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Site Problems 8-17-18 UPDATED 8-21 (locked)

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Hi everyone,
Thank you for making us aware of issues going on with the site.
We are looking into getting things straightened out as soon as we can but it is taking time.
Please be sure you keep your browser cache cleared and do a fresh restart of your computer if you continue to experience issues once things are resolved.

Your continued kindness and patience during this frustrating time is very appreciated.

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UPDATE 8-20-18
Just wanted to update you to let you know we are still working as quickly as we can to fix the site. It is taking longer than expected but we are working as quickly as we can.
I will update you all if anything changes.
Thank you for your patience and understanding. PL!~
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UPDATE 8-21-18
Hi everyone,
The site is starting to improve and may take several hours until everything is back for everyone. Please make sure you clear your cache and restart your computer as necessary. Sorry it took so long everybody. =) PL!~