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Welcome to my Easter Egg Decorating Contest.
Easter is just around the corner and each year I do an Easter Egg Decorating Contest.
This year it is going to be a little different.
Since we have members of different ages , there will be 3 different categories.
Expert, who will receive 30 FD
Intermediate, who will receive 20 FD
Beginner, who will receive 10 FD.
Save the egg to your device, decorate it then upload it to your favorite graphic editor.
Grab the direct link and place it on this thread with !link here!.
This contest will be closed on April 1st and the winners will be announced April 2nd.
Have a fun time decorating the Egg.

Thank you all for entering my yearly Egg Decorating Contest. I enjoy looking at everyones art.
Congratulations goes to all of you but the winners are:




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10 minutes ago a new foster kitty was delivered to my home. I do not even know if it is male or female yet. I need to give it time to calm down and acclimate to my home before I try to handle it. Kitty is a tuxedo..about 7 months old..
April 6,2018
I finally was able to touch HER enough to check. She is a GIRL!!

Her colors look black but they are actually a dark chocolate/sable. She is gorgeous. She still hisses and growl but is allowing me to touch her and pet her. I know the picture is poor quality but it was the best I could do for now.

Come up with some great names for this girl. She has lived in a colony that is at a hoarders home. It is filthy and dangerous and now she is living here until she gets adopted. She is a bit feral but I am certain that she will be a loving girl.
The member who’s name gets chosen will receive 30 FD and a big thank you.
This contest ends on Wednesday..

Let the fun begin…

First I want to thank each of you for the wonderful names and especially for your concern on this sweet mama kitty.
In the coming weeks, I will post about her in chit chat. I am also thinking of doing some sort of contest on the time the kittens will be born. Still working that one out.

So here we go:

Congratulations goes to~ Achoo13

Carly fits her perfectly. Why, I do not know but it does.



Hi everyone,
I had planned on making a really cute graphic but Carly will not allow me that time. It seems that our Carly may be going into labor.
So here are the rules of Carlys birthing contest. Of course each baby is born at a different time.
Each member can only give one guess a day.
Message me the day and time you think a baby will be born ON MY MESSAGE WALL
The member closest to the actual birth will win 10 FD.
I will not tell birth times until afterwards but I will come and let you all know IF she has not given birth.

Here you all go. Carly and her babies. They blend because the babies are black and grey.

Carly right after she had baby #2. This baby had a difficult time breathing and I had to keep rubbing it over and over. But baby is perfectly fine now.

I am truly sorry for taking so long to post the winners. Between caring for Carly, making certain that her both cages , bowls and litter box are always clean, making sure she has enough good food and feeding her several times a day and with caring for the bottle feeding baby, who has been renamed Simon, I just have not had the chance to sit down and do times.

Below are the times each baby was born and the name of the member with the closest time.

All were born on May 1st and all times are eastern standard time.

Baby#1~ 1:27 pm Achoo13

Baby#2~2:41 pm The_Big_Boy

Baby#3~4:35 pm felinecanine

Baby#4~5:49pm FreyjaW

When the babies are a little bigger I will be holding a name that kitty contest. Today one of the babies eyes opened. I do not want to disturb them or Carly when they are still so little. Even tho they have gotten bigger. She stresses so much each time I clean the bedding and I do not need for her to not be able to nurse them. Carly is such a good Mother.
So keep on looking for the name that kitty contest.
Thank you for going through this process with me. It was both rewarding and scary at the same time.



♥ Sophie’s May Scene Contest ♥
⭐Congratulations to our 3 Winners who have each won 20fds c:
(In alphabetical order)

1.) 101Chewy101

2.) Bird-Rules

3.) PixiFoo

Useful 5

We have already chosen the kitty that is named Whiskers so meet little Whiskers. Whiskers is a female.

Whiskers was adopted and went home February 2, 2019.

There are 3 babies that need names. Whiskers has been chosen as you can see. The winners will receive 10 FD. This contest will end on June 5th which is next Tuesday, at which time a name will be chosen.

This is the first born male. He is a big boy and a sweet boy.

Thank you all for helping me with the name choosing. I have told the President of the Rescue I Volunteer for, the names chosen. She has asked me to thank you all for taking the time to give all out babies their names. Now comes the part you all have been waiting for.
Congratulations goes to:

Niko has been adopted and is going to his forever home Sunday, September 9, 2018

Gally has been adopted and will be going to his forever home on Saturday August 4, 2018

11/3/18~ Kira has been adopted and will be going to her forever home on Sunday November 4, 2008



♥ Sophie’s 2018 4th of July Scene Contest ♥
⭐Congratulations to our 3 Winners who have each won 20fds c:
(In alphabetical order)

1.) Achoo13

2.) GoldensForever75

3.) Sandy-D



♥ Sophie’s June Scene Contest ♥
⭐Congratulations to our 3 Winners who have each won 20fds c:
(In alphabetical order)

1.) BlueEyedWolf

2.) gmta2000

3.) MommaDiamond


July 6, 2018


Thank you all for helping me to cool off. It has been so hot and now I am cool. I enjoyed looking at all the scenes.
The winners who have won 20 FDs:






Hello again..Yep, time for another Friday Flashie..
Last time I asked you all to do a Winter Scene because it was sooo hot here. Guess what?
Your scenes were so good that now I am too cold..
The answer to that problem is too now get a little warmer..
And just how do you do that, I bet you are thinking.
I have the answer.
Please show me your best spring or Autumn scene. Either one will do.
There will be 3 more winners but this time, each winner will receive 40 FOO DOLLARS. Yes, you read it correctly. FORTY FOO DOLLARS

I will pick the winners next Friday.

Have fun!

Thank you all for entering my contest. I truly enjoy all the awesome scenes and love to see the differences. I appreciate the time it took to make them as well.
The winners are:




Have a truly wonderful week and stop back Friday for another Friday Flashie.


As many know, a FooPet members dog has had puppies and she has allowed me to do a contest to name the runt of the litter. The member gets nothing in exchange but a name.

This pup is a male, he is also a Boxer Puppy.He is less than a week old. He needs a name befitting a Boxer boy.
The member who picks the perfect name will be awarded 20 FD and the knowledge that a sweet pup has that name forever.
This contest will end on Wednesday at which time I will choose a name from the ones posted.
Have fun…
August 8, 2018
Thank you all for helping to name this pup. As I always do, I read the names over and over, looking at the pup then just sitting here thinking what is the best name. Well, I think I chose the best name for this sweet pup.

Congratulations goes to FreyjaW
for the perfect name of Apollo. After all, he IS the Son of Zeus.

AliceN-wonderland does not know the name until she sees this post. I am quite sure that she will be pleased.


Today is E.B.White’s Birthday c:
E.B. White’s is an American prose stylist who’s most famous book may of been “Charlotte’s Web”.
Written in 1952, it’s a story of piglet named “Wilbur” who finds a friend in “Charlotte” the spider who occupied the web in the doorway above Wilbur.

Those of you who are familiar with Charlotte’s Web know Charlotte and her brilliant “Web Messages”.
Please write a short story using Charlotte’s “Some Pig” quote from “Charlotte’s Web” as the theme of your story and make a scene to illustrate your story.

Congratulations !! to our Grand Prize Winner: Bird-Rules

“Charlotte,” said Wilbur one day. “Tell me a story.”
The spider slid gracefully down her web and settled herself in an old rocking chair. “What would you like the story to be about, dear?” she asked patiently.
“Some pig,” replied Wilbur promptly, sitting down beside a bowl of popcorn. “Well, not just any some pig. I want it about me.”
“You’re some pig,” quacked Duck. “Wanting stories when everyone knows it’s nap time.”
“Wilbur IS some pig,” said Charlotte reprovingly.
“Why am I some pig?” asked Wilbur.
Charlotte sighed. “Because you are you. You are a very special pig. There is only one you in the whole world.”
Wilbur peered out the barn window at the fields beyond, and beyond that, the farm house, and beyond that, the road that wound lazily to town. “Wow, the world is a big place,” he observed. “Tell me about the whole world. But nothing scary. I don’t like scary things in stories.”
“Some pig you are,” sneered Templeton. “I think you’re more chicken!” The rat crept slowly out and snatched a piece of popcorn.”
“What’s this? What’s this?” clucked the chickens indignantly. “Are you insulting chickens?” Templeton glared defiantly at the chickens. He probably would have said something even more insulting, but his mouth was full.
“It’s okay, Templeton,” said Wilbur. “I’ll share my popcorn with you. Charlotte, I’d like my story now, please. But nothing scary.”
“The big wide world is full of lots of things,” began Charlotte. “Some are scary. But when some pig does something kind, like sharing, that makes the world a nicer place.”
“I love you, Charlotte,” said Wilbur.
“Love is the most important thing of all,” said Charlotte. “You certainly are Some Pig, Wilbur.”*

and Honorable Mention to Im-a-sugar-glider

Large hooves stomped and made the farm ground quake. A little shape weaved in and out between the farm horses.
Corncob wailed and squealed as the horses gave out their horrifying neighs and snorts.
“Come here!” cried a faint and squeaky voice.
Corncob veered right as the horses charged at him.
“Corncob, where are you?” wailed Corncob’s mother.
“I’m here, Mama.” Corncob stared up at her distressed mother.
“Oh my goodness, Corncob! You scared me to death!” cried Daisy, Corncob’s mother.
Corncob was so small she looked like a toy. Most visiting kids would think she was one. Farmer Steve had to come to her rescue every time.
“Some pig!” commented Corncob’s brother, Scarecrow.
“Some pig!” shouted Daisy. “Why, Scarecrow! Go to the horse corral and tell Grandpa Snort to give you a talking to!”
Scarecrow groaned as he walked up to the corral. “Some pig.” he repeated.
A small dainty spider weaved some words into her web. Corncob made out, “Some pig.”
“Some pig!” muttered Corncob. “Some pig! I’ll show them!”
“Don’t worry.” a ghostly shadow appeared in front of the teensy piglet. “You will one day be the biggest pig on the farm.”
Corncob looked into a nearby puddle. Her wiry and delicate frame would never reach the requirements to be full-grown. She would always be a piglet.
The shadow seemed to read her mind. “Don’t worry. One day you will be.”
“I will be.” Corncob told herself. “I’m not some pig. I’m Corncob. And I will be the biggest, toughest pig on the farm!”

and Honorable Mention to Western_Puppy

“Bye Oink-Oink.” Oink-Oink’s siblings called out from the trailer.
“Goodbye,” Oink-Oink whispered.
He was known as some pig. Not the family pig. Just some pig. His life wasn’t easy. Oink-Oink’s siblings were going away to different barns across the country.
“Don’t be sad,” a small voice said, “This life is hard but we have to make the best of it.”
Oink-Oink turned around to see a beautiful small tabby cat.
“How can I not be sad?” Oink-Oink wailed.
“Your siblings will be happy. All of mine left too.” She mewed.
“It sounds like we’re in this together,” Oink-Oink observed.
She shook her head. “Indeed we are.”
Oink-Oink walked over into the barn where he knew it’d be safe at night. He laid down on the hay and was passed out before he could even get comfortable.
“Wake up.” The tabby cat meowed.
“Morning already?” Oink-Oink said sounding confused.
“Yes. Can I ask for your name?” She meowed.
“Uh, sure. My name is Oink-Oink.” He snorted.
“Love the name. My name is Dawn.” Dawn purred.
“Hey, some pig!” Timmy the orange cat meowed.
“Timmy! What are you doing here?” Dawn asked.
Oink-Oink was very confused. He was known as some pig for a reason but he never really understood why Timmy always called him some pig when he knew his name. Never knew why.
“I’ve come to say goodbye. I’m moving to a different barn.” Timmy mewed.
“Goodbye.” Both Dawn and Oink-Oink whispered.
The sun was setting. The mood was blunt at the barn.
“We can’t just sit here sad.” Oink-Oink decided.
Dawn nodded her head in agreement.
They both crawled out of the barn to watch the sunset. Sitting next to each other.
“Where ever this life takes us, we’ll always be friends.” Oink-Oink said.



♥ Sophie’s July Scene Contest ♥
⭐Congratulations to our 3 Winners who have each won 40fds c:
(In alphabetical order)

1.) BlueEyedWolf

2.) PrincessMitchy

3.) Sandy-D



I understand that members are a little upset with the issues that are going on right now sooooooo to keep minds occupied I am having a riddle contest.
The person that comes up with the correct answer, first, will receive 25 FD.
Now to think of a riddle……………..

Ok here goes.

When I am around, I can be very aggravating.
When I am not around I can be missed but NOT by Remsie.
She really does not like me at all.
What am I?

DING DING!! and here I thought NO ONE would get the answer. LOL
Vortex you are correct with your answer of: The heat? Idk I’ve been dying of sweat but I miss it when it goes away in the winter cx

I can not stand the heat anymore and it has been very hot and humid here for weeks.

Personally, I do NOT miss the heat in the winter at all.
Admin will place the FD into your account. Enjoy spending them.



♥ Sophie’s August Scene Contest ♥
⭐Congratulations to our 3 Winners who have each won 40fds c:
(In alphabetical order)

1.) BlueEyedWolf Butterfly Lake

2.) Chikita

3.) gmta2000 March of the Gnomes



♥ Sophie’s Pet Photo Contest♥
⭐Congratulations to our 3 Winners who have each won 40fds c:
(In alphabetical order)

1.) meihem

2.) MissCaitlinn

3.) TeamTootsie


Say hello to this big boy. He is 2 years old. He was found in a town North of me. The rescue I volunteer for gave him the name of Adonis. He is a gorgeous boy but his personality is not the best. I brought him home today to foster him. He allowed me to clip his nails and I was amazed that he did. They were weapons…
Adonis and I have an understanding of sorts. He allows me to touch him and he bites my hand first then face rubs my hand. Then I can pet him a little.
The winner of the Adonis Story will receive 30 FD. The contest will run until Wednesday evening.
Adonis is very happy that his story will now come out and he says,“Thank Mew.”
Congratulations goes to Helden

I say here LOL when the “fur will be flyin” because that actually happened here. :)

They call me Adonis now. But don’t you do it—unless yer holdin out a chicken leg or a tin of sardines when ya call me. Otherwise I might take yer hand off. Clue ya in: It’s not my name. I already got a name. Some female hung Adonis on me. Someone who doesn’t have clue enough not to name a backstreet prowler after a cute Greek! Said she thought I was a “pretty boy”. Well, I coulda told ya that! But the humans, they got me where they want me now…and by that I mean indoors. They sent me to the doc too, and now all my homegirls are weepin big tears sittin on the back fences, and the bros I used to mix it up with under the full moon are laughin behind their paws. Yeah, they gonna get some major action now, they thinkin. But those knuckleheads better treat my homegirls right…or else! I got eyes & whiskers on the outside too, so watch out bros! I know where the screen on the window is loose and if I hear any complaints from the shawties, the fur will be flyin. But right now, it seems someone is callin me. Just got up from my third nap of the day—not that I’m gettin soft or nothin!—otherwise my Momma wouldna named me Shaft. “Adonis, Adonis, time for dinner!” How sweet the sound of that word. Dinner. Smell ya later…



♥ Sophie’s September Scene Contest ♥
⭐Congratulations to our 3 Winners who have each won 40fds c:
(In alphabetical order)
1.) Bird-Rules

2.) Madam-Fu

3.) Team Tootsie

Useful 5


♥ Sophie’s Different Kind of Scene Contest ♥
⭐Congratulations to our 3 Winners who have each won 40fds c:
(In alphabetical order)
1.) gmta2000 with their “Flying with Angels”:

2.) Kewpie1:

3.) Sandy-D with their “Aqua Fantasy”:


1st Contest .. which will close Friday the 5th of October.
One Winner who will receive 100FDs!!

Please write a 300 word story (close as possible) about the two pokeys featured in “Double, Double Toil and Trouble”.
You must name the pokeys and if you would like to illustrate your story with a scene you may .. but it is not required.
Your work must be your own and appropriate for FooPets c:

⭐Congratulations to wildlife42 who has won 100fds with their entry:

Once upon a time, there lived two beautiful husky pups, Rosemary and Dante. They were twins from a litter born on Halloween and lived in a comfortable home by the local village. Unlike most dogs in the village, something strange had happened to them on this holiday the year after they were born. Their energy and joy always brought happiness to the village people, but what occurred the following Halloween was ever so strange. Without explanation, the twin huskies had disappeared on Halloween night. The beloved pups were searched after in the nearby forest for hours, and as a last resort, the villagers returned to their homes to see if luck would help them find the younglings…. Upon their return, they found the village lit with an enchanting pathway of candles, decorated with Jack-o laterns, and an autumn wreath hung on every door. In the middle of it all sat Rosemary and Dante, as content and joyous as ever, not to mention in fully-prepped Halloween costumes, and waiting for the stew between them to be ready! Bedazzled, confused, and speechless, the community stood frozen in their tracks. However, the two puppies did not hesitate to express the warmth of their intentions and ran to their owner and her family to nuzzle them. Despite the impossibility of that moment, the villagers were overjoyed at the wonderful transformation of their homes and celebrated one of the most well-remembered Halloweens’ they ever had. From that day forth, Rosemary and her twin Dante were always known fondly for their holiday miracles, although what started it all would forever remain a mystery….

The End

2nd Contest which will close Friday the 12th of October.
Three Winners who will each receive 100FDs!!
Please take and upload a picture of your pet all dressed for Halloween. If your pet does not have a costume you may decorate their “Home” .. cage, bowl, etc and enter a picture of your pet in their home.
Remember as in all of my pet contests, I do not discriminate in what kind of a pet you have. We had a tree frog for years and cared for him like we did our fur babies. c:
Your entry must be your or your family’s pet .. PLEASE do not cheat and upload an image off the internet!!
Everyone is invited to enter .. including those that have won a previous Spookfest Contest c:

⭐Congratulations to our Three Winners who have each won 100FDs:

1.) gmta2000 with their picture of Maxi c:

2.) Sandy-D with their picture of Cappucinno c:

3.) Western_Puppy with their picture of Zoe c:

3rd Contest which will close when we have a Winner.
Everyone is invited to enter .. including those that have won a previous Spookfest Contest c:
You may post as many entries as you want .. each entry may only contain one guess and you must wait 3 mins between entries or the entry will be disqualified. First correct entry is the Winner c:

One Winner who will win 100FDs with the ability to boost their winnings to 300FD !!
All you have to do is answer Three Questions.

1.) First question (to Everyone) is worth 100FDs .. “How many Candy Bars in the Chest?” First member to post the correct answer wins and moves on to the next phase of the contest.
HINT: I have my calorie counter in the bottom of the chest so there may not be as many candy bars as you might think c:

(Once I have called out "We Have a Winner !! the Contest will close to Everyone except for the Winner c:)

2.) Second question (to only the Winner) is worth another 100FDs .. “What Candy has the most bars in the chest?”

If the Winner guess correctly .. they will move on to the 3rd and final question.

3.) Third question (to only the Winner) is worth another 100FDs .. “Of the Winning Bar, how many are there?”
. . .

1.) Be sure and read the Complete Rules above.
2.) You may post as many entries as you want .. each entry may only contain one guess and you must wait 3 mins between entries or the entry will be disqualified.
3.) First question (to Everyone) is worth 100FDs .. “How many Candy Bars in the Chest?” First member to post the correct answer wins and moves on to the next phase of the contest.
HINT: I have my calorie counter in the bottom of the chest so there may not be as many candy bars as you might think c:

⭐Congratulations to Sandy-D who has won 100fds with their entry of “49” on page 5 of this thread !! c:

4th Contest which will close on Sunday the 28th of October.
Everyone is invited to enter .. including those that have won a previous Spookfest Contest c:
Three Winners who will each receive 100FDs!!

1.) You must use the pumpkin above as your entry .. other pumpkins will not be accepted.
2.) All entries must be appropriate for FooPets or will be removed without prior notice.
3.) Upload your Halloween pumpkin to your preferred photo editing site.
4.) Please remember when carving or accessorizing your pumpkin that it is the pumpkin that needs to be the focal point of your entry c:
5.) Your Pumpkin entry must be sized to a width of 300.

Good Luck to Everyone .. we are excited to see your entries!!
This is the Pumpkin Link:

⭐Congratulations to our Three Winners who have each won 100FDs for their Winning Pumpkins!

1.) BabyBombay

2.) garytwowalkers

3.) Sandy-D

Our final Contest will close on Sunday the 4th of November.
Everyone is invited to enter .. including those that have won a previous Spookfest Contest c:
Three Winners who will each receive 100FDs!!

1.) This is a FooGem Scene Contest!
2.) You must only use FooGem Items in your FooGem Scene .. and you must include the Little Red Wagon c:
3.) You must have at least 12 items in your scene c:
4.) All entries must be appropriate for FooPets or will be removed without prior notice.
5.) You must post the name of your pet that is in your entry scene.

HINTS: There is 300FDs in Prizes !! .. We will be looking for a thought to design, creativity and an interesting use of items !!

Have Fun and Good Luck to Everyone .. we are excited to see your scenes !!

⭐Congratulations to our 3 Winners who have each won 100fds c:
(In alphabetical order)
1.) Achoo13

2.) gmta2000

3.) Kattenkroeg

This is the end of our 2018 Spookfest! I hope You All have had as much fun as we did. c: ♥



This little girl was found in a dumpster in a dangerous area. She is about 5 months old and is a Tabby Girl. She is in Foster care right now and I have been asked to do a contest to give her a fitting name. Yes, my friends know I am on FooPets and they know all my fosters get their names from the members here.
So, think of names for this sweet girl. This contest will end on Tuesday evening. The winner will receive 30 FD and the sweet girl will finally have her name.

I love doing the name that kitty contest because you all come up with such wonderful names.
I want to thank you all for taking the time to participate in this contest as well as all of our contests. We do enjoy bringing them to to.
With any further yakking on my part, the winner of this name that kitty contest: