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Your guide to what makes your FooPet what it is, or why it isn't!!

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This is a guide to what makes your pet what it is, be it a; legacy pokey, legacy foo, legacy cat, uber, ultra’s, lost stats & more.

I have all permissions from owners to post examples to pets listed, please do not message owners asking if the pet is for sale, this is to educate, not to sell pets, thank you.


The ‘legacies’:

> A legacy pokey is a pet born in 2007/2008 still in pokey form: example ~~> Legacy Pokey’s can be in a number of breeds; Yellow lab, Chocolate lab, Black lab, Husky, Rottweiler & German Shepherd.

Legacy Pokey Yellow lab: Example
Legacy Pokey Chocolate lab" Example
Legacy Pokey Black lab: Example
Legacy Pokey Husky: Example
Legacy Pokey Rottweiler: Example
Legacy Pokey German shepherd: Example

> A legacy foo is a pet which was once a pokey but is now a foopet, also born 2007/2008, but ID & photo proof are required, as ageing when breeding came out meant many pets can be ‘aged’ into a 2008 birthdate but not be a legacy foopet: Example ~~> These come in the breeds; Yellow lab, Chocolate lab, Black lab, Husky, Rottweiler & German Shepherd, Yorkshire terrier & Chihuahua {the yorkies & chis were from gopokey, but they have the same look as foopets, so legacy foopets is more appropriate for them}. Important: The ID cut off for a legacy foopet is 4,811,100, some legacy foo’s go above this ID & so to then be considered a legacy foo they must be born before July 31, 2008.

> A legacy cat is much like a legacy foo but in cat form, a cat born 2007/2008 but not aged into this date of birth: Example ~~> Much like a legacy foopet, a legacy cat needs to have a ID under 4,811,100 or a birth date before July 31, 2008.


Pets & their stats:

This section is about what makes an Uber, Ultra, lost stat, uber lost stat & more.

> A Uber stat pet is a pet with a stat score of 90%+: Example ~~> An Uber is only an uber once it reaches 90%…it can be 89%…it is not an Uber.

> A Ultra stat pet is a pet with a stat score between 80%-89%, Ultra pets are very hard to find in some breeds, such as Himmi’s, creamies & more. Example of a Ultra pet: Example

To find out your pets stat score %…add the pets stats together, then add the breeds maximum together {the stats which are on the very far right…the ‘maximum’ a pet can go} divide the stat total of your pets stats by the stat total of the pets average, for example we will use Filly above;

So we add the breeds ‘maximum’ up together, that’s: 141+140+143+140+138 = 702
We then add together the pets ‘stats’, so that’s: 138+139+135+138+138 = 688
We then divide the pets ‘stats’ by the breed maximum, that’s 688/702 = 0.980
We then multiply our decimal by 100, thats 0.980 × 100 = 98
This gives us our 98%.

> A lost stat pet is a pet where the stat falls under the minimum stat required: Example

You can also have a legacy lost stat foopet, which is a legacy foo which has a lost stat: Example

> A Uber lost stat pet is a pet where the lost stat falls 10+ points under the minimum for the breed: Example

> You can also get double lost stats, which are like the normal lost stats above, however they have 2 stats which fall under the minimum. {They do exist, but the people who own them will not want them listed}.

> There are also max stat pets, these are pets where their stats hit the ‘maximum’ for the breed: Example

Note: You can also have pets which go over the maximum, they do not have a ‘special’ name as of yet {I will call them a ‘mega stat’}, as there are very few. A mega stat pet has a stat which goes above the maximum breed stat just like a lost stat goes under the minimum {no example able to be listed}.

The real fun happens now ~~> It is ODDSTAT time….

> An oddstat is a pet which has 6+ stats…the minimum stat is 6, because they need to have more than the average of 5 stats. Now a oddstat can range from 6+ stats, there is no maximum how many extra they can have, only what is known.

~> Example <~

Oddstats can come in many breeds, you have dogs as listed above, which can be many breeds of foopets. You can have oddstat cats & oddstat pokeys.


It’s photo time!!!

This section is all about your pets & their photo’s…about what makes certain switchy’s what they are.

A switch pet is a pet, which changed breed & this, is recorded in their foo photos.

> Switch pets can be any breed & change into any breed, they can fixed, unfixed…& vary in age & breed, a generic switch pet is normally one which stays within it’s own species, so one dog breed to another dog breed: Example

> You also have a specific switch pet reference which is a ‘catdog’ switch pet, this is a pet which not only changes breed, but species, they can be in dog form to cat…or cat to dog…: Example 1 & Example 2

There are such switch pets known as “foo studio” switch pets, but there is much debate over whether they are considered ‘real’ switch pets, they are pets which appear to change breed & are captured while in the foo-studio, but due to much debate, I decided not to include them officially or with a example.

> Balloon heads, balloon heads are tuxedo cats which had a ‘glitch’ which when captured on their photo’s, made them appear to have a ‘balloon head’, hence the name: Example

You also have the debate over ‘growlers’ & many other ‘switch pets’ which appear to have something different in their photos, I do not personally recognise them as switch pets & therefore will not include them, that is my opinion.

> You also have the very elusive ‘switch gender’ pets…any way of recording this, is a must, but often, it can come down to a matter of opinion…be it through a group seeing one gender & then the other…or be it through names, the best thing to do, is to have screen shot proof…but this is very hard to obtain, as switch gender pets happen randomly…so we would have to screen shot every pet…the best example I have, is from my word of mouth, but also from my friends, breeding partner etc….they are out there…but they are hard to prove…be prepared to have a game of ‘she says he says’ on your hands…as people will disagree: Example


Pets & their digits:

Pets all have an ID number, it is the url bar every time you ‘play’ with them or ‘view their profile’. Some pets have special digits, the pet ID numbers start from 1 digit, e.i pet number 1….all the way into the millions {lose count & track lol, as it is always growing}. The lower the ID number the more ‘rare’ a pet is deemed, so you have 1 digit pets which will be the hardest to own, many are ghost pets, in homes {both active & inactive accounts}.

You can have 2 digits, also very hard to get hold of.
There are 3 digits, many in loving homes: Example
There are 4 digits, 5 digits…etc:Example

Special ID pets, can come in any breed on foopets, though normally they pertain to their era, so the lower the ID, such as one, will be more gopokey/legacy foo breeds…the higher you go, the more it can open to other breeds, there are low digit cats also on the site.

A pet is ‘born’ with their ID when created, it is one thing about a foopet which cannot be changed, ever.


This was written by Kizzee- & Kaylina.

Thanks for reading.

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Finally, I think it is all correct now for links…Thanks for being patient!!


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there’s another guide made by another member too. Both are great. good jobs guys.


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