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how do i get this?


I saw a member have a picture and buttons like you do for every pet.. in there about me section. how do you do that? i would like to put my godbabies in my profile like they were part of my own pets

<div> <div class="pet"> <a href="pet/PET ID HERE" title="View Pet Profile"> <img class="petpic" src="PET IMAGE URL HERE" /> </a><div class="info"> <h3> <a href="/pet/PET ID HERE" class="novisit">PETS NAME</a></h3> <p>PETS BREED AND GENDER </p> <p> <p><a href="pet/PET ID HERE" class="novisit"> <img title="Play" src="PETS PLAY ICON HERE" alt="" /> </a> <a href="/" class="novisit"> Play </a> <br /><a href="/pet/PETIDHERE" title="View Pet Profile"> <img title="View Pet Profile" src="PETS PROFILE ICON HERE" alt="" /> </a> <a href="/pet/PET ID HERE" class="novisit">View Profile</a> <br /></div> </div> </div></p><br /></p>

The words in caps are the ones you replace with your pets’ thingys. :p


thank you!