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I Was Charged Double This Month For Club Foo +


Please I request money refund for this month of $9.99.
Here’s a proof.


Sorry that happened to you :(

Similar thing happened when I tried to create a new account. I was billed but the account was never created.

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Sadly there is no one in charge of running this site anymore since PL flew the coup back in November so no support, no help zilch! I am sorry this happened to you, can you contact your bank or credit card if you paid that way or even claim back if you paid via paypal? It’s always worth a go as you should be covered with certain payment types, good luck

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You’ll need to contact your bank or credit card company and file a dispute for an unauthorized charge. There’s nobody in support here, and nobody who’s left has the power to reverse the charge, so you’ll have to call or contact your own bank.

Good luck and I’m so sorry that on top of everything else, you’re having to deal with this. It’s really crummy.


Thank you AdelesPet, 1970Walley,007Kieran.