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1st Gen AL Pets in the AC♥- LS Bulldog, Male Rottie, Female Aussie Added!

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Welcome to Diamond’s AL Adoption Center Finds!

Please be courteous and let me know when you adopt so I can mark the pet off the list♥.


Yellow Lab

Male Yellow Lab 110fd
Female Yellow Lab 108fd

Black Lab

Female Black Lab 106fd
Male Black Lab 45fd
Female Black Lab 67fd

Chocolate Lab

Female Choco Lab 45fd :: Adopted!
Female Choco Lab 111fd :: Adopted!


Male Rottie 150fd
Male Rottie 60fd
Female Rottie 119fd
Male Rottie 109fd
Male Rottie 123fd


Female Chi 118fd :: Adopted!
Female Chi 124fd
Male Chi 52fd:: Adopted!
Female Chi 67fd
Female Chi 52fd

Yorkshire Terrier

Female Yorkie 115fd
Male Yorkie 60fd
Male Yorkie 110fd

Black Husky

Female Husfd 121fd":
Female Husky 100fd
Male Husky 107fd :: Adopted!
Female Husky 52fd :: Adopted!

German Shepherd

Male GSD 104fd
Female GSD 60fd
Male GSD 107fd
Male GSD 105fd
Female GSD 67fd

Marley Yellow Lab

Female Marley 114fd
Female Marley 117fd
Male Marley 110fd
Female Marley 108fd
Female Marley 102fd
Male Marley 104fd


Male Pittie 100fd
Female Pittie 52fd
Female Pittie 117fd
Female Pittie 52fd
Female Pittie 108fd


Male Dalmi 67fd
Male Dalmi 117fd
Female Dalmi 111fd
Male Dalmi 52fd
Female Dalmi 50fd

Australian Shep.

Male Aussie 60fd
Male Aussie 100fd
Female Aussie 115fd
Male Aussie 119fd
Female Aussie 52fd


Female Westie 129fd
Male Westie 115fd
Male Westie 108fd


Female Weim 105fd
Male Weim 52fd
Male Weim 67fd

Jack Russell SC

Female JRTSC 107fd
Exact Male JRTSC 105fd

Golden Retriever

Female Golden 52fd

Portuguese Water Dog

Male PWD 52fd
Male PWD 113fd
Male PWD 60fd

White Poodle Mix

Female White Poodle 50fd
Female White Poodle 119fd
Female White Poodle 67fd


Exact Female Boxer 108fd :: Adopted!
Female Boxer 200fd

Mini Schnauzer

Male Mini Schnauzer 115fd
Female Mini Schnauzer 67fd
Exact Male Mini Schnauzer 107fd


Exact Female Pug 52fd
Female Pug 100fd
Male Pug 100fd
Male Pug 52fd
Female Pug 50fd
Lost Male Pug 400fd
Lost Female Pug 500fd
Female Pug 100fd
Male Pug 45fd

Mini Pinscher

Female Min Pin 52fd
Female Min Pin 50fd


Female Dachshund 117fd
Female Dachshund 60fd

Shiba Inu

Female Shiba 52fd
Female Shiba 50fd
Male Shiba 100fd


None at the moment. Please check back!

Jack Russell RC

Lost Male JRTRC 114fd :: Adopted!


Male Bulldog 110fd
Male Bulldog 112fd
Lost Female Bulldog 400fd
Lost Female Bulldog 600fd
Female Bulldog 116fd

Great Dane

Male Great Dane 60fd
Exact Male Great Dane 124fd
Female Great Dane 52fd

Boston Terrier

Double AL Male Boston 106fd
Double AL Female Boston 101fd
Double AL Male Boston 52fd
Male Boston 105fd
Female Boston 45fd
Exact Male Boston 110fd


Exact Female Mastiff 102fd
Male Mastiff 45fd
Female Mastiff 113fd
Male Mastiff 116fd
Lost Female Mastiff 105fd :: Adopted!
Female Mastiff 113fd
Male Mastiff 116fd
Exact Male Mastiff 111fd
Female Mastiff 124fd
Lost Male Mastiff 45fd :: Adopted!
Lost Male Mastiff 112fd
Female Mastiff 100fd

Red Husky

Female Red Husky 67fd
Male Red Husky 119fd
Female Red Husky 45fd
Male Red Husky 131fd
Female Red Husky 112fd
Female Red Husky 60fd
Female Red Husky 123fd
Male Red Husky 112fd
Female Red Husky 122fd
Lost Female Red Husky 600fd :: Adopted!
Female Red Husky 50fd


Tabby Mix

Male Tabby 100fd
Female Tabby 116fd
Female Tabby 104fd

Black Mix

Female Black Mix 112fd
Male Black Mix 109fd

Tuxedo Mix

Female Tux 106fd
Female Tux 113fd
Male Tux 100fd
Male Tux 113fd

Orange Mix

Female OM 112fd
Male OM 101FD
Female OM 52fd
Female OM 125fd


Male Himi 121fd
Female Himi 60fd

Cream Persian

Male Creamie 105fd

Long. Silver Tabby

Female LHST 60fd
Male LHST 112fd
Male LHST 136fd
Male LHST 125fd


Male Siamese 132fd


None at the moment. Please check back!


Female Calico 119fd
Female Calico 67fd
Female Calico 52fd

Maine Coon

Male Maine Coon 120fd
Male Maine Coon 45fd :: Adopted!
Male Maine Coon 60fd

Russian Blue

Exact Female RB 106fd
Male RB 122fd

White Cat

Female White Cat 52fd
Female White Cat 112fd
Male White Cat 111fd


Lost Female Aby 100fd


Lost Male Nebby 222fd
Lost Female Nebby 300fd
Exact Female Nebby 50fd
Lost Female Nabby 300fd


Lost Male Bombay 109fd :: Adopted!
Male Bombay 100fd

Norwegian Forest

None at the moment. Please check back!


hey can you let me know if you find any AL by 5 or less PWD unfixed? To have a male and female is a dream of mine


Maze Yes!! If I find one you’ll find the link in your inbox♥ I’ll shelter surf more tomorrow night.


I adopted the ls male bombay


Thank you!!! I’ll update it when I get on my PC.




I will adopt the Chi, when I get the money :)


That was so kind of you basiic c: ♥ Have fun with your new girl Jimmy!!

Useful 5





Thank you!! Did you see the boy in your inbox?







                                             315 day Bonding


On Foo

On foo, I somehow came up with the screen name ‘MommaDiamond’. I have no idea why, but I have yet to find anything else that I will settle for and I have too many favorite profile pics that say ‘MommaDiamond’ on them to change it xD I have quite the clan in my foo home. I have recieved many of my babies from rehomings and the generosity of other members. I try my hardest to be a kind, open minded & hearted member. Everyone here deserves love and to be listened to. I hope one day I am able to give back to the foo community with some kind of rehoming saving up fd right now lmao I have been quiet for a few months because life has been busy, but my daughter and I still get on daily to care for and love on our foo babies!

Off Foo

Off foo, I am stay at home mom for the time being. With the pandemic, Brandon is home so we are looking into me going back into the health field as I would still be able to get a job right now. I start nursing school in the fall yikes. i have two kiddos, Daisie (2 years) & Ben (9 months). I also have, now two, fur babies! Rocky is a boxer who just turned four on April 2nd & Zoey, a german shepherd, who will be 12 weeks on Saturday! I enjoy going on walks, hiking, boating, and reading. I also really, really, really like fried pickles lmbo.


I am applying for Atlas because bringing a legacy pokey husky into my home has been a dream of mine since I joined foo. I have applied in many rehomings since joining for mlph, but have yet to be able to bring a sweet boy home! I was actually very shocked I was able to bring a mlpgsd into my home before lph!


Absolutely, 100 PERCENT, positively, would I be a forever home for sweet Atlas!


Why You Should Pick Me

This is so hard because I struggle to find positive qualities about myself, but I believe you should pick me because I absolutely love foopets. I have a strange emotional attachment that brings me back each and every day. Atlas will be loved, with his own personality, a personally made profile that reflects it, and a gorgeous scene well I’ll try for gorgeous it doesn’t always workout how I want it to lmbo.

Why Shouldn’t You Pick Me

Honestly, because I start nursing school in the fall. I’m not sure if you know anyone who’s been in nursing school, but some days it could be intense and I may miss a day of caring for my pets on here. I may lose my bonding badge. Given, I’d always care for them as soon as I could, but I will have to put school first along with being a momma to two young children, on top of caring for two fur babies. I have no plans to stop coming on foo or skip days of feeding, but I have to be realistic and I never know what the next day holds.


My favorite color is PINK :-D I’ve never been a girly, girl, but my favorite color has ALWAYS been pink! It’s even my go to eyeshadow color as it makes my green eyes absolutely pop when I add hints of purple with some pink glitter, yessss please!


So embarrassing, but I actually don’t have any.. I may be able to get some if I just asked, but I so dislike asking people for things. I have a few people in mind I might be able to ask, but no promises. I don’t socialize on foo very much except when I’m in rehomings. I have never been good at it. I try, and most of the time fail.

My husband said he would reference me, but I told him he doesn’t count xD


I want to start off with a big ole, thanks a ton for this opportunity. I am so appreciative of even getting the chance to bring home a cool cat like Atlas! I have a few questions to add~

What Is One Tradition You Stand To

Not sure, if this counts as a tradition, but every year for Rocky’s birthday I take him to McDonalds as a little treat. He always gets a vanille ice cream in a cup with a 10 piece nugget. When we get home I put the nuggets in the ice cream and he eats it up! I’d say his favorite is the vanilla ice cream, but my favorite is superman ice cream!

Would You Rename Him?

I actually wouldn’t rename him! He has been named Atlas for a few years now, so I think he may like to keep it! I also really.. really am digging the header for this app so that’s the whole theme I’m going to hit for his profile & scene if I am able to bring him home. I literally can’t think of any other name for him.

Favorite Dog Breed Off Foo

My favorite dog is a boxer! They are excellent family dogs, loyal, and so, so sweet! I’ve owned two so far and plan to own many more over the years <3 I love them dearly!!

Again, thank you so, so , so much for this rehoming!! I am so sorry I got my application in so late. I’ve been trying to find the time to create these graphics and I took a lot longer than I initially thought I would. Thank you again!!


Organized♥ Bumpxx

Note to self:
Look for an exact westie & ls beagle!


If you find a male AL chocolate lab less that 5 please let me know!


I found a female! I believe she is 7 away, but she is in your messages! If you aren’t interested let me know so I can put her here♥