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Trouble getting to my Foopet.


Was just wondering if anyone else is having trouble getting to their pets, after putting in my g-mail address & password, I get the homepage, and can get no further, I can feed, water & throw the mouse/pet my cat on my phone, but I can’t clean his litterbox or give him his flea medication.

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If you use Chrome, look at the top left of your browser bar.
Click on the circled i
A drop down box will open then look where it says ,“flash” to the right you will see where it says,“allow” click on that.
Another drop box will open and click on where it says allow, click on allow and
NOT defaut.
Then click on the little i with the circle around it again.
another drop box will drop down.
Click on the box that says reload.

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Thanks Remsie, I can take care of him again now!

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I am very happy to hear that . Thank you for letting me know. That is what we are here for. :)