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How do you calculate your pets stats

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I’m sorry this is a dumb question, but I havent been here in A while. So how do you calculate your pets stats and what is an ultra, exact, etc

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To find out the percentage of your pet’s stats, add together the green/grey numbers and then add together the numbers on the right side. You then take the answer from adding the green/grey numbers and divide it by the answer you got by adding the number on the right side and you should get a decimal. The first two numbers after the period is your pet’s percentage. If the third number after the period is a 5 or higher, you round up the second number and delete all the rest. (ex: 0.798341432425 = 0.8 or 80%) If the third number is a 4 or lower, you leave the first two numbers as is and delete the rest. (ex: 0.7921434254352 = 0.79 or 79%)

An ultra is any pet that has a percentage of 80% and higher. An Uber is any pet that has a percentage of 90% and higher. An Exact is any pet with one or more grey stats that equal the lowest number on its personality grid.

I hope this helped. ^u^