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Bye Bye Foo!

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I have really tried to be positive about all the negative happenings in Foo but if there are too many things going wrong it is safe to assume it is time to move onto greener pastures, had my 1 month membership for Club Foo gone through I would have bought the 1 year membership for all my accounts but since I lost $10 I decided it is not worth it to risk it for a site that has way too many problems!
My message to Dr. Ron or who ever is in charge, I want to thank you for ignoring my support ticket & for the mad kitty that cost me $10, I truly hope you enjoy my last $10!
As for all those who will miss me, you can find me at social media, take care & be well….Love & Hugs to All! :)

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There is no more customer service on Foo anymore, that’s for sure. Dr. Ron was probably never real to begin with.

Glitches not being fixed – game is running on auto pilot and those in charge are just putting the $$ in their pockets and not fixing anything. Sure seems that way.