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New Pet Profile Colors - 300+ Colors ! (locked)

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Hello, I compiled a list of hundreds of HTML color codes to use on pet profiles .


As you can see, there are a variety of colors to be used on your pet’s profile . I’m sure some members were already aware, though I decided to create this list to help those who didn’t !

How To Use

<font color="[INSERT COLOR CODE # HERE]"> [TEXT HERE]</font>

I would not suggest writing the name of the color with a majoirty of these, as it is not accurate. Be sure to write the COLOR CODE, which is provided beneath the name !
Enjoy !


I tried it and nothing works


Did you delete the square brackets :p ? These —> [ ]


This was to old to be brought back up and that is why this is now locked

Please read the RoC .. Under Rule # 4 titled Bumping