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>>> Fire's mass rehoming of 5/5 Legacy Pokeys! NEW OWNERS POSTED ON PAGE 7 <<<


Name of pokey(s) you are applying for (up to two):

Mousse would be my first choice. I asked Pia for him when she said I could have one of my choice even though I didn’t have much to offer for one. Sadly he’d already been bought by the time she saw my message and she chose to give up one of her personal pets to me instead. So, even though I did get a pet, I’d still love the boy I had my eye on first.

If I can’t get Mousse or if I may get two, my second choice would be Tar Baby as it was a choice between Mousse and her when I was originally deciding.

What made you want to apply today?

As I said before, he’s the one I chose to take when the pets were offered to me. He’s my little “pick of the litter” so to speak.

Are you offering a forever home?

Yes I am. <3

Useful 9


Name of pokey(s) you are applying for (up to two):

I am applying for the beautiful Blackie and Sunny!

What made you want to apply today?

I wanted to apply because I saw you rehoming 5.5 Legacy Pokeys and if you can’t tell, I absolutely love them!

Are you offering a forever home?

Of course!


Name of Pokey(s) you are applying for
Butterball and Snickers

What made you apply today?
I saw a rehoming and I saw that some of them have birthdays near mine so I thought that I should apply :3

Are you offering a forever Home?
Definitely :3 I love these little guys I could never give them up :3



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I currently have an extremely small bonding badge of only 46 days, due to having just
returned from my pay-to-play induced hiatus.

On FooPets

Having just returned from an extremely long hiatus, my home is a bit of a shambles haha.
I am currently in the process of getting organized, re-doing all pet profiles, as well as
pet scenes. You can find a finished example here.

My home is currently the largest it has
ever been, sneaking towards the pet limit. This is because I have adopted many pets
off of public sale and from the AC, hoping to find them new, loving owners.

I take pride in providing forever homes to my cherished pets, a few of which include
some rehomed beauties, who will stay with me forever. I do not have many “rare”
pets, but the pets that I do have are very special and dear to me.

In Real Life

♥ I am an 18yr old female living in New York.

♥ I am currently a Cosmetology student.

♥ I am an artist, musician, poet – a Jane of all Trades. :)

♥ I currently hold a job at a library, where I have worked since the age of 15.

♥ I have adopted many rescue pets throughout my life, and currently have two
rescued pitbulls and two rescued cats.

I knew the answer to this question as soon as I saw these gorgeous little pups.
I am applying for the lovely Tar’Baby and the handsome Asphalt.

I am one of many people who believe in love at first sight. I saw Tar’Baby and Asphalt listed on this rehoming thread, and just knew that I had to try and bring them home, together.

Black labs are my favorite labs on Foo. I’m not sure why, considering my second ever FooPet, Cody, is a yellow lab. I just love how sleek and sharp they look. I currently have two black labs in my FooFamily. One is the beautiful Nova’Ophelie, a lovely Foo lab whom I adopted from a rare pet link thread. The other is a gorgeous Legacy Pokey named Lenora’Eileen, whom I saw listed for sale not too long ago, and was desperate to bring home but was low on funds. One of my friends had scooped her up and gifted her to me shortly after.

I love legacies, and am in the process of trying to find homes for some of the ones that I have come across, abandoned in the AC. I am also hosting a legacy rehoming here. It breaks my heart that such wonderful pieces of this site’s history just lay abandoned in the AC. I remember back when all legacy pokeys were hoarded and rare.

Aside from Lenora’Eileen, I have one other Legacy Pokey (this one is a yellow lab) whom I rescued from the AC, named Courage. That was the name he had already had when I adopted him, but based upon his shelter description, I decided to keep it because it proved to be a fitting name for such a brave pup.

I would love to bring these two home because I believe that they belong together, seeing as how their names fit so well. I would love for them to come home as “partners,” and live out the rest of their lives together with me. I am looking to adopt more Legacy Black Labs, and give them forever homes with me, so that they no longer have to fear abandonment or being traded around.

Edit: I have adopted a few more labs since this, and will add them shortly :)

I pride myself in providing forever homes to all of my rehomed pets, no matter how common or rare. It upsets me greatly when I see rehomed pets being traded around and sold, when the users were so generously entrusted with them. You can rest assured that they would be very much loved here with me, where they can rest their weary paws because their search for home will be done. There is no question or doubt in my mind, they would be staying with me forever.

Thank you so much, Firekracker-, for this amazing opportunity to bring home these two gorgeous pups. And thank you everyone else, for applying for one of the gorgeous pups above. They all deserve wonderful and amazing home. It would be an honor to bring one, if not both, of these amazing pups home. I hope that Tar’Baby and Asphalt end up going home together with someone, but if not, I know that they will find amazing homes and be very happy.


PS: I sent a friend request so that I can play with them, I hope that’s alright. If not, I understand. :)


Applying asap :D


Name of pokey(s) you are applying for (up to two)
Sonny and Stormy
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What made you want to apply today?
I love Pokeys :D I Want Sonny because he is the oldest out of all of the pokeys on this list :) I want Stormy because he has the same birthday as my little sister, Lina. Also, the Pokey Black Labs are the cutest Pokey (In my opinion).
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Are you offering a forever home?
Yes! Also, Because I’m a free member, I have to keep them forever lol But seriously If I were to ever become a member, Which I might, I would keep both of these babies forever :3
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Angel, your app is amazing :D You would be an amazing home for Bananas and Daisy <3


Thank you :) <3


Thank you very much :D
I also sent one to the FKK account for Tar’Baby :)


Thank you very much :)


Fire – Hi! How are you hon? Yes, haven’t chatted with you in a while :) What’s new with you? I’ve been busy on here – adopting more pets ;P