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error message when buying foodollars


I can get to the “bank” easily. I’m certainly not going to buy any FD though. Can you get to the “bank”? Or does this happen when you click on the FD amount?
*Are you really sure you want to put real money into this site? At the moment, the site seems to be abandoned.

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is this website broken down?

Glad you’ve managed to purchase what you wanted to, but to answer this question – yes. Everything is very hit and miss, because of the glitches in the site. There’s no longer an admins here, we have ambassadors still but they don’t know anything more than us as to where the admins have gone.

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Just something I should have mentioned, but forgot. Since the site has been probably been abandoned, If you paid by credit cad, your info may not be safe. I would keep a close eye on your credit card purchases and make sure nothing funky gets added. My advise to EVERYONE would be don’t give credit card info to an “iffy” site. This site is definitely in the “iffy” stage.

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My advise to EVERYONE would be don’t give credit card info

Definitely agree, if anyone still would like to purchase FD or membership I’d recommend using a prepaid gift card.

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It’s my understanding that payments and purchases are handled by a third party, not directly by Foo, but through a subcontractor. Let me see if I can remember where I saw it. Brb…

Edit to add:
Ok, yes, I found it in the Privacy section. It says, in part:
“The financial information entered to acquire a membership is not stored and does not touch the servers of Startapult, but is instead routed to and retained by our payments processing vendor Stripe Iinc. specifically to securely manage credit card payments made to Startapult, Inc.”

So, with that in mind, maybe, since we don’t have any support here anymore, issues with payments could be forwarded to Stripe Inc.

Regardless, prepaid gift cards are absolutely the way to go here since the site is so iffy and we know from a different member that their credit card was fraudulently charged.
Stay as safe as you can, everyone!