• Pug → 700 to 1k
• Cream Persian → 500 to 1k

Uncommon Lost Stat – Worth 1k – 5k

• Beagle → 4 to 5k
• Shiba Inu → 3 to 5k
• Dachshand → 2 to 4k
• Min Pin → 2 to 4k
• PWD → 3 to 5k
• Yellow Lab → 2 to 4k
• Orange Mix → 3 to 5k
• Tabby 1 to 4k
• Siamese → 2 to 4k
• Calico → 1 to 3k
• Russian Blue → 2 to 4k
• Bengal → 2 to 4k
• Himmi → 3 to 5k

Rare/VeryRare Lost Stats – Worth 6k – 10k

• White Poodle → 8k
• JRT Smooth Coat → 6 to 8k
• Weimy → 8k
• Chocolate Lab → 6 to 8k
• Rottie → 10k
• Chihuahua → 10k
• Yorkie → 9 to 10k
• Pit Bull → 8 to 10k
• Black Husky → 10k
• Boxer → 8 to 10k
• Golden Retriever → 9 to 10k
• Westie → 8 to 10k
• Aussie → 10k
• Black Lab → 10k
• Marley Lab → 10k
• Dalmatian → 7 to 9k
• German Shepherd → 10k
• Tuxedo Mix → 10k
• Black Mix → 9 to 10k
• White Cat → 8 to 10k
• Long Hair Silver Tabby → 10k

Other Lost Stats – Value Varies

• Uber(-10+) → 500 to 10k depends on breed of course
• 2nd Generation Lost → 7 to 10k resell
• Legacy Yellow Lab → 2 to 4k
• Legacy Chocolate Lab → 6 to 8k
• Legacy Black Lab → 10k
• Legacy Black Husky → 10k
• 6 Digit Lab → 3 to 5k

Note → Some of these pets are worth more than 10k resell. Like a Black Husky or Tuxedo Mix. People worth have to add other uncommon/rare lost stats, and even some other pets to get these rare gems. What other pets are there? well lets continue down :)
Legacy? What is a legacy? Well Legacies are old GoPokey Pets. Their IDS Go Up to 4810000. These are the first pets of Foopets : Pokeys, BlackHusky, Rottie, All 4 Labs, Chihuahuas, Yorkies, German Shepherd, Tuxedo Mix, and Black Mix. These are pets that started first on Myspace. After being a big hit, they made their own site. Pokeys soon started to glitch computers, so they stopped Pokey Breeding. As of April 26th 2011, Legacies came back into the AC. Few Legacies are Rare, but there are a few :)

Legacy – Digits

3/4 Digits

• All 4 labs → 10k
• Rottie → 10k
• Yorkie → 10k
• Chihuahua → 10k
• Pokey/Foo German Shepherd → 10k
• Pokey/Foo Husky → 10k
• Tuxedo Mix → 10k

5 Digits

• Pokey/Foo Yellow Lab → AC
• Pokey/Foo Chocolate Lab → 3 to 5k
• Pokey/Foo Black Lab → 3 to 5k
• Pokey/Foo Rottie → 1 to 3k
• Marley Lab → 10k
• Yorkie → 5k
• Chihuahua → 4 to 5k
• Pokey/Foo German Shepherd → 10k
• Pokey/Foo Husky → 10k
• Tuxedo Mix → 10k
• Black Mix → 10k

6 Digits

• Pokey/Foo Yellow Lab → AC
• Pokey/Foo Chocolate Lab → AC
• Pokey/Foo Black Lab → AC
• Pokey/Foo Rottie → AC
• Marley Lab → ??
• Yorkie → 1 to 2k
• Chihuahua → 1 to 2k
• Pokey/Foo German Shepherd → 8 to 10k
• Pokey/Foo Husky → 8 to 10k
• Tuxedo Mix → 10k
• Black Mix → 10k

Legacy Pokey

• Pokey Yellow Lab → AC
• Pokey Chocolate Lab → AC
• Pokey Black Lab → AC
• Pokey Rottie → AC
• PokeyGerman Shepherd → 10k
• Pokey Husky → 10k

Note Legacy GSD and PH are rare. These are some of the most valued pets on Foo. Everyone loves these baby boys XD It is very hard to get these beautiful pets, and takes a offer normal of 10k plus a rare/very lost stat. But there are even rarer pets then these two.

Legacy Cat

• Tuxedo Mix → 5 to 8k
• Black Mix → 6 to 8k

Balloon Head

Note With Older Tuxedos, even if they aren’t legacy, there was a glitch back when Foo was young. Their heads seemed… bigger? Yes. These Tuxedos are refereed to as Balloon Heads. These go from anywhere of 5k at the lowest to 10k. Most members also like these included in offers for rare lost stats and legacies.

Now there are other rare pets here on Foopets. They vary from member to member. So lets take a look at the other Rares of Foo :)

Back right after i took a break, the PP bursted with very high stat pets. They were more than 90% when their stats were added together and divided by the breeds stat totals(all the highest numbers a breed could have) They are still very popular with breeders, and are always in demand. They tend to sell for high amounts of FooDollars and Lost Stats. Ultras are a little different. There are some rare Ultra Breeds like a GermanShepherd(rare is only 700+) and then there are common ones that are around 80- 86%. When it comes to Ultras, mainly 87% and up are considered rare. There are a few cases where I am proven wrong. These normal go for FooDollars and maybe a few pets. Germans are the only exception. 700+ go for more. The higher up you go, the rarer they are.

The Above Stat

I personally have only seen two of these pets. A Poodle and Yorkie, both 2nd generation. This is a glitch that like the Lost stats, the pet has a stat that is more than the maximum. It is kinda hard to explain. These pets are rare, and there aren’t many. I haven’t seen any 1st generations, and I have no clue of their value.


Now I ain’t talking about Play Page twins, I am talking about litters. In some litters members are lucky enough to have two pets with the same exact stats. It is very hard to get, but they are out there. Members will breed two dogs with almost the same stats, and if they get lucky. They get twins. Prices range from 2k resell to 5k resell depending on the breed and gender. There have been a few male and female twins(i owned a pair in my old FooLife) and they are worth a little more.

Switch Breeds

A glitch back in 2010 when pets started to change… breeds? Yes this is true. The Play Page would glitch and pets would turn into different breeds. Some owners took a picture of this glitch, and others didn’t. 3 years later these pets are still loved for. They come in all breeds, gender, and even generations. There have been some cats that have turned to dogs before! Amazing! So what are these babies worth? lets find out :)

• Switch Breed (Dog/Dog or Cat/Cat) → 3 to 6k
• Switch Breed (Dog/Cat or Cat/Dog) → 5 to 7k
• Switch Breed (Generation) → 3 to 5k
• Switch Breed (Pokey) → 4 to 7k

Price also depends on the breed. Some are worth LPGSD/LPHs. Others worth only a few hundred resell.

Switch Gender

There have been a few cases of switch gender ones, and I actually remember a Female Calico that switched to a male, and back to a female! The only proof we can have of these pets is a Scene Shoot. Know of very few of these pets, so their value is unknown. I am hoping that one day I can tell you more about them :)

6+ Stat Breeds

The second rarest breed of Foopets. The Odd Stat. I don’t know much about this glitch except these pets are Rare. All Odd Stats are worth 10k and Very/rare Lost Stats, LPHs, LPGSDs, and even some lower digit pets.

The Male Calico

The Rarest pet on Foo happens to be a Male Calico. I currently don’t know how many there are, but I know that there are less than 10 active Male Calico. I don’t remember when this happen, but I was on Foopets when they took Male Calicos away. Since in real life, male Calicos are hard to find, FooPets thought It was a good idea to get rid of our male calicos :P So they did. These are worth 10k, Oddies, Digits, Losties, Legacys. EVERYTHING. They are very hard to find, and let alone own. Many members have made this their dream to own one. Some will… some will not.

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:) Please just stat that those are my opinions ;) Other people may disagree, but that is their opinion

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Male Calicos weren’t really taken away, because they were never intentionally released. It was a glitch, when you first made your account you had the option of any pet breed on Foo, if you happen to choose a Calico it gave you the option of male or female, which was never supposed to happen. Male Calicos were completely accidental. Once Foo became aware of their release, they immediately shut it down. c: That’s why there are so few. c:

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I will stat that, thank you.
If you want me to delete this thread, just say so. I just didn’t want it to be deleted.

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Bumper Cars.

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This is very useful Creeping/Pokeh. I’ve been wondering what Chloe, Sam, and Jessie were worth, but nobody ever answers. Thanks for this, it really helped ; )

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I’m glad it helped. ^^
It’s helped me many times.

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it was useful.
i’d just disagree a bit with pricing ranges. i think they can vary person to person ouo

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Again, these are iPokehPaws- own opinions. ^^
This may not be 100% accurate.

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Maybe, maybe not. I’ve seen them sold for that price and higher, I’ve also seen them sold for AC price.

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Thank you I’ve been needing this for a while xDDD

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really useful!

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There are also Legacy Tabbies and 3/4 digit cats.

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This is really useful :D I have always loved the exact pricing.
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i’ve been looking for this

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AskingAndromeda Pokies that have changed into normal foopets are called morphs. I’ve seen quite a lot of them so they are probably ac price. :)