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Quite sad, really.

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I find it sad that this site has obviously been abandoned. It’s really such a potential money-maker. There are so many devoted Foo players here. For example, it COULD have been linked to a Foo Store where one could purchase real foo items… like coffee mugs with your favorite Foo pet on them, real holiday ornaments, tee-shirts etc… A real Foo Pets newsletter which would announce when a player got their black star, or achieved 1,000 on their bonding badge. A fun place for stories written by Foo players about Foo. In fact, with just a little effort and care, the Foo phenomenon could have been a very profitable enterprise with very happy Foo players all telling their friends what a wonderful game this was. Now, all that’s left are sad players who wonder how long the site will actually exist, and mourning the time when they can no longer chat with the online friends they have made here. Very few players will renew their Foo Club membership because… well, no monthly bonus, no litter license.. etc. etc..etc. So, soon there will come a time when the trickle of income from Foo Club will totally dry up.
The neglect and abandonment of this site is so short-sighted. Whoever owns this site now, Dr. Ron? (I have no idea)… has missed a real opportunity. Sad for whoever that owner is, and sad for the rest of us who feel betrayed and marginalized.

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Very well said Bird. I couldn’t agree with you more.

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I think at this point everyone agrees :P
Luckily, the site is still up and running- well hardly. I guess we should just enjoy it while we can.

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…if you can enjoy it despite (for some) not being able to get the play page to run, for others not being able to make or edit scenes, for others not getting the spinning wheel or the points that come with it… for others seeing their money being taken monthly without getting the LLs or the FD!..and of course no Support when things go wrong and not a word from anybody about the future of the site…. But let’s enjoy complaing about it while we still can! :-D


PS > Sorry, I can’t remember who messaged me privately with advice. I deleted in error .

I didn’t say I can’t do any of these things (I can,lucky me and still use Firefox). I was referring to what I hear from others. I have lost all interest in being here. Thanks for the private advice. Not needed.

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I basically check in occasionally now just to see if it’s still here, tbh.

On other threads, I’ve seen people say, “oh, I’ve been here for years, supporting the site.” Good for you. I’ve been here since not long after the transition from Facebook app to website. I signed up for Super Saver Club (before it was called ClubFoo). I got bullied off the forums, having posts disappear because Gurus didn’t agree with me (back when you gained/lost points from flagging). I remember when we only had the small screen and when not everything was through the play page. I remember when we had a price cap and admin let people ignore it (asking for more through gifts).

Over the years, I’ve watched this site deteriorate: first because of the players, and now finally because of the owners of the site. Yes, I said because of the players. Everyone who has purposefully broken the rules (or the law since there was the whole copyrighted images thing that’s been going on here for years) or been continually unconcerned about other players (like bumping enough posts to cover the first page of a forum) or been greed (asking ridiculously high prices for pets/items when they’re not worth it or deciding that this is rare now so it’s worth $$$) ….that all played a part, too.

This site has had so much potential for so long. It’s why it was bought back in it’s heyday, but they couldn’t make it work (likely because they had other projects and they tried too much too soon). Websites do routine maintenance and shut down the site after warning people in advance…they don’t wait for the something to shut the site down (has happened here a few times). Games that care about their players offer incentives to play…not just, “pay me and you get this”…but, “here have this and thanks for playing”. It’s all digital. It’s not real. You’ve got a million fg or fd? Congrats. You can only use it here. Probably just enough to make a scene, tbh (only the fd, obvs). The site still has that potential, but you need to have someone who actually cares enough to make it work…cares about the site and it’s players, paying or not.

i was surprised when the site was saved in 2014. It should have died then, but it’s limped along ever since. Now it’s like the bicycle zombie from the first season of Walking Dead. Not all there but still crawling along.