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Name the Kitty Contest 6/15/16

Hello Everyone.
No, it is not Friday.. LOL
Many know that I am a foster Mom for a Rescue in my area and I have done a contest before to name the kittys.
I have more babies and they need names.
Please give me names for these babies.
The ones chosen will win 10 FD.
The names will be chosen on Friday.
These pictures were taken, yesterday, right after their baths.




The winners are:

It gives me great pleasure to announce to all of you my Foster kittens names:
It was a very difficult decision because I wanted to make sure the names fit the personalities of the Foster Kittens. So, with out further adieu I present to you:




Thank you all for participating in the name the kitty contest.

Congrats to stnik, Kithusiha- and apotherece.
Have a wonderful week and stop back on Friday for my next Friday Flashie.

Useful 5


Happy Friday and time for another Friday Flashie.
This week ,schools let out for the summer, here.
So what better then to have a summer scene contest
Please show me your best summer scene and 2 members will be awarded 20 FD each.
One entry per member, please.
The contest ends on Monday.
Have some summer fun…

Winners of the Summer Scene Contest are:


This is my boy’s, Prince Kristoff’s Scene

Its called Outside BBQ





Yes, it is a riddle on this summer Friday.
Put on your best guessing hats

And do your best.
ONE guess per post and no double posting.
The first correct answer wins 40 FD.

I am tall but I can be small.
I am all over the place yet I only really go to one place.
But I can be on your head too
Sometimes I am truly hated but again, sometimes I am truly loved.
I am very much needed.
What am I?


And the winner is ailsarex with the correct answer of Waves

Thank you all for taking the time to play the riddle contest. Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July and have a great week.


Hi everyone. I forgot to do the contest Friday and yesterday we had severe storms all day. My internet keeps going on and off. This is the first time I have been able to get online since yesterday.

So, before the cable goes out again this is the contest.

Give me a short story of what you would do if you were not able to get online.
What a concept, right? LOL

The first sentence needs to be:

I woke up this morning and went to go online and my internet was out. I decided to

Winner will be announced on Tuesday.
40 FD is the prize…

Congrats goes to “Anna-Marie-7”: for her story.
Thanks , everyone, for entering.

It stinks when the internet goes down. :))

I woke up this morning and went to go online and my internet was out. I decided to just wait till the internet would come back on, I sat there thinking how much do
we depend upon the computer for our daily lives,
My TV was out as well cause of the cable and no phone. Thank goodness for the
cell phone.
Your service as been disconnected please come back and check later… I read
that at least a hundred times, cant get the weather report what is going on in the
real world out there!
If my grandma would of been alive she would just look outside and say it going to rain my bones ache she would kept herself busy by reading cleaning house doing the laundry and all the farm chores.
That was then but now we rely on the internet for everything from reading to playing games. Chat on line with our friends. The computer is now in control of our daily lives, and when it out so are we.
The days went by so slowly I called my friend long distance and told he to tell everyone I’m ok the internet is out again.
Clicked on computer and wow it was back on line! Rubbing my hands I started to check everything, Wow how did my grandma make it with out a computer?
Time has changed and so have we for each new upgrade it also changes our lives as well.



Another week has passed and it is time for my Friday Flashie.
Since it is July, I have decided to make this weeks contest a scene contest.

It is Christmas in July and that means I want to see your best Christmas Scenes.
One scene per member.
There will be 3 winners of 20 FD each.
The scenes can be ones that you already have in use or newly made ones.
This contest will run until next Thursday so it gives everyone plenty of time to make a great scene.

Thank you to all that participated and to those that helped other members.
I love all the scenes and truly enjoyed looking at all of them.

Congratulations to the winners:




July Creative Writing Contest Winner

Happy July Everyone.
For Julys Creative Writing Contest it will be easy and fun.
It has been hot, humid and that calls for summers fun. Whatever that may mean to you.
So, the title of this Months Contest is," Summers Fun"
Have fun with it, give me some interesting characters, with some interesting names.
OH, I did forget to mention one simple tiny thing.
Your “Summer Fun” story MUST contain kitty purrs and puppy tails.
Other than that, it is all up to you as long as it is foo appropriate.
The winner will be announced at the end of the month and 40 FD is the reward.

Congratulations goes to: rave7167

for the story of WunderFooLand.

Summers Fun

So, there we were – once again sitting on the dock, watching the mellow waves crashing against the beautiful shoreline. Of course, I am talking about our cottage. Nowhere other then off the beautiful island of WunderFooLand!
Every year the four of would meet up here. It is tradition, after all. I first started coming up here as a very young pup. Of course of of those summers, I had met Winks. She was named Winks, because whenever she smiles at you
she winks as well. When I first met Winks I knew it was puppy love. Right from that very first time she smiled and winked at me. Our puppy tails entwined a lot as we would walk down to the beach, and take long walks. Winks,
thought it might be fun to share our fun with a couple friends, so Winks had invited her best friend Shy, whom she explained was different. That was funny, I said, because I too had invited my best friend who was different. His
name was Danger. We laughed at the thought! Shy and Danger! Well, as expected, Shy showed up first, as shy as could be, lugging her suitcases. Just then Danger came zooming up on a speed boat, grabbing Shys’ suitcase and extended his paw:
Danger is my name!, and who might you be my beautiful creature?
Shy ran into the cabin, and under the bed. Danger looked at us puzzled.
We laughed, and continued our walk, tails still entwined. Thinking
the same thing, that these two would figure things out. Winks thought some nice lemonade would be nice, because it was so hot out. Also, it might help Danger and Shy. So, off she went to the cabin to fix some. While Winks was
in the cabin, I thought it was a perfect time to talk to Danger. Strolling up to him, I could see he was having fun with a ball.

Danger, how about you and me have a little talk?

Sure, what about Mer ?
Yes, that’s right, my name is Mer. My people is french you see. Also, I was born in water, so learned very quickly how to swim!

Danger, I just wanted to let you know about our female friend Shy. You see, she really is shy.
At this Danger looked at me weird. As though he did not understand. So, I explained further that some kitties are not dangerous or anything like this,
and if he wanted Shy as a friend he would need to come down a few degrees. Danger understood this time, and smiled. Walking up to the cabin, Danger turned to me and said:
Ya know Mer, you are awfully smart!

I just stuck my paw up and waved him on. Reaching the cabin, Danger plucked a beautiful rose from the front, and went in. Winks, seeing this took this as her cue. Smiling, and winking of course, she grabbed two glasses of lemonade and walked out of the cabin.
Mer must be dying of heat out there! Winks exclaimed.

Danger walked up to the bedside, and sat the rose down, and laid there a bit, not realizing he had fallen asleep. When he woke, the rose was gone, and so was Shy. Looking around, he heard a booming sound outside, so ran out, but not before noticing someone had placed the rose in a vase on the table. Everyone was sitting on the dock. He walked up carefully as to not scare Shy, and sat down beside her.
Thank you for the beautiful rose,Danger. Shy whispered.

You are most welcome, Shy. I promise to be more careful as to not scare you from now on, ok? Danger asked waiting to at least be her friend.

Fireworks were going off in the distance, and shooting over the water. Oh they were so beautiful. Danger found himself with Shy for many years to come.
Only now, of course there are many more puppies, and kittens laying around the dock. Kitty purrs are such a soothing sound to Me And Winks, and
we are so glad Shy and Danger hit it off.
The kittens do not seem to mind either, as they are always trying to play with the puppy tails. It is such a such to see!
Just what the cabin needed- Life!
And as always myself and Winks still go for our strolls with our tails entwined down the shoreline every evening.
Danger and Shy caught on to this, as they too started their our thing by laying on the dock almost kissing, and purring so loudly. The kittens and puppies just enjoy life here at the cabin on such hot days of summer. We have marshmallow roasts, at night for the young ones, along with ghost stories. Danger made up a story long ago, and he tells it every year now. We think he really believes it. But, that is another story. This one my friends, is about Summer Fun. So, from all of us enjoying our summer here at the cabin, we wish each and every one of you a wonderful summer!

All paws up waving, and smiling C’YA NEXT YEAR!



♥ Sophie’s July Scene Contest ♥.

Congratulations to our 3 Winners who have each won 20fds c:
(In alphabetical order)

1.) Flit- with their scene titled “Where’s Dad?

2.) Kewpie

3.) Lainee with their “Pirate Theme”.



♥~♥ Sophie’s Flash Party ♥~♥

Question: My son had something that he carried every day to school for 6 years.. but used it all before he got home. So, every morning it was grab the _______ (you have to be specific) and race out the door for school.
insert56 was our winner and received 40fds for their guess of:
He grabbed a bag of Trail Mix that had Raisins, Dried Apple, Banana Chips, Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, *Oyster Crackers
, and Peanut M&M’s in it.”*



♥~♥ Sophie’s Back-Pack Flash Party ♥~♥

Question: What does my daughter feel are “Must Haves” in her back-pack at the University?
insert56 was our winner and received 40fds for their guess of:
Cell Phone, Laptop, Notebooks, Binder, Textbooks, Pens/Pencils/Erasers, ID Card, Keys, Lunch, Water, Gum, Money and Lip Balm.



♥ Sophie’s August Scene Contest ♥.

Congratulations to our 3 Winners who have each won 20fds c:
(In alphabetical order)

1.) 101Chewy101 with Ponyo’s Scene:

2.) Lainee with their Scene:

3.) red020804 with Christina’s Scene:


8/12/16 Remsies Friday Flashie Captopon Contest
This is Addie, give me the best caption you can think of but one per post.
There will be 2 winners of 20 FD each.
Winners will be announced on Tuesday evening.
Have fun.

Congratulations goes to


When you want to change the channel on the TV but the remote is out of reach and you’re too lazy to get up and grab it


Minion, would you mind rubbing my belly?

I loved all the captions and all were perfect as well..

Have a wonderful week and stop back Friday for another Friday Flashie.

Useful 5

9/9/16 Remsies Friday Flashie

It is that time of year again for many of our members and it is fitting that this weeks contest is a back to school story.
Write me your best Back to school story.
The catch?
You must write it from the TEACHERS point of view.

Congratulations goes to kori09

You’d really think they’d remember when I start the year by now; really, I’ve been working at the same school for half a decade at this point. It’s the middle of August and while Lauren and Tom are scheduling relaxation into their days as they wait out these last few weeks before Labor Day, I’m stumbling to my car with an oversized bag of papers that cheerily exclaim “Welcome Back!” awkwardly slung over my back and half a poppy seed bagel shoved into my mouth. Ah, and let’s not forget the extra large mug of coffee that wouldn’t even fit into a European car’s cupholder.
By 7:00 I’m running both a little late and a little early as I tear out of my drive, nervously tapping out a tuneless beat on my steering wheel with freshly-painted fingernails. I’d worked hard to put myself together, ensuring that this morning I’d saved time to put my hair up into an intricate, professional-looking twist and to put on my best blouse, but I can’t help feeling like a pig in lipstick. While I love to teach, there’s no doubt that by the end of the first week my students are going to have figured out that I’m not as put-together as I look today. My fist year teaching I’d been giving my spiel about the course I would be giving on the first day when my phone’d gone off. The second I tripped and knocked over a giant stack of copies I’d printed out within the first month. And let’s not forget this past year — on the third from last day of school my pant seam came undone in one part and I taught the whole day with a giant tear. I’m supposed to be a teacher — I’m supposed to be a perfect model for my students.
No, I correct, surprising myself. I’m supposed to teach.
I’d never thought of it this way before, but I’m taken by it immediately. Adulting isn’t about being perfect, so so what if I taught a class with most of my leg showing? I proved that there’s nothing to be ashamed of when things go wrong and that sometimes the show really must go on. So what if I knocked over a bunch of papers? I took responsibility for what I did and fixed the situation. So what if my cell phone went off? I proved that we’re all human and that I understand where they’re coming from when they want to use their cells in class. Maybe it hadn’t seemed like it at the time, but every one of those things were a kind of lesson in their own right. While they weren’t my most glamorous moments, they’d been some of my more real moments with my students.
Glancing down at my dash, I calculate that I pull into the faculty parking lot with five minutes to spare. Despite my initial fears on the drive over, I find that I’m not worried as I gather my things and go over my first lesson in my head. Who cares if I mess up sometimes: My job isn’t to be exactly what my students should be, it’s to teach them with both my failures and successes.



♥ Sophie’s September Scene Contest ♥.

Congratulations to our 3 Winners who have each won 20fds c:
(In alphabetical order)

1.) 101Chewy101 with Charlie’s Scene:

2.) MystiqueLady

3.) zedivia



♥ Sophie’s October Scene Contest ♥.

Congratulations to our 3 Winners who have each won 20fds c:
(In alphabetical order)

1.) gmta2000

2.) Kandii-Kane

3.) Tomahawk-



♥ Sophie’s November Scene Contest ♥

Congratulations to our 3 Winners who have each won 20fds c:
(In alphabetical order)

1.) chikita
2.) LaneWolfKennels

3.) Scottish777


These were are participating members:

Useful 5


♥ Sophie’s December Scene Contest ♥

⭐Congratulations to our 3 Winners who have each won 20fds c:
(In alphabetical order)

1.) avalumi’s “Christmas Decorating”

2.) bi-polarprincess’s “Merry Christmas”

3.) Sunny-Pup’s “Cozy Christmas Home”

Useful 5

November Story Contest

Time flies when you are having fun.
Time for another story contest. The holidays are right around the corner so I am asking you all to write a story that has to do with Thanksgiving.
You must have, included in your story, turkey, cranberries and pumpkin pie the rest is up to you as long as it is foo appropriate.
I will announce the winner on the last day of November. The winner will win 40 FD.
Get your hands in motion and I look forward to reading the stories.
This contest is open to ALL members.

Congratulations goes to MissPuffie

There is a sort of gentleness in the air as summer turns to autumn. In summer, the trees are vibrant — green in a way that they seem more alive than anything else ever could hope to be. …But in autumn, they transform. In autumn, the trees dye their leaves in a thousand different colors — their magnificent array of reds and golds capture the warmth of summer and put it on display for all to see.
It is a magical season, for as the air chills, the hearts of people warm. For a moment, family feuds and the fear of what the future holds subside. For just a moment, people gather together and remember that we only know what is bad because we know what is good.
It is a time that connects countless people — a time in which the girl in the small, out of the way town and the boy in the big, bustling city sit across from each other at the same table and smile over a piece of pumpkin pie.
It is the only time for the young woman who lives on the corner of the street, in a little house, to come together with her family. Each year on Thanksgiving, the feuding falls with the leaves, and they talk and laugh together happily. And each year, as if by tradition, whoever is cooking the yams will forget about them, and burn them. Those are the memories she treasures, the memories she holds on to all year long.
So, as she returns to the corner of her street, and opens the door to her little house, she sets the cranberries on the table and takes in the smells filling up her home and her heart — turkey, and burnt yams.

Useful 5

This weeks contest is going to be another name that kitty contest. Actually name those kitties. I went and picked up 2 kittens, on 11/16/16 to Foster, and they need names. They are approximately 8 weeks old.
I will need 2 names and the winners will receive 20 FD each.
I will choose the names by Sunday because every self respecting kitty needs a name. Each weigh a little over one pound.
This is boy kitty and he is a feisty boy. He is afraid and does a lot of hissing. He is a gorgeous little boy and he is tan, beige and black.

This is girl kitty. She is sweet as sugar and loves to be held. She is a Tuxedo.

All snuggled together in their new home.

Kitties say," thank you" for helping give us the very best name.

I truly enjoy having the members pick out the names for my foster kittens. All my fosters have been adopted and the new families have kept their names. They all have remarked on how perfect the names were for the cats and I did tell them how I , or I should say, how you all came to name them.
Thank you again for taking the time to think of the names. I could not do it without all the help I have gotten here in this forum. So, without further ado, say hello to:

Thank you stnik The names fit the kittens perfectly.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the hunt for my foster kittens names.



A very Merry Christmas Contest. :)

I have decided to not have a Friday flashie for the Month of December.
What I am doing is just having a month long contest.
I want you all to create a Christmas Scene with a short story to go along with the scene. :)
The story should be told like it is your pet talking.
There will be 3 winners of 20 FD each.
If any item or the scene is edited in any way from it’s original form, it is an automatic disqualification .
I am very excited to see the scenes and read each story.
Have a great time with it.
I will announce the winners Christmas eve.

Congratulations goes to

They call me Krisma, because I was a KRISSMAS present last time. I was a tiny kitten.That’s what the Small Humans explained to me. So I guess I have been here many many moons. I am a grown up cat now.
I live in this house with two small Humans and one big female Human. Now and again one big male Human turns up, but he doesn’t stay long. I don’t like him because he ignores me. I even tried bringing him a mouse, but he didn’t want it.
This time, again the big tree with dangly objects and bows was placed in the middle of the room. Pointless, if you ask me, as I am not allowed to play with it. And many boxes waiting to be opened by the Humans.
I am not allowed to scratch them, or even sniff them. I am not allowed very much at all at the moment and I am not enjoying myself.
This morning I woke up early and remembered this is The Day Of Excitement – they were talking about it last night.They call it Krissmas, like last time.
The boxes will be opened by the Humans with shrieks and gestures and then more noise will follow. Maybe the big male Human will turn up and I will feel like hiding. The they will eat for hours, then they will play with their new toys and sit staring at some moving things on a screen.
I am afraid they’ll forget to feed me. And nobody will play with me, or pet me. I will be bored and hungry. And with all that noise I won’t be able to sleep.
But I have a plan.
Last night a little Elf came to see me when all the Humans were asleep. S/he said : " You have one wish. What can I do for you?". I answered I wanted to be elsewhere on The Day Of Excitement.
The little Elf said : “Your wish will be granted. I am coming to pick you up in the morning and together we’ll go across the road to the little old Human lady who lives alone. The place is warm and quiet, she will give you food and toys to play with and you might even catch a mouse or two. At night, when she goes to sleep, I will bring you back home”.
It’s a deal. So here we are, as you can see, me and the Elf, on our way out. It’s cold outside. That’s why I am wearing a scarf. Happy Krisma!

h1. My Christmas Flashie Story

Image result for christmas dividerImage result for christmas divider


Grandma’s Christmas

It’s Christmas at Gramma’s

Hi, my name iz Koya. I live wiff my humins. Patty and Ray. They havez twee gwan dawters. Corry, Janna and Jenna. They call my humins Gramma and Grumpa. Gramma makez kukis and lotz of yummy fuds. Iz a kittah and I playz and and chase the girlz. Ray can be grumpy and thatz why they calz him Grumpa. Jenna and Janna arez twinz they luks a like too. Their mom and dad are lawrs I don’t knowz what that iz. Corry has a daddy that iz a rock starz. He leaves a lot bcuz he goes back to the stars. I think it’s to meet Jesus, I luvz Jesus and he was born on the day they call Christmas.
Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope that you all have had a very Merry Christmas. Thank you all for participating.