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♥ Sophie’s January Scene Contest ♥

⭐Congratulations to our 3 Winners who have each won 20fds c:
(In alphabetical order)

1.) Anna-Marie-7’s “January Ice Skate On The Pond”

2.) Scarlet888’s “Flying Snow’s”

3.) TeamTootsie’s “Holly and Jolly”


Sophie’s “Duck Feet Story Writing” Contest

Our winning story is: “Lizzie the Duck” written by Lovesilk
Congratulations Lovesilk .. You have won 40FDs ♥

Lizzie the Duck

When Lizzie went to bed that fateful Friday night all was well; however, when she placed her feet on the floor the next morning, she was appalled to see she now had duck feet, 24 inches long!
“Oh my goodness!” Lizzie stared at her enormous feet. “I can’t go to school like that! And it’s picture day too!” She yelled for her mom.
“What is it Lizzie?” Her mom’s voice was heard along with her footsteps pounding. “You have school today and we can’t be late……” Her mom’s voice trailed off as she opened the door to find her daughter with duck feet.
Johnny, Lizzie’s younger brother, came running into the room to see what all the commotion was about. “Woah! Liz, you look like Bigfoot!” He fell onto the floor laughing.
Lizzie’s mom gingerly touched Lizzie’s duck feet. “I have a feeling that it isn’t fake.” Her voice sounded grim.
“Mom, please, I can’t go to school like this! I just can’t!” Lizzie was practically wailing now.
“You don’t have to. I’ll call the school and say…….you’re sick.” Her mom picked up Johnny, who was now rolling in the floor, and marched out of the room. Lizzie could hear her scolding him that he wasn’t the one with duck feet and had to go to school.
The rest of the day wasn’t any better. Walking, was practically impossible. She kept tripping over her huge feet so much, did she had to get around crawling. The cat, Ginger, took one look at Lizzie’s feet, and took off faster than if he were in a rocket.
When Lizzie’s dad came home from work, he took one look, and said that now at least she could swim faster. Lizzie glared at him. Even though she was the worst swimmer in the swim team, she did not want to swim any faster now. She wanted her duck feet gone.
To make matters worse, Lizzie soon found out that a thin layer of yellow fuzz was covering her skin! She was turning into a duck! 
Lizzie’s mom drove Lizzie to a private hospital, covering her feet with a blanket. Lizzie felt super uncomfortable along the way with the blanket at awkward angles since her feet were way too big. At the hospital, Lizzie’s mom carried Lizzie all the way into the examination room to be examined by a doctor who specialized in feet.

“I have a diagnosis.” He announced a few minutes later. “Lizzie, you have quackywackyatosis. Which means, that you’re going to have to complete the transformation into a duck, then you’ll shed and become totally normal again.” The doctor gave her a large bottle of pills that he said will help speed up the process.
All week Lizzie stayed home, locking herself up in her room and shutting the curtains. The yellow fuzz on her skin multiplied and turned into feathers, and her hair turned lighter and fuzzier. Her feet weren’t any better or worse, but he lips were now large and bloated, turning into a duck bill.
The full moon was arriving. Lizzie had searched up quackywackyatosis and found out that the transformation would complete on the night of a full moon. The pictures showed that it looked very very painful. 
Lizzie’s friends had all texted and emailed her around a thousand times, but Lizzie never answered them. Finally, Sarah, who was her best friend, called her and demanded angrily why she wouldn’t answer them. 

“I have duck feet now..and I’m turning into a duck…” Lizzie almost quacked. She quickly covered her now duckbill.

“Look, Lizzie, I’m you’re best friend. You can tell me anything. Do you have a sore throat? Your voice sounds funny.” Sarah’s voice softened slightly.

“No, it’s not that….” Lizzie whispered, trying to keep herself from quacking.

“Then what is it? If you won’t tell me, then…..then I don’t know what. Best friends tell each other everything.” Sarah replied with a hint of anger.

“Oh fine.” Lizzie said relenting. “I’ll send you a picture….But promise me you’re not going to tell or show anyone.” 

“Of course I won’t.” Sarah said impatiently.

Lizzie took a picture of her and sent it to Sarah, bracing for laughter. There was a moment of silence. Then Sarah said, “Really, Lizzie. I don’t believe you. You obviously photoshopped it.” Then she hung up.

Lizzie burst into tears and buried herself in her blankets and soon fell asleep. When she awoke, her mom was right next to her, quietly announcing that it was time for her to take a bath. Just because she was turning into a duck, didn’t mean that she could ignore important things like that.

Her mom helped Lizzie into the bathtub and gently rinsed her feathers. Lizzie shut her eyes and wished that the full moon would arrive already. 

Finally, the night of the full moon came. Lizzie was almost full duck. Or make that duckling. Her skin had completely disappeared and was now replaced by downy yellow feathers with just a few patches of fuzz missing. Her duckbill was getting more pointy and she had trouble speaking without quack. Her eyes were growing small and black, and her nose had almost completely disappeared. Her arms were also shortening and curving, fingers completely glued together. 

Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock. When will night come? Lizzie already had a meal of bread and fish while the rest of her family had roast beef and spaghetti. That was another thing Lizzie was sad of losing. Regular human meals. But a good thing about this, (probably the only one besides skipping school) was that she could fly short distances! Not too high or far, since she was only turning into a duckling, but still it was something! 

Flying was what Lizzie did while she and the rest of her family waited in anticipation. Lizzie only flew around the house, since she was afraid of her neighbors looking over the fence at her and calling the news reporters or something.  The problem besides all the furniture and flying into walls and stuff, was her cat, Ginger. Ginger had eventually got used to Duck-Lizzie and was now spending her time chasing Lizzie and sinking her sharp teeth into Lizzie’s soft feathers. So Ginger was usually locked up in a room.

Night fell. Lizzie flew, not ran, outside and half tumbled, half landed onto the grass. The rest of the family silently followed. Of course they wanted to see this. The moon shone bright and illuminated her feathers. 

Then Lizzie felt felt it:

She couldn’t move, see, or breathe.  A fiery sensation filled her bones tingling hard everywhere and zipping all the way up and down het body. A ringing sounded in her ears. 
Suddenly, as Lizzie was wishing to die, the pain vanished, and the world grew smaller.“Quack!” She was now a tiny duckling!

“Awwwwww!” Mom rushed forwards to pick me up and stroke her duck daughter.

“Quack quack!” Lizzie waddled around and tripped. Her feet were finally normal duck size now. Suddenly, Ginger ran out, claws out. Lizzie did the only thing she knew  what to do. She flew. Onto Dad’s head while Johnny picked up Ginger and brought her back into the house. 

Then Lizzie felt another tingling sensation. Uh-oh! Lizzie was shedding! Sheflew down dad mom and gently let herself onto the grass.

This time, Lizzie’s whole body felt really really hot and slowly it dripped from me along with her feathers. Then she shot up. Lizzie was quite dizzy by now. But she was normal again!

Lizzie stumbled and ran into her family’s arms. “I’m glad I’m back to normal.”


Valentines Day Scene Contest winners 2017.

Valentines Day is right around the corner, so what better then to have a Valentines Day scene contest.
I will choose 3 winners of 20 FD each and I will post the winners on Valentines day.
Get your creative juices flowing. I look forward to seeing your scenes.

The rules are:
If the scene or any part of the images in the scene have been altered in any way, the scene will be disqualified.

PawznTailz- scene, entitled “Be Mine”

stigmaImage and video hosting by TinyPic

gmta2000, entitled “Temperance”


February 17, 2017
Happy Friday and time for a Friday flashie.
This week I will post a picture and you will give me a caption.
One caption per member…
There will be 2 winners of 20 FD each.
I took this picture when I was at the Cat Adoption room in Pet smart, where I volunteer. Emma, aka Addie who was my foster, has since been adopted to a loving home.

I will announce the winners Sunday.



“imma find someone special eventually.. but until then im chillin”


24hr. Caption Contest .. 20fd. Prize

Our Winner was Tiny-Paws-Of-Hope with their caption:
“I’m not sleeping..I’m meditating.” !!



♥ Sophie’s February Scene Contest ♥

⭐Congratulations to our 3 Winners who have each won 20fds c:
(In alphabetical order)


1.) GermanShepherdPokeys’s “Monika’s Scene”

2.) Lasma’s “Sweety’s Scene”

3.) Scottish777’s “Romance”


24hr. Caption Contest .. 20fd. Prize

Our winner was Nursin with their entry
“When you see a FD flash sale but you don’t get paid until tomorrow.”



♥ Sophie’s March Scene Contest ♥

⭐Congratulations to our 3 Winners who have each won 20fds c:
(In alphabetical order)


1.) Brinkley with their scene “Bookworm Hideout”.

2.) lilylola with their scene
“Shamrock Gathering”.

3.) msvanillagoddess with their scene “Heavens Tree House View”.


Saint Patricks Day Contest 2017

Do you like that little shamrock?
I hope so..
Because I want you to make a 4 stanza poem about that little Shamrock.
Which means FOUR stanzas. One stanza is FOUR lines, so 4 stanzas will be SIXTEEN lines.
There will be 2 winners of 20 FD each.

This content will close Sunday evening.

What is a stanza one might ask?
A stanza is really no great task.
All it is, I kid you not,
is 4 lines from bottom to top.

Have fun!



One Little Shamrock

One little shamrock dancing all alone…
“Where did my friends go?” the shamrock pondered.
“Where is Leprechaun and his stingy pot of gold?”
“Where oh where did they have to go?”

One little shamrock searching for her friends…
“Where oh where, could my dear friends be?”
“Where is Leprechaun and his stingy pot of gold?”
“Surely by the end of the rainbow will they be seen!”

One little shamrock searching for her friends…
“There you are, near the end of the rainbow, my dear, dear, friends!”
“Yes, yes, yes, near the rainbow of course!”
“Let us dance to the Shamrock ROCK!

One little shamrock dancing not alone…
Instead, for 3 faithful friends dancing to a tune
Without not a minute wasted
For they were too busy dancing with their faithful friends.



Luck, an acrostic

Little shamrock faces the end of March
Under a double Stonehenge rainbow as
Capering unicorns sniff hello and goodbye
Keeping time to the beat of fairies’ wings

Little shamrock plays with ladybugs
Under early spring trees
Casting tiny shadows
Kissing resting chickens

Little shamrock blows on breezes
Up past Tuxedo Mixes in balloons
Cantering horses watch the aerial show
Kicking their diamond-shod heels

Little shamrock sees a new March
Uriel the Emerald Angel sends
Clovers down, down, down from Heaven
Keeping St. Patrick’s Day


In my neck of the woods, today is the first day of Spring 2017. In honor of that, I am having a Spring Scene contest.

Rules are that you can not change any part of the items that you use in your scene. If they are enhanced, in any way, your scene will not be considered. Of course, if you are suspended, you can not enter the contest.

This contest will end on Friday and I will announce the winners Friday evening. There will be 3 winners of 20 FD each.
Have fun and let me see





Since tomorrow is April Fools day 2017, I want you to give me you very best April Fools Day prank. It MUST be your own and NOT one that you found on the web. I want to sit here LMBO.

The best 2 will win 20 FD each. I will announce the winners Sunday. Have fun….


I thought I was sooooo clever when i was 9. My mom hates worms so much. So i thought it would be fun to wash off the spaghetti we had the night before and put it in her bed sheets so she would think she was laying in a bed of worms. For my dad I tampered with his sandwich and replaced the cheese with a part of the cheerios box. Not only did my mom put all the pasta in MY bed, but she also stuck a rubberband on the sinks spray nozzle so when i took my vitamins with water in the morning i got a face full of water, and she put some of the pasta in my tennis shoes. Oh and my dad switched our sandwiches hahaha. So my pranks were turned against me lol!


A few years ago I switched the display on my computer screen so that everything was upside down (I can’t remember how to do it anymore sadly)and told my dad that I turned on my computer and it looked like that. He kept talking about how we would have to restart it and how he had no idea what had happened and how it probably got some bug. I think I did control+alt and then one of the arrow keys.


Congratulations fulvi777 .. Your guess is correct !!
We saw a tree frog (so-o-o cute!!)

Gray Treefrog
(Hyla versicolor)

What do gray treefrogs look like?
Gray treefrogs vary in color depending on the temperature, humidity or color of their habitat. They are mostly found in varying shades of gray, but can also be brown and green. Gray treefrogs have a patch of white beneath their eyes and the undersides of their back legs are orange or yellow.

Where do gray treefrogs live?
Gray treefrogs live in wooded areas near water. In the summer you can find treefrogs in rotten logs and hollow trees. In the winter they hibernate under the leaf litter, logs, and rocks.

How do gray treefrogs survive their winter hibernation above ground?
Gray treefrogs have a high freeze tolerance, which means they can survive up to 80% of their body freezing during hibernation and then are able to thaw and hop away in the spring. Gray tree frogs are able to do this because of a special chemical that keeps the water in their bodies a frozen mush instead of solid ice, which would permanently damage their organs and other important body parts. When they are frozen their lungs, heart, and other organs stop functioning, and their brain activity is almost nonexistent.

What do gray treefrogs eat?
Gray tree frogs hunt many types of insects found in wooded areas. Spiders, snails, caterpillars are also eaten.

How do treefrogs stick to windows?
Members of the treefrog family posses special toe pads that can stick to vertical surfaces such as glass and tree bark. Treefrogs’ toes have glands that produce a sticky mucous which creates a suction between the toe pads and the surface. The toe tips are also more flexible than other frogs, which allow for better grip.


Sophie’s Art Contest
Congratulations to our three Artists ~ You have all won 100fds !!
Kashmir-Dreams with their entry:

PawznTailz- with their entry:

TheOgFoopetDaddy with their entry:


Sophie’s Spring Flashie

Welcome to my Super-Quick Flashie c:
This morning we woke up to all this white stuff on the ground ..
first member to tell me what it is will win 20fds c:

You may guess as many times as you would like but please wait 3 minutes between guesses.

We have a Winner~ Congratulations Streamclan !!

Flower Petals

You have won 20fds c:



♥ Sophie’s April Scene Contest ♥

⭐Congratulations to our 3 Winners who have each won 20fds c:
(In alphabetical order)


1.) Msvanillagoddess with their scene “Orchard Picnic”.

2.) thrakos with their scene

3.) Tiny-Paws-Of-Hope with their scene.

Useful 5

~ Books Alphabetical ~

I am thinking of a popular children’s book.
Let’s play “Books Alphabetical” and the first member to post the name of the book will win 40fds.
You may enter as many times as you like but you must wait for someone else to post their entry before postings again.
(Remember this is a children’s book c:)

I’ll start with: Amelia Bedelia c:

1st hint posted on 5/6 .. page #10 : Hint: The book is about an animal.
2nd hint posted on 5/9 .. page #13: The animal is a “Safari” animal.

After 16 Days, 5,961 Views and 299 Posts ..
We have a Winner!!
Serenity1- with their entry of “Giraffes Can’t Dance” has won 40 FDs c:


This week I am asking everyone to decorate this Egg.
Save it to your device, decorate it then upload it to your favorite graphic editor. Grab the direct link and place it on this thread with !link here!.
There will be 3 winners of 20 FD each and this contest will will end on April 14. I will announce the winners that evening.
Have a fun time decorating the Egg.


Thank you for understanding the lateness of the winners being announced. I appreciate the caring.
ALL the eggs were fantastic!! I love doing these types of contests and I hope that you all enjoy participating.
Congratulations goes to Achoo13
Achoos egg was her profile picture, which has now been changed.



Have a wonderful week and stop back next Friday for another Remsies Friday flashie.


As many of you know, April the Giraffe has had her baby and it is a boy. Today they turned off the web cam.
This weeks contest is a caption contest.
There will be 2 winners of 20 FD each.
Winners will be announced Sunday evening.
One entry per member.
Get your thinking caps on and give me a great caption!


All the captions were fantastic and I wish I could choose them all.

Congratulations goes to RoyalDovah So…what are we doing, exactly? and Gottheart So this is what grown ups eat..? I don’t like it”
Thank you for participating in my Friday Flashie. Have a wonderful week and please stop back on Friday for another Friday Flashie.



Hi everyone. I am starting my Friday Flashie early. I have permission from MaireHawke
To use her picture for my Caption This contest. Thank you MaireHawke!
There will be 3 winners of 20 FD each.
I will announce the winners on Sunday evening.

So caption this


Its all fun and games until someone ends up in a cone


Yessss…laugh now. But when I get out of this you will pay. You will really really pay


I’ll get you for this! You don’t know where and you don’t know when, BUT YOU WILL KNOW WHY


I am thinking of a dessert. First member to post the dessert I am thinking of will win 40fds c:.
1.) Please post the name of a dessert using the last letter of the entry above you as the first letter of your entry.
2.) For clarity: the dessert could be a pastry, cookie, cake, pie, confectionery, candies, ice cream etc
3.) You may enter as many times as you would like but please do not double-post .. you must wait for another member to post their entry before you post again.
4.) This does not have to be a US pastry/dessert. While the correct answer could be a US dessert it could also be a popular dessert from another country.
5.) Your entry does not have to be limited to a one word dessert.
6.) You will need to be specific .. posting “cookie”, “cake” or “pie” would not be a winning entry. example: “chocolate chip cookie” could be correct because it is specific..
7.) Some Letters are limited .. if you need to re-post an entry to keep the game moving along you may.
Good Luck Everyone !! and I will start us out with “Zebra Brownies” and the next entry will need to start with “S” c:

We have a winning entry !!
Congratulations msvanillagoddess with your entry of “Red Velvet Cake”. Enjoy your winnings of 40fds ♥
Thank You to Everyone that has entered and be sure and watch for future contests .. now I must scoot and find something sweet to eat, lol c: ♥