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Puppy Time for my mom's Spaniel


My mom’s Spaniel was 55 days into Gestation (Pregnant) As of today. We have 2 other dogs as well. The Toy Poodle is mine, she’s going on her second litter soon, hopefully. The 3rd dog is another C.o.c.k.e r. Spaniel

Just about five more days until .C.o c.k.e.r Puppies arrive.

(yes, I’m 23 and Live with my parents xD)


Sounds like she’ll whelp shortly.

I moved back home at 33. Turned out it was for 2 months, long enough to finish recovering from pneumonia and get a new job.


Yes, she should. I think I may have miscalculated, my mom said today that March 1st is Bella’s due date. I think I can see about 4 spines on the x ray, my mom’s saying she can see 6. hehe.

(I was born with what’s called cerebral palsy. I’m unable to walk and preform a lot of self care duties so that’s why I still live @ home)

Pneumonia is also a darn good excuse. lol. I got pneumonia only once in my life ~ my senior year of high school. (would have graduated in 2013 had it not been for the long recovery process & the loss of Academic Credits ) very scary. Sorry you went through that.

U P D A T E ~March 2nd, 2019, 1:00 pm : PUPPIES ARE HERE!
Welcome to the WORLD ~

The first one was born naturally, yesterday (Saturday) at 7:10 am. The last two were very difficult for her to birth, my mother was contemplating getting the C section, but decided against it. The Second Puppy was born close to 11:30 am, same day, four and a half hours after his big brother. Their little sister was born about an hour later with the sack on her face, Bella didn’t seem to have the instinct to rip it off herself, so my father had to do that quickly while my mother was in the bathroom. lol. My mom then suctioned the fluid and got the only girl pup whimpering!
So Far, they’re all healthy and wiggly. This was Bella’s first litter. 2 boys, and one little girl.
Lucky Buddy was Born First, Then Prince Billy, Then Keisha Chloe. As you can see, we gave them all first AND middle names. Haha. Obviously, @ 8 weeks old, their new owners will rename them, but these are the names we gave them. I named Buddy. I’ll probably end up calling him by his middle name. lol.


<3 ~! good vibes