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Maxi's Rare Pet Guide

Hello! Here is my rare pet guide. It is to help users get a good guess on around where to offer for the pets listed. Of course you don’t have to pay the exact pricing listed, but like I said, it’s just to get a good guess on around where to price or how much the pet is worth according to the Foo Members. I will be updating this when needed.

Note: The pets you see linked here are not for sale. They are just here to show as an example. I have permission to use these pets.

Lost Stats (Losties)

Lost Stats (Commonly referred to as “Losties”) are pets that have a stat below the Minimum. For example… Say your pet had a stat Minimum of 56 in Agility. And the stat that is in Agility was 55. Then your pet would be a Lostie, lost by one.

Common – AC Price

Boston Terrier
Jack Russel Terrier Rough Coat
Norwegian Forest Cat
Mini Schnauzer
Maine Coon


Red Husky600-1k
Great Dane700-1k
Cream Persian300-500


Shiba Inu5-8k
Miniature Pinscher1-4k
Portuguese Water Dog3-6k
Yellow Lab1-2k
Orange Mix3-5k
Tabby Mix1-2k
Russian Blue1.5-2.5k
White Poodle Mix8k
Jack Russel Terrier Smooth Coat6-8k
Chocolate Lab7-9k
White Cat3-7k

Very Rare

Pit Bull10k
Black Husky10k
Golden Retriever10k
Australian Shepherd10k
Black Lab10k
Marley Lab10k
German Shepherd10k
Tuxedo Mix10k
Black Mix10k
Long Haired Silver Tabby10k

Other Lost Stats

Uber {-10}Depends on breed. A Boston would probably be AC-300. While a Calico would probably be 4-10k
2nd Generation10k
Legacy Yellow Lab2-5k
Legacy Chocolate Lab8-10k
Legacy Black Lab10k
Legacy Black Husky10k

Note: Some of these pets are worth more than 10k Resale.. Like a Black Husky or Tuxedo Mix. People will have to add other uncommon/rare pets along with their FDS to get one of these pets. Some members like to do straight trades for rare Legacies. Let’s continue down~


What is a Legacy?

Legacies are old GoPokey Pets. Their ID’s go up to 4811100. These are the first pets of Foopets: Pokeys, Black Husky, Rottie, All 4 Labs (Yellow, Black, Chocolate, and Marley), Chihuahuas, Yorkies, German Shepherd, Tuxedo Mix, Black Mix, and Tabby Mix. Some of these pets are ones that started first on Facebook. After being a big hit, they made their own site. Pokeys soon started to glitch computers, so they stopped Pokey Breeding. As of April 26th 2011, Legacies came back into the AC. Few Legacies are Rare, but there are a few..


3/4 Digits

All 4 Labs → 10k
Rottie → 10k
Yorkie→ 10k
Chihuahua → 10k
Pokey/Foo German Shepherd → 10k
Pokey/Foo Husky → 10k
Tuxedo Mix10k

5 Digits

Pokey/Foo Yellow Lab → AC Price
Pokey/Foo Chocolate Lab3-5k
Pokey/Foo Black Lab3-5k
Pokey/Foo Rottie3-6k
Marley Lab → 10k?
Yorkie → 5-10k
Chihuahua → 5-10k
Pokey/Foo German Shepherd → 10k
Pokey/Foo Husky10k
Tuxedo Mix → 10k
Black Mix → 10k

Legacy Pokey

Pokey Yellow LabAC Price
Pokey Chocolate LabAC Price
Pokey Black LabAC Price
Pokey RottieAC Price
Pokey German Shepherd10k
Pokey Husky10k

Note: Legacy Pokey German Shepherds and Pokey Huskies are rare. These are some of the most valued pets on Foo. Everyone loves these pets.. It is very hard to get these beautiful pets, and takes a offer normal of 10k plus a rare/very lost stat. But there are even rarer pets then these two..

Legacy Cat

Tuxedo Mix10k
Black Mix10k
Tabby Mix2-6k

Balloon Heads

With older Tuxedos, even if they aren’t legacy, there was a glitch back in February 2009… Their heads seemed… bigger? Yes. These Tuxedos are referred to as Balloon Heads. These usually go for around 10k. Most members also like these included in offers for rare lost stats and legacies.

Now there are other rare pets here on Foopets. They vary from member to member. So lets take a look at the other Rares of Foo~


In 2011, the PP bursted with very high stat pets. They were more than 90% when their stats were added together and divided by the breeds stat totals (all the highest numbers a breed could have) They are still very popular with breeders, and are always in demand. They tend to sell for high amounts of FooDollars and Lost Stats. Ultras are a little different. There are some rare Ultra Breeds like a German Shepherd (rare is only 700+) and then there are common ones that are around 80- 86%. When it comes to Ultras, mainly 87% and up are considered rare. There are a few cases where I am proven wrong. These normally go for FooDollars and maybe a few pets. Germans are the only exception. 700+ go for more. The higher up you go, the rarer they are.

Above Stats

I personally have only seen two of these pets. A Poodle and Yorkie, both 2nd generation. This is a glitch that like the Lost stats, the pet has a stat that is more than the maximum. It is kinda hard to explain. These pets are rare, and there aren’t many. I haven’t seen any 1st generations. These pets can probably very easily go for rare Legacies, Losties, and/or maybe a Male Calico.


First off.. I’m not talking about “Play Page Twins” those are simply duplicates, I am talking about litters. In some litters members are lucky enough to have two pets with the same exact stats. It is very hard to get, but they are out there. Members will breed two dogs or cats with almost the same stats, and if they get lucky. They get twins. Prices range from 2k resell to 7k resell depending on the breed and gender. There have been a few male and female twins and they are worth a little more.



Switch Breeds

A glitch back in 2010 when pets started to change breeds! The Play Page would glitch and pets would turn into different breeds. Some owners took a picture of this glitch, and others didn’t. Years later, these pets are still loved for! They come in all breeds and genders. There have been some cats that have turned to dogs before! Amazing! So what are these babies worth?

Switch Breed (Dog/Dog or Cat/Cat) → 3-8k
Switch Breed {Dog/Cat or Cat/Dog}6-9k

Switch Gender

There have been a few cases of switch genders.. The only proof we can have of these pets is Breedng Page proof.. Or picture proof if it’s a Yorkie (Because of their bow colors that determine the gender). I’ve only seen one of these pets so I don’t know their exact value.. My guess is 10k but I don’t know for sure.


One of the rarest pets on Foo; The Odd Stat. I don’t know much about this glitch except these pets are very rare. All Odd Stats are worth 10k and Very/rare Lost Stats, LPHs, LPGSDs, and even some lower digit pets.

Oddstat Cat

Oddstat Dog

Oddstat Pokey

Male Calicos

Anoher one of the rarest pets on Foo happens to be a Male Calico. I currently don’t know how many there are, but I know that there are less than 20 active Male Calicos. This happened in 2011.. Since in real life, Male Calicos are hard to find, FooPets thought It was a good idea to get rid of our Male Calicos after a glitch made them avaliable for a while…. So they did. These are worth 10k, Oddies, Digits, Losties, Legacys. EVERYTHING. They are very hard to find, and let alone own. Many members have made this their dream to own one.

Male Calico

Thank you so much to the following members for helping me with pricing and/or letting me use their pets as examples! You guys are the best!

Koda, Cat, Kandii, Alucitii, Elijah, Tabby, Wishing, Smidgeyy, D-O-Gs, Lainee, Toy, Free, Guardian, Balloon, and Grim!


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