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R.I.P Foopets, it’s destined to die at this point. (locked)


Also I believe it’s FAIR to point out that this issue isn’t a private one when she posted directly on the form without any regard for anyone else. If she posts it openly then it’s a public issue. After calling her out on it she did and HAS as now her rant as been added to, been posting on my private messaging.

And she wants me to believe she’s the one who’s been bullied? I don’t think so.

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Remsie is there not a rule about bringing up political beliefs in the forms? To stop fights before they start?

Wow! I read the previous posts and I didn’t find anything that would have been disparaging directed at you Jambers. If what you mean is this:

I understand what you’re talking about, since in the past I was on the receiving end of a bunch of Chit-Chat hate. For disagreeing with their currently “politically correct” opinions or simply being skeptical about certain points of view expressed here. I’ve come to think that automatically demonizing those not in agreement with you makes you no better than “the Donald.” That’s his mentality: You disagree=You are my enemy.

Wouldn’t a more appropriate response on your end be “I disagree with your political analogy and politics is a subject I don’t care to engage in with you”? As for your remark regarding politics being a taboo subject I’ve copied and pasted the rule from PL she made concerning the discussion of politics in Chit-Chat. Many of us do have strong feelings when it comes to this subject. We can either choose to disagree in a responsible mature manner or take everything that is said as a personal attack. Personally I didn’t see the personal attack.

PL Post Concerning Politics Dated 3-1-16

FooPets encourages passionate, constructive discussions including politics as long as it is not hurtful, mean spirited and/or breaks the ROC. We do NOT allow name-calling or disrespectful behavior for any reason. Please think carefully about how your posts may be viewed by others before posting. If you question whether it should be posted please ask an Ambassador or myself. However, as a general rule, if you feel you need to ask it’s probably not a good thing to post on the forums.
We want everyone to feel comfortable here. We love our community of members and want you all to have a great time discussing and learning from one another.

The Ambassadors work hard to deal with many difficult situations on the site. Please listen to them and do as they ask or you may risk losing your account(s).
If you have questions about something please go to their wall to ask. The forums are not an appropriate place. If you do not feel comfortable doing that you are always welcome to discuss it with me in support privately.

We greatly appreciate all your efforts to keep things positive and in the spirit of our site by showing kindness, understanding, and compassion to others at all times. Thank you for understanding, PL!~

JMO 😉 Have a wonderful day 😊

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Remsie is there not a rule about bringing up political beliefs in the forms? To stop fights before they start?

User support is not for political beliefs. It is for users to help other users with issues on FooPets and about FooPets.

gmta2000- Thank you for your correct response about Politics in the forums.

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hey remise you know that you can delete post right ?

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I am locking this thread because it has lost its usefulness ~Sophie