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I was almost kidnapped

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I just want to share this elsewhere to document what happened last night. I finished calling 911 a while ago and they said I took too long to call and they could not do anything.
So, guys. Story time.
As you all know I am a very depressed person. To help, I will take walks to the nearest forest or store and wander around. Sometimes during bad depressive episodes, I will wish to be hurt by someone – either by a stranger or hit with a car. Last night during a late night soda run, that wish I made so many times almost came true. And I was scared.
At 9 Pm I decided to take a walk to the nearest store – a Buckys gas station. It wasnt too dark out, but I didnt have knife on me as its missing, so I was a bit worried. Despite this I still went out, and as I always do, looked around. I saw no one. So, I start my music (no headphones) and go on my 10 minute walk.
After a few minutes my back starts to hurt, so I stop and sit down to crack. As I turn my body and head to do so, I see a man (and I hate this description because it sounds so,,, idk racist and typical) – He’s 5’10, maybe a bit taller, black, completely bald, wearing long black pants and a short sleeve black t shirt. I have no idea on his age, but I would guess 35 – 45? He’s about 30 feet behind me. A few seconds after I get up he says “Hey girl, are you okay?” – in a sincere but casual voice. I always try to be friendly to strangers, and hope for the best, but I have never been followed and was already on edge without my knife. So, I continued to walk – about 6 minutes away – and said “Yeah I am okay, my back just hurts from work”.
I started texting my fiancé what was happening and the man’s description. There was a good distance between us, and I was passing a hotel, so my worry started to go down. I went to the gas station, stalled around a bit texting my fiancé, and we decided it would be best to get a lyft home for me – despite living so close.
The man left the store before my lyft got there, and I asked the gas station atendent if he bought anything – also filling her in on the situation. He did not buy anything, and in fact had his eyes on me quite a bit while standing near the “hot food” section.
This confirmed my fears instantly. For whatever reason, this man followed me for almost 10 minutes just to go into a gas station, empty handed. He, in some way, intended harm towards me – and the only reason he didn’t succeed was because I was literally a few steps ahead of him.
I got my lyft home, and the driver made sure I got inside my apartment safely. I still fear I am not safe though, as I believe the man lives near by. I walk to buckys several times a week – and maybe I am paranoid, but this could have been a planned event. Until I find my knife, I am not going on walks by myself.

Stay safe everyone.

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It is best not to keep a predictable schedule if you have reason to believe you are being stalked. (Read, no longer going on walks at night.) The store in the gas station might have him on their surveillance camera. It might be worth your checking if they do and getting screen shots or recording it yourself. Get at least the first name of the clerk you spoke with.

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Be careful please..I have been reading quite a bit about human trafficking especially of young girls. Not sure how old you are but wanted to throw that out there.

I’d suggest carrying some pepper spray if you can. You can carry it without any kind of license. I have a pepper spray keychain that hangs on my car keys (I bought it at my local Lowe’s hardware by the cash register for like 10 bucks) and it has a spray radius of 10 ft. I’d “target practice” with it first but be forewarned, that stuff is STRONG so make sure you aim out as far as you can.

It will temporarily blind your assailant and make it hard for them to breathe. Gives you enough time to get away and call for help anyway.

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jesus christ, that’s so scary :/ i’m so glad you’re safe. i’ve also recently bought some pepper spray because some areas of nyc are sketchy as heck


I am 19 – but I can appear younger as I am not ""developed"". I will most Definately invest in pepper spray come pay day, until I get that and a knife I wont be going out by myself again.

Last night I could’ve swore someone came in my apartment after I came home from work, and I found the door slightly open, but after searching no one was here. I truly fear someone near me is stalking me for bad purposes. I am going to fill a report for the local sheriff once I am home – currently with family.


dude that’s so spooky. i’m glad you’re okay


Omg! Thank goodness you’re okay! Stay safe!!!

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I’m glad you’re ok Pent. I feel this I had to walk alone in a bad area in the dead of night all the time and I always tried to carried my pocket knife on me. The only times I couldn’t were when I was walking home from my hostess job bc we can’t bring weapons on our person and employees weren’t allowed to have purses in the building so I was kinda fudged.