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Mart Art Submission Page
This is where you can submit your artwork to be used in the Foo mart.
Please follow the instructions provided, as this will better your chances of having your work submitted.

Skeltoness’ Guide to Understand HTML Coding
This guide has all of the image codes, and explains how HTML works.

Besketball’a Textile Markup Guide

If you want to know how to do all the neat things with text colors and styles within the HTML coding, this is the guide for you!

Vanner’s Ultra & Uber Pet Stat Guide
This is a thread that lists all the details for the stats of all the breeds on Foo.

Chosovi’s Guide to Losties, Glitches and more!
This is a thread that explains more pet glitches in depth.

Rules of Conduct
Please give this a look over. This is a VERY important thread.

iForeverPaws’ Symbols Thread
Here you can find text symbols to dress up your posts and profiles.

Xerteria’s Book of Terms
This thread is useful and explains all the common jargon on Foopets.

Avi27’s How to Take a Screen Shot Directions
Knowing how to take a screen shot is very important. It should always be done while doing a trade, or if you see something inappropriate on a profile on in the forums. This way you can report anything wrong to the ambassadors, and have proof.

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I find that font difficult to read for large blocks of text. It looks great, but it is tough on my eyes.

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I am sorry you feel that way.
Thank you.

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What do you mean by litters now reflect the parents instead of the entire breed?

Great guide! I wish I had this when I returned from Foo in December. Thanks for doing this!

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It is probably an age thing. The eyes start to have trouble focusing as you age.

You were still asking for suggestions, right?


Hi, Seahippie! I am glad you like it :)

Dr. Ron changed the way litters work. Before he returned full time, litters reflected the ENTIRE breed. This means if I was going to have a litter of westies, my puppies would reflect EVERY westie on Foopets. Now the litters are strictly reflecting the parents’ stats :)


Thank you for this!! I think it looks great!!
I have old eyes and a disease/syndrome associated with Lupus (I have Lupus as well) and certain colors and fonts bother me and the only problem I have is the blue is being used to link to the staff isn’t really dark enough for me to see it to well. Other than that, it is easy on my eyes and I very much appreciate it


Oh wow, didn’t know that. I thought the litters always reflected the parents’ stats. Thanks!


Nah Bobbykitty it’s not


“The 10k pricing for pets has been removed”

Should be the 10k pricing limit for pets has been removed.


AwesomeUsername- As far as I know, he changed it. My memory may be failing me, but I am almost 100% positive he did :)


This is really great. I am finding this quite useful as a ,basically new, member. Thank you, Mabelann. I see your posts all the time and I feel they are very helpful.


Thank you, squeedasqueak. I appreciate that. :)

I am glad you find my guide useful :)

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“The 10k pricing for pets has been removed”
Should be the 10k pricing limit for pets has been removed.

I think it looks great. Either way is fine. The latter one (imo) it to formal..and I would rather read things that don’t seem so formal


You’re welcome Mabelann. I am not completely finished reading all of it yet. I am going to book mark it.

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It isn’t about beinf formal, it is about being accurate. Words have meaning. The first sentence implies that all pets used to be priced at 10k and now that has changed. Sure, anyone who has been back knows this was never the case, but this is a guide for people who weren’t here or who are new.

But, whatever, it isn’t that important. It is just if it is in the editing process, then it is a minor edit.

But, I am confused.

Is this still in the editing process and you are asking for suggestions, or is just posted now?

If it is editing, then I have more suggestions. If it is just to be posted, then nvm. Any other comment will be viewed as being critical and I was only saying things to be helpful.


Thank you, Lhasa. I am glad you enjoyed :)


Ah. I see now. Yup…the eyes really are going. You are now asking for flags. This must be the final version.

In that case, nvm the things I said. I would delete them if they weren’t flagged. Sorry, I got confused between threads.


Crap sorry, sorry. Didn’t see this had been finished. I erased that. I had some suggestions of things I had been slowly reading through as my head let me that I thought… should I PM you or? No nevermind, well this should be helpful to new members Mabel, it’s obvious you spent a lot of time on it. :)