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2015Thanksgiving Scene Contest winners
1st place:KellyVH29

2nd Place:Tomahawk

3rd Place:black-bird

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11/30/15 Novembers Creative Writing Contest Winner


It all started way back when, as Grandpa used to say. He was one of the lucky ones. Though the way he acted and spoke, one would never know it. He would talk a lot of the good times with the friends he had made. Times like sharing beans out of cans while telling jokes about each other.Sometimes we would catch the odd tear fall from his eyes, and on those days, we would love him just a little more. Oddly but true, for the first five or so years after Grandpa came back, he was always buying beans, and sitting on the front porch, eating them, and staring off like he was waiting for something. I mean we used to hear stories in school, or watch movies about war, but nothing like watching a grown man go through the event in real life. Grandma, always sat right there beside him on the porch while he ate his beans. She would softly speak to him, trying to sooth his soul. Sometimes he would come back, and remember he was back home. Sometimes when he realised this, looking down at those beans, he would chuckle, thinking of those friends, now lost, and the times they shared. Yes, my Grandpa was lucky to come back, and we were thankful to have him back. My parents, took after Grandpa and went to war. Unforunately, they were not so lucky. First my father had left us, by accidentally stepping on a land mine. Then my mother shortly after. She was a field medic, and was shot while attending to others. That was so like her, putting others before herself. At first, I was angry. Angry at them for leaving to go to war. Angry there had even been a war! Then I found myself, gradually realising this one main thing. My Grandpa, along with my parents had all fought wars so I did not have to! To this very day when asked what I am most thankful for, I reply with this : Freedom. Freedom to live life as we choose. Freedom to do as we choose. For if it was not for the Grandfathers, the Fathers, and Sons, we may not have our freedoms today. So I salute each and every one of them. Let us never ever forget the Mothers and Daughters and Grandmothers that have served as well. All of these people fought for our freedoms, and to them, I am thankful. Freedom. One word that holds such a powerful meaning. Yes, myself, I am thankful for freedom, and to those that fought to protect our freedom. To those we lost in wars, we honour you. Do not ever think you perished in vain. You made it so future generations never have to do such battles as you fought. To each and every one of you. Thank you for my freedom which I have to this day!

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Caption Contest



“I’m so cute you wouldn’t dare take me to the vet”

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2nd Round of the Pet Photo Contest

Congratulations to our Two Winners

First Place Winner: Catlover31198

Second Place Winner: PokeyPia

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Decembers Creative Writing Contest Winner 2015


The Elderly Cat

I know my time is up.
The people here have said it. Adeline, one of the workers here, says that she knows I will have a Christmas home. But I don’t have any hope left. My time is up.
When I came into this world as a kitten, I did not know where I was. Everything was black. All I knew was that I was next to my siblings and my mother, drinking her sweet milk.
As I grew older my siblings opened their eyes. They saw things, like the bars of the cage preventing us from escaping. They could play, and jump, and move. But I remained next to my mother. For I could not see anything. I was blind.
Although I never saw anything in my entire life, I had all the rest of my senses. Now I can walk around and play like my siblings used to. But they are gone now, gone to different homes. Homes that will love them forever. I do not know if no one wants me because I am blind or because I have the virus in cats, FIV…or both. I am very old now, and I have been in the shelter for ten years. Ten years. And yet the people still do not have the heart to put me to sleep.
The dogs and cats here all around me say the people are cruel to let me live this long without a home. I don’t know what to think. I hear people everywhere flood in at the crack of dawn in search of a new pet, but no one has ever stopped by my cage to consider me. So are they cruel to let me live?
My best friend, a young dachshund named Rosy, has described how I look before because she knew I am curious about my appearance. She told me that my eyes are milky white, like pebbles, but I have the most beautiful silky long fur. It is cream-colored, she told me. Rosy is dead because they did not know she had a disease. I woke up one day and said good morning to her, but she never replied. I did not hear her breathing. Later, when the workers came to clean out the cages and feed us, they screamed. I heard it all: them taking her lifeless body to the emergency room to see if she was alive. But I knew the truth. I cried much that day and there was no one around to comfort me.
I do not care how I look now. I am so old and my limbs are so painful from my arthritis I don’t put any effort into cleaning myself like I used to. When Adeline tries to comb my fur I bite at her because it hurts even to be combed. I try not to bite, but I can’t help it. It is almost like an instinct. My fur is ragged and tangled, and there is no one around who is willing to brush it.
Today the workers put up Christmas lights and candy canes all around the shelter. I heard them say it again as they passed by my cage: “Your time is up, my friend.” I believe that today, my time is up.
But who is that, coming through the door? Another person. A young woman with wavy blonde hair. She has green eyes and red lips. I can tell because my Terrier friend, Jake, is describing her to me. She tells Adeline she would like a cat in need of a Christmas home.
Adeline beams. She tells the woman that she has the perfect cat. She brings the woman over to me. This is what Adeline said: “This is Scruffy. He is blind, has FIV and arthritis. But he has been here for ten years and if we don’t find him a loving and forever home he will be put to sleep.” The woman replies: “I would love him. It makes me feel so good when I adopt a cat who needs a home, and this one clearly does.” I hear my cage door open. Arms pick me up. I assume they belong to the woman.
“What is your name?” Adeline asks the woman. “My name is Carolyn,” said the woman who was holding me. Although her grip is tight, I do not struggle. “Do you promise me that you’ll take care of Scruffy forever and take care of his needs?” “Yes,” says Carolyn. “I promise.”
Adeline pets me for the last time. “I love you, Scruffy,” she whispers in my ear. “Be a good kitty. Merry Christmas. Good-bye.”
Carolyn gently took me out of the shelter. I had a home at last! I purred myself to sleep that day in her arms. My Christmas wish has come true at last.

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3rd Round of the Pet Photo Contest

Congratulations to our Two Winners

First Place Winner: GoldenPennies

Second Place Winner: PositivelyPitbull

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2015 Holiday Card Contest

Congratulations to our Three Winners

Our First Place Winner is Syelus

Our Second Place Winner is Lynne-

Our Third Place Winner is Tukklo


Pet-Trick Photo Contest
Congratulations to our Two Winners

Our First Place Winner is Accelerator

Our 2nd Place Winner is Skye-Doggy


Our Winner Is Kewpie1 with their picture “Santa is Loading His Sleigh”


Remsies Friday Flashie Riddle Contest~1/15/16
I come in many colors
Sometimes I am one color,
Other times I have different colors.
I come in many flavors these days.
You either love me or can not stand me.
I am normally not around a lot.
What am I?


The correct answer was candy cane.


Pet Photo Contest
Congratulations to our Two Winners

Our First Place Winner is Bird-

Our 2nd Place Winner is GoldenPennies


Sophie’s Jelly Bean Contest

Congratulations Kewpie1 with your winning guess of 1555 jeally beans


Pet-Trick Photo Contest
Congratulations to our Two Winners

Our First Place Winner is gmta2000

Our 2nd Place Winner is Streamclan1


January 31, 2016 Caption Contest Winner


We’re together even when apart


Januarys Creative Writing Contest


The Odd Couple
Looking back today, one would know of the turmoils, and the joys that kept this couple together. He was strong-willed,
yet love his play time ( even at 63 )! She on the other hand, was always so serious, and making sure everything was
taken care of. So, over time and much luck, they are still together to this day. You see, Walter had had a heart attack
some six or so years back, and was told by the heart specialist that he needed more exercise. Her heart had broke a little
that day, and it was a secret she would never tell. For the first two years, she tried so hard to get him to change his
ways, as far as what he was eating. Always he would get upset, to a point the couple almost broke up a few times! Then,
Martha had decided comprimise was best for him. So, after a couple more years with comprimise in course when they did
their shopping, and Walter doing added activities outside, soon Martha found that Walter was becoming a whole new man!
He attended his yearly heart check-ups and was becoming more and more independent when making good choices at the grocery
store. Martha was proud of Walter, and all the work he had been doing to better himself, for himself. They had both been
though previous marriages, and had now been together 16 years. Both happy with life and themselves, and the bond that they
had, so had never married. Christmas was coming in ever so fast, with much to do, and the normal hustle and bustle. Family
and friends expected to help them celebrate the holidays together. Walter was acting a little differently this year, so
Martha thought to herself, she best keep a eye of him. She was not ready for another heart attack, or any other illness
for that matter, so she kept watch. Walter would slip out for his usual daily activities, but a lot more smiling was going
on. As much as she tried, she was just too busy, getting the dinner prepared to watch over Walter. She could only pray
that all would Walters health would be well. Chopping, peeling, cooking , and stuffing the turkey kept her mind elsewhere.
Walter would sneak in and try to sneak a nibble here or there, which was normal for him, and would always make Martha
giggle or smile. She would tease telling him to leave her kitchen or there would be nothing left for their guests! But
always said with love, and she would continue on cooking. People started arriving, and many were hovering around Walter,
which made her feel better if anything were to happen. Laughter, and smiles from familiar people felt so good, making it
feel like all that work was worth it. Later that evening was all had finally gone home, Walter snuck up behind Martha and
hugged her, whispering a thank you in her ear. Kissing her cheek, he quietly said that some of the guests had planned on
returning for New Years Eve. WHAT!! Martha thought of all the work she would again have to do, but quietly went and
started a plan. Walter smiled at Martha, never once letting a peep over this following week. Watching her fly around
like a busy bee was quite funny to Walter, but he knew best to stay clear of her kitchen! She had sent him to get
champange, and wine for their guests. He purchased her favorite champange, for this would be a celebration like no other!
So, once again Martha found herself making all kinds of finger goods, and baked goods. The aromas were so fabulous, she
was surprised when Walter did not sample anything. Guests started arriving, bringing little extras, and the ladies would
help Martha where they could. One of Marthas best friends brought her upstairs and picked out one of Marthas favourite
dresses and asked if she could wear that. Confused, Martha asked why, but her friend only insisted, and just said that
this dress would be so much better for pictures. Finally, Martha changed into her favourite dress, and turned to find
her friend had left. Oh well, she thought, and quietly started down the stairs. Strange that the down stairs be so dark,
she thought, and the switch was way over on the other side of the room. As she neared the center of the living room, the
lights shot on, and everyone screamed HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! She was so shocked, but this was the beginning. In front of her
on his knee, was Walter, with tears in his eyes. He exclaimed his love for Martha, right there, in front of all, and for
all to hear. He put the most beautiful ring on her finger, and quietly whispered in her ear Sixteen years is enough for
me, how about you my love. Martha could not speak, she was so shocked. She just nodded, and sat for fear she would fall.
Thinking bak now, that was the best year she had had with Walter. To this day, she is still her serious self, making sure
all the bills are taken care of, and laughing at Walter when he is playing on his console. At his age, he seems to be
pretty good, and who cares she thought, it brings him joy. For this reason, folks around them had always declared them to
be The Odd Couple
Thanks, for reading, and good luck to all who enter!

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Winner of the Riddle Contest of February 5, 2016


I can make things look pretty in many ways.
I change colors.
I change shapes.
I am made of many things.
Some fake and some not fake.
What am I?

I am a brush..

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Valentines Day Scene Contest 2016

1st place: Kewpie1

2nd place: red020804

3rd place: msvanillagoddess


Remsies Friday Flashie~Riddle Contest ~2/19/16

The first member to answer this riddle with the correct answer will win 40 FD.
Put your thinking caps on..

You can see me but I make no sound.
You can hear me but you can not see me.
I go all over the place and I can be seen yet I am invisible.
Everyone knows me…
What am I?

You can see me but I make no sound. I look pretty around a finger
You can hear me but you can not see me. My phone or alarm clock grabs my attention
I go all over the place and I can be seen yet I am invisible. I take you with my in my pocket or purse and on my finger or nose
Everyone knows me…
What am I?


Congratulations goes to our winner Deesitrex-


Winner of the February Creative Writing Contest of 2016


With the Story titled:

No one is perfect

12 year old Sophie Williams prodded into the sale barn, her father following her close behind. Sophie had wanted a horse for many years, often playing in the old horse barn out back on her parent’s property. About three months ago, she had asked, again, for a horse. Her father finally relented, stating if she could be responsible for three months she could get her own horse. Sophie had squealed excitedly, immediately running to finish her night’s homework and complete her chores in record time. Three months passed quickly, and Sophie remained extremely responsible. She had A’s in every class in school, her room stayed spotless, the dishes stayed clean, and every floor in the house was swept or vacuumed once a day. True to his word, Sophie’s father brought her to the local horse auction to buy a horse. She now walked slowly by each stall, taking in the different colors and sizes of the horses. A large bay stallion snorted at her over the stall door, while a creamy white mare whinnied softly as her coal black foal barely got a look at her from over the wall. Sophie giggled and stroked the foal’s little nose as he nibbled on her fingers, but soon kept walking. She eyed every horse, using her vast knowledge to figure out each breed and how old every horse was. She neared the back of the barn quickly, having ruled out every horse she had seen due to one problem or another. She was starting to loose hope of finding her perfect horse. “Maybe we should come back next month ladybug, I’m sure you’ll find one eventually.” Sophie’s father stated, starting to slow down. She quickly shook her head defiantly.
“No daddy, I’m sure my horse is here. Just five more minutes?” she asked quickly, looking up at her dad with puppy eyes. He sighed softly.
“Alright, only five more minutes.” he quickly said, making her smile widen. Sophie darted to the back of the barn quickly, overlooking the horses as fast as she could. As she looked in the final stall, she stopped. An old silver coated gelding with a white and silver streaked mane hung his head out of the stall, softly resting his boney head on the edge of the door. His coat was covered in scars, patches of hair missing, and saddle marks outlining the withers on his back. His mane was tangled and knotted, completely overgrown from a long time of no proper care. A white blaze ran down his nose, partially covered in dirt. Sophie walked up silently, stroking his muzzle as he opened his eyes to look at her. His eyes shown a shocking gold, seeming to shine as he looked softly as the little girl caring enough to show him a bit of affection. Sophie quickly looked over his body, immediately recognizing he was an old mustang horse. She looked to her father, who stand skeptically at the gelding with his arms crossed.
“This is the one daddy! I want this one!” she said, keeping her small hands placed on the gelding’s worn down cheeks. Her father shook his head quickly.
“Sophie, this horse is run down and very old. He isn’t anything to look at and surely can’t go faster than a trot. Why this one and not the little coal black foal we looked at earlier?” he questioned, tilting his head in confusion. She just smiled softly, staring back into the thankful golden eyes of a seemingly terrible horse in her father’s mind.
“Because,” she stated matter-of-factly," nobody’s perfect. He has already seen enough trials and tribulations in his life, notice the scars on his back and legs? There’s an outline of where a saddle once sat on his silver hide, which means he is prepared for anything. And he isn’t as old as his outward appearance would let you believe." She slowly slipped her fingers into his jaw, feeling how worn his teeth were. “He is only fifteen years old, in his prime. But his exterior would let you think he was much older. All he needs is a bit of care, right my little Brumby horse?” she asked him, giggling as he shook his head up and down almost in answering the question. Her father stood there, dumbfounded on his daughter’s response. How could a 12 year old see something in a horse that a mature man couldn’t? He smiled a bit as he remembered what she had just said to him.
“Alright ladybug, you can have your gelding.” he stated, watching as she grinned big and hugged the horses neck. He quickly walked over to the seller’s booth, standing in the short line as people bartered on the prices. A rather old looking cowboy sat behind the plastic table with a money box in front of him, staring down at a piece of paper with numbers scribbled on it. He glanced up, standing to shake Sophie’s father’s hand.
“Well sir, what can I do ya for?” he asked quickly. Her father glanced back at the silver gelding, smiling as Sophie whispered things in his perked ears.
“I would like to buy that gelding for my daughter please.” He replied, pulling out his wallet from his back pocket. The old cowboy chuckled a bit, muttering something about city people.
“That’ll be two-hundred fifty dollars sir. Enjoy the old nag.” he laughed, taking Sophie’s father’s money from his hand and placing it in the money box. Taking a lead rope off the table, he left the man alone and walked back to his daughter.
“He’s all yours Sophie.” her father said, placing the silver lead rope in her hands. She clipped it to his halter, unlocking the stable door with one hand and holding the rope with another. She led her new horse to their waiting pickup truck and horse trailer, watching as the gelding looked around at the noise with his ears perked up and a new curiosity in his eyes.
“I love my Brumby horse.” she whispered in his ear as they loaded him in the trailer, tying his rope to the notch in the wall. He nuzzled her golden hair softly, standing patiently as they closed the hatch.

Today, a 15 year old Sophie Williams rides a 17 year old silver mustang gelding though the fields. His hide shines from wonderful care, his golden eyes glow with happiness and excitement. No one could tell he was the “old nag” Sophie saved from the sale barn three years ago. His life is anew with a young lady on his back, taking extreme care of his best friend on their rides and travels. One the wall beside his stall, multiple awards and pictures are hung. That night when the gelding is placed in his stall, he looks over the awards and does a horse smile. Each award is engraved with his new show name, ’Sophie’s Brumby Horse’, but only one reads his real name. The plague on the door of his stall bears the honor, having been made for only Sophie to read. ‘My Golden Brumby’ shines on the door, with the words ’nobody’s perfect’ underneath. These words cannot be more true to Sophie, or to Brumby himself. For you see, nobody is perfect, but love covers all imperfection