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Will There Ever Be An Explanation??!!

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If somebody knows what is going on I and many others would appreciate they share their knowledge. A second account will go free tomorrow because there is no way I’m going to pay for a site that shows the lack of respect for loyal members by not providing an explanation as to why people are losing money and/or problems costing members money. I can honestly say I’ve never seen the of lack of integrity like I’ve seen and experienced these last few months on FP. It saddens me to think RH and PL could literally abandon FP with no word, no explanation.
So again – if someone knows something I think it’s time an announcement is made. Many members have given this site their money, their loyalty, and their support. It’s time we were shown a little respect.

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Ron should step up and tell us exactly what he is doing. Not a peep from him. I don’t expect anything now, but a miracle would be nice. It is going to be real hard letting go of Foo after taking care of my pets for over 10 years. I have enjoyed meeting wonderful friends, and loved doing scenes. I am sure glad it is not going to be my decision letting my pets go, yes I know virtual pets but still mean alot to me. So for now will keep caring for them till Ron puts them to sleep.

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It’s ridiculous. Honestly. We’ve paid. We’ve stayed. For absolutley nothing but silence and being abandoned. I wish something could be done, but obviously not. I really wonder what they’re doing. If anything making a new website that’ll just die, again.

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I messaged Support too & no responce & also the same with a couple of my friends not getting a response. I have not received my LL or Club Foo Plus monthly Foo dollars since November. So as of right now I’ve been screwed over for 600 Foo dollars & 3 LL. My subscription runs out on May 30th. I will NOT renew & pay for something that does not give me what I pay for. That is BS. I will go to a free account & I’m betting before year is over Foo will not be around anymore. Hearing rumors somewhere around October 24th. Very sad but the writing is on the wall.