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Foopets Owners!!! Please Fix Foo

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FIx Foo Please! or sell it to someone who can manage it and work with us to get issues fixed

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Amen to that…

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I know a post isn’t supposed to be reopened after 48 hours but I don’t think anything will happen because no one is there to monitor forums or messages. Although I agree with BellaJingles and Madam-Fu, I don’t believe anybody will see this post, so there will be no action. I am so disappointed with the so called owner Dr. Ron. He was supposed to care for this site so much and he starts another venture and totally forgets about his loyal members here. I know these pets are just pixels but many of us, including me, care about them. For me it’s a way for me to have the no kill shelter I dreamed I would have when I grew up. The only difference is my shelter would be able to take in any pet that need me and here I can’t rescue them all. I realize now that my dream was an impossibility but I was a child that lost many pets due to my step-dad’s rules. He would kill them or dump them along the road somewhere they’d never find their way home. Funny enough though, he did that to two of my cats and one of them came home. HaHa Daddy

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Don’ worry, nobody is really monitoring the forums anymore. People are bumping and double-posting all over the place. The only thing the moderators DO try to watch is people being mean to each other. I think everyone is saddened at the thought of the site collapsing. Small world, I too had a rather dreadful step-father who objected to animals. My older step-sister had a mouse (secretly) who had babies. My step-father found out and made a point of making us all watch as he flushed the babies down the toilet one by one When you are five, this is terrifying. We all cope with our past in different ways.I’m not sure the stuff I went through as a child made me stronger. But I do think it made me more aware of other peoples’ pain and more tolerant. Whatever happens to Foo, you’re going to be okay. There are real world challenges out there and real animals that need care.


All my accounts are working again on Fire Fox. They have not worked on there for months now. I can play with my pets and edit or make new scenes too. I am so happy as that is my main browser so maybe more things will get fixed!! :D

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No one is running the show – it’s on autopilot and the owners are putting our money in their pockets – we get nothing in return.


My problems with this site are the following

1. When a person makes a post people always flag it for no reason and the original poster can not make changes.

2. This site used to be fun. But then people got greedy. Now they are asking outrageous prices for a pet.

3. Whats with the stats thing?? It should not matter what the stats are. People on here only want lost ststs or high stats and forget about the others.

4. The over breeding of pets. The pets get bred then when they don’t sell it’s off to the AC where they sit because nobody wants them.

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I’m considering filing a complaint with the FTC. I have a new account and need a temp password – NO RESPONSE from support. NO SUPPORT at all – which is fine if they are not taking our REAL MONEY. Which they are. That’s enough to file a complaint.