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★ Vulpis' Ultimate Guide to FooPets ★

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I’ve decided to create a guide to help all members. This is basically a compilation of other guides to help you!

Textile Markup?

Updated Textile Markup Guide
Textile Markup Guide :::UPDATED:::

How Do I Make Graphics?

Profile with all foopets – they all have white backgrounds and PNG images on each pet profile
Graphic Makers Room
K-Queso’s Graphic Guide
Profile with all pets in white backgrounds
Pizzani’s Graphic Guide

How Do I Calculate My Pet’s Stats?

How to Calculate Stat Totals/ Percentage || Ultra Stat Totals for each Breed

What’s My Pet’s Worth?

The issue with this is that prices are always fluctuating and the values of pets really lie in the eye of the beholder

Ini’s New And Updated Lostie Guide! UPDATED
C h o s o v i ’ s •• U l t i m a t e •• G u i d e •• to: Losties, Glitches, Ultras/Ubers, and more

Who Do I Report This To?

List of Ambassadors

Submitting Art to the Mart? What?!?

Art In The Mart TIPS

To submit your art, go here

What Does ‘LPGSD’ Mean?!?

Terms and Abbreviations

How do I PP surf for a specific pet?

The Mart Play Page


This Is the closest you’ll get to a lostie price guide at the moment. The two you listed are out dated (they don’t go past the 10k limit that was set in place back then) and prices have risen a lot.


Thank you, Gottheart! (:


No problem c: Thanks for putting them all together ^^

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No problem. (:

I’m curious as to what else needs to be added. Feel free to post links to other guides. (:


Awesome work!


What about duplicating a pet? I havent seen anything about that…