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Paid $ for account, cannot sign in

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NO RESPONSE from support. NONE. FP – you do realize taking peoples’ money and not providing the service is illegal, don’t you?

No one tells you who OWNS FP, ever. Can’t contact anyone – wow – what a cash cow this is – for whomever owns it – money coming in, no support staff to pay for – sounds like I need to file a complaint – FTC or FCC – maybe both.

THis is truly pathetic. NO consideration for customers. NONE.

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Hi Flatbushgambler, I am sorry this happened to you and wish there was more we could do. Ambassadors are not able to help with these kind of issues but I thank you for reporting your experience and we have joined you in reporting the issue. ~Sophie


I don’t want the issue reported, I want it fixed. There has to be SOMEONE who can provide resolution.

FP cannot take money for an account I can’t access. That’s not legal.

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WHO are you reporting the issue to Sophie?
And are they actually responding to you?

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The admins are responding with “sorry, we can’t do anything for you”. No help. No report is being made, that’s my guess. No one to report it TO.