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Pictures on Profiles.. (locked)

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I’m trying to put pictures on my profile but all that’s coming up are the links to the picture. I try putting (!) Before and after the url but just a picture icon is there instead of my actual picture I want to put up. Please help!

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It looks like you are trying to take the image URL of a Facebook photo. These will not work. Upload your photos to a photo-hosting site as I explain below :)

Make sure your link ends in PNG, GIF, JPG, or JPEG.
If it ends in anything else, it will not work.

For Pictures on Threads and Profiles:

For Chrome:

First click “View Image” that appears when you click on the picture through Google Images.

Now you are going to right click and click “Copy Image URL”.

You then put a ! on either side of the image URL without any spaces :)

For other browsers or from your computer:

Just like before, like on “View Image”.

This time, right click and choose “Save Image”.

.—-Start here if using photos from your computer—-.

Now go to a photo hosting site such as TinyPic, Photobucket, etc. For the sake of the example, I use the direct links given by Picmonkey; however, I am showing you how to use Tinypic. Choose the photo from your files.

At this point, upload your photo.

This is VERY important. While Foopets uses HMTL coding, do NOT choose that option! Instead, choose the “Direct Link for Layouts”. This way the image will not be clickable.

Just like before, copy and paste the link with a ! on either side :)


Thank you so much!


XD tat helps a lot!


This thread has well exceed the 72 hr rule and should’t have been brought back up, so I have locked it

Please read the RoC ..Under Rule # 4 titled *Bumping