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Again, nothing new in FooMart


I’m going to stop checking. We have so little to do on here except breed. All the fun stuff has been eliminated. If I want to buy things for my scenes, I’m reduced to going to user sales – and most users charge WAY too much for the stuff.

Fix this, FP – fix all the stuff that doesn’t work anymore – we ARE paying for it, you know.


I’ve stopped checking for months now. It’s not worth it. There is not much to do here, it depends for everyone really. Some can play with their pets, make scenes, breed, etc… but some of us can not do that except talk on the forums with friends. It’s just sad, but it’s only the truth.


The breeding thing doesn’t work for me. I have a litter of kittens that are now about 3 months past their due date. I have a new computer and I can’t get a free version of “flash” to load the way I did for my old computer ten years ago. So I can’t play the games. I’m paid through April for Foo plus. But I’m not going to renew. Caring for 60 pets individually is not my idea of fun, so I’ll probably stop playing.