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~ Water, Earth, Fire, Air... ~ The Four Elements Rehoming ~ WINNER pg 28 ~



Hello and welcome to my rehoming. As you can see, this rehoming is based on Avatar The Last Airbender/Legend Of Korra. There are five pets in total, four are named after the four elements that can be controlled in the Avatar Universe, and the last is named after the Avatar himself, the only person who has the ability to control all of the elements. They can be found below.

Thank You;
Before we get started, there are some people who deserve my thanks. The first is Beauxbatons who so kindly made all of these amazing graphics for me! If you have the time please check out her shop, she’s so talented! The second person is Statues who kindly donated some pets to this rehoming, so a big thank you to both of these awesome people!



Water – The Lost Stat Russian Blue


Earth – The Lost Stat Yellow Lab


Fire – The Lost Stat Red Husky


Air – The Lost Stat Poodle


Avatar – The Lost Stat Australian Shepherd


There are a few rules to this rehoming, as set out below;
- Please do not apply on behalf of a friend, only for yourself.
- Please feel free to send me a friend request to play with any of the pets.
- Please feel free to apply for as many pets as you like.
- This rehoming will not close until all pets have at least 3 applicants. I understand that Avatar will be the most popular, but please do not ignore the other pets. I worked hard on this rehoming.
- If you have read the rules, in the “other” section of the application, please include a gif of a cute animal.
- All of the usual Foo Rules apply. No bullying, no harassing, etc.
- Please feel free to talk all you want in here, but don’t spam with bumps, I’d like people to converse rather than just coming in here to bump the post, and the less you participate the less likely you are to win.
- Only Avatar will have tops, the other 4 winners will be chosen outright, so the applications do matter.
- Please use textile markup and/or graphics in your application, it makes them easier to read.
- Of course, have fun!


Please remove all writing in the ( )
Username & General Info;
Bonding Badge (if you do not have a BB, please explain why);
Pet you have applied for & why;
Are they a dream/desire? Do you have a search thread?;
If you have watched Avatar TLA or LOK, who is your favourite character and why? (If you have not seen these shows, please detail your all-time favourite fictional character and why);
Tell me about something kind you have done recently;
Is there anything important you think I should know about you?;


Applicants for Water;
Western_Puppy – Page 1

Applicants for Earth;
Dark-Okami – Page 1
Pumpkinfur – Page 2
Mazeyy – Page 4

Applicants for Fire;
Mazeyy – Page 4

Applicants for Air;
Dark-Okami – Page 1
Pumpkinfur – Page 2
Mazeyy – Page 4
Beauxbatons – Page 5

Applicants for Avatar;
Dark-Okami – Page 1
TormentiI – Page 1
Western_Puppy – Page 1
Masonalis – Page 1
Ashleypuppy- – Page 3
Mazeyy – Page 4
Victoyria – Page 5
Riiptiide – Page 23


100% applying for avatar !! i’m making my graphics now c’:


6,135,263 StarPoints

2452 BB


I’ve been wanting a lost Aussie for a few years now. I’ve been promised one but things happened and the promise was broken. I’ve not seen many lost Aussies for sell before so I never really had a shot. Aussies are one of my dream dogs to own IRL. I want a blue meral. Amara actually is close to what kind I want.

If I ever got a male aussie his name would be Oliver. If I got a female her name would be Jasmine. Since it’s not possible for me to own one IRL at the time. Foos my next best choice. I own two already Amarasilla and Felix. They’re a male and female located on my side account. Both are common babies. Not ultras or anything like that. But I love both alot.

I really want Avatar because he’s a dream of mine. He would be very treasured in my home and never leave me. He’s very important to me as well as I’ve wanted him since before you owned him. But always missed out on my chance.


I’ve kept my eyes on her ever since Caity found her. Hoping to save enough to be able to adopt but pet sales weren’t going as hoped. And I didn’t want to ask her to go lower as I knew she needed the money for her birthday and to get dreams. So when I saw you owned her I grinned knowing this was my chance to be able to finally bring her into my home. I don’t know what it is about Air but something just clicked and I knew I had to try and take her home one way or another. As much as I want her I haven’t thought of a name yet but I think I may go with Sondra. She would represent my “adopted” grandma. She’s really my neighbor but she’s stated numerous times she’s basically my grandma and we are rather close. I miss my grandma Phyllis greatly sad she passed away when I was young. I don’t really remember her.


Yellow labs are my favorite dog breed on foo. I own more yellow labs then any other breed. They’re so cute and sleek and adorable. I’ve been waiting on adopting a -3+ yellow lab from lostly but I’d never had the fds or I’d miss out. Until you again like with Air brought him home and I again saw my chance to bring him home. I think last time I checked I had close to 20 yellow labs.

Avatar is my only dream pet. Whilist Earth and Air are desires. I do not currently have a dream thread.

Katara is my favorite from Avatar TLA. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen it. But she was how I first realized I wasn’t exactly straight. I loved water ever since I was a little girl. So I would often pretend I could bend water like her. I was a weird child lol. I only watched the show for her half the time. This rehoming makes me want to rewatch the series again.

I’ve given Daisy Serendipity and Casper

Nothing I can think of.

Thanks so much for this chance.



Brought home my girl

Hiya my username is moonchiild but you can just call me Megg. I’m a white star
(OG account was a blue star) and I recently rejoined Foo after a short hiatus.

I do have a bonding badge. It’s currently at 10 days as I came back from a short hiatus
on a new account since I let go ownership of my old one. I wasn’t planning on coming
back but I guess I was just fooling myself haha. My old account had 350+ days on it.

I’m applying for the lovely Fire. I’ve always loved the red husky breed and lost red
huskies are my guilty pleasure. She would also complete my first pair on this account
as my good friend, Caity, was so kind as to give me Alex as a welcome back gift.

Fire isn’t a dream, but she very much so is a desire. I would love to have her in my
home where I can promise you she’ll be well cared for and loved.

I do not have a search thread I just try to adopt the babies whenever they’re up for
sale granted I have the funds to do so, and unfortunately do not at this time.

My favorite fictional character oh boy you could not have asked me a more difficult
question. I have so many over multiple fandoms but if I have to pick a favorite it
would have to be Goose from Captain Marvel. I mean come on he’s a cat <3

I haven’t been back long but so far I’ve gifted a couple 1 item limit/monthly clubfoo
items to a friend. On my old account I donated more than 15k+ foodollars at least to
others dream threads, gifted or sold pets for way below value to those who had been
looking for them, gifted several of pages of items to those who needed funds for their
dreams, and more. In my time on Foo I have always tried to spread as much kindness
and joy as I could with what I have to work with, even when it means putting off my
wants if it means seeing the joy in others when they get theirs.

I honestly couldn’t think of anything to put here but if I do I’ll update it.


Can’t wait for you guys to apply :)


I’ll be applying as well :)


Omg can’t wait!! Gonna apply soon :)


i’ll be applying (: the more i look at air the more i really love her ugh

also her color scheme?? aMAZING




            hi! my name is ruby, and i am a semi-active member on this site. i started way back in                                         2017 when i was 11, and i am currently 13.

  i have a green star right now, with 46,698 starpoints. (but idk if that matters ?? please excuse                                                 me i haven’t done this in awhile, lol)

                                   my bonding badge is currently at 114 days!

                                                    i am applying for avatar

    why? he would represent my grandpa who very unfortunately passed away. i called him pop-pop.
    i wanted this pet in particular because his personality was colourful and bright, much like an     australian shepherd’s. he was my favorite person in the entire world and i loved him so much. it would mean a lot to me to have a pet to represent him, like how i did for my grandma. i feel it’d                                                         represent him well.

         no, i do not, but i have been silently searching for a pet to represent pop-pop for a while, and                                        the idea came to me when i saw avatar.

        since i haven’t actually watched avatar, i’ll just post my fave fictional character instead!

        which i think would have to be courtney from pokemon omega ruby. i don’t think i have a set reason as to why i like her so much, she’s just really adorable and relatable, in a weird way. some
  might say, hell, i might even say she doesn’t have much to her, but i really loved her as a                                         character throughout the entire game.
                                          idk maybe i’m just really gay haha

         buying a pet from the ac for someone ?? i’m so so sorry i literally can’t think of                                              anything significantly kind i did,,

i honestly can’t think of anything super important about me. i’m a really boring person. c’:

                            just kidding, here’s a cute dog eating a watermelon c:





Thank you for applying!


uwu ♥


I’m going to start making my application now. It feels like it’s been forever since the last rehoming haha.


I might apply for Earth! I was debating applying for Avatar but I know there will be plenty of amazing homes applying for Avatar.
Good luck! Beautiful pets!


OH MY GOD I CANT REaD i just forgot a question i am so sorry
i’ll fix it now


This is soo sweet of you to do!! :) I might be back :)


good luck everyone !!


Added my app higher up <3


Before I start the actual questions, I just would like to thank you again for such a wonderful chance in this rehoming. You’re very kind!

Hey I’m Western!
🐶I obviously love Westies.
🏁I started playing in 2015, on a different account that I don’t use anymore or even really remember the login info to.
I’m a yellow star, and I am hoping to get my black star by the end of this year

That’s just a little about me, other than that I am someone who is willing to try new things.

My bonding badge is 557 days! It would’ve been like 10 days higher but I went to a water park back in December which caused it to freeze. But I’m still pretty proud of it getting this high. My ultimate goal is 1000 so let’s hope this site stays alive long enough for it to.

I applied for Water and Avatar. They both do have seperate reasons, so those are below.

The reason I am applying for Water is because, well, he’d represent my old kitty who passed in 2011. I know that was like 8 years ago, or so. I didn’t know him well at all, but I loved him. I do remember some things about him. I wish I had gotten the chance to know him better than what I got. Like once me and my sister (we were super young) gave him a bath with tissues. I don’t know why, but we did. I remember me trying to pet him and he bit me too. The one I remember the most is when my brother and sister carried him down the stairs by his two front and back paws. One had the front paws, the other the back. I was super angry at them for doing that. So I tattled on them, and who knows what happened then. Anyways, I have all the other pets I’ve had on my account and so I’d like to have Calvin. Then that part of my home would be complete!

The reason I am applying for Avatar is to represent my brother. I feel like a Westie just wouldn’t be good enough to represent my brother, as I feel like bigger dogs fit him more for sure. An Australian Shepherd seems perfect to represent my brother, since my brother is sporty and whatnot lol.

That is why I am applying for the two of them!

No, they’re not. I mean maybe if I ever achieved my ES female Westie dream (at this point) I would definitley search for someone for Calvin, though for a pet to represent my family (in general) would probably be made eventually since I once made something on a pet’s profile of mine of what pets I’d go after. I deleted it since it seemed so unreasonable though. But, all in all, they’re not a dream. More of a small desire.

I’ve never watched the show before, so I don’t have any favorite character from there. But if I had to choose my favorite fictional character, it’d probably be Oliver from The Cat That Saved Christmas. Kind of funny that the character’s name is the same as my kitten, and he’s also a cat too haha. Just realized that now too.

♥️Did Kit a favor with asking someone a question through messages since she can’t
♥️Gave Ashley a gift of a LS Legacy Yellow Lab
♥️Gifted my friends rare items

I’ll add more if anymore happen during this rehoming. These are definitley the more recent ones in the past month, though.

I’ll add any later if there’s anything I feel that needs to be added ♥️

Thank you so much for this wonderful chance!


Mansonalis, 280,077 StarPoints.

Not much else to mention here to be honest, I used a random username generator and I just found myself tolerating it just enough to try it out and it happened to work out okay.

I presently have a bonding badge of 50 days.

I am applying for Avatar. I have been jumping back and forth between different portions of this application so you may find my reasons for wanting him riddled throughout the rest of my application as well. For one, one particular reason for my interest in Avatar is for the character that he represents. I am of the mindset that I can easily adopt any virtual Australian Shepherd out of the AC or from a home, so I’m not so attached to that concept as I am to the meaning held in his name and essence I suppose. I actually was fairly interested in Air since I had been eyeing her since Catie found her on the play page, but I chose to apply for Avatar predominantly for his “bildungsroman” or coming of age story which I find myself relating to heavily. I explain this more extensively throughout the remainder of the application, but to surmise it, I’ll offer this: I have struggled through many mountains and valleys over the years, and especially over the past year or two and even more pointedly over the past two months, and I’d really value being able to share that with a special pet that not only represents that, but the process required in order to bring him home that in itself represents mountains and valleys. I would absolutely love to bring him home and share the love for him that I have for my other pets.

In some respects, yes. I explain a little further down about Avatar having been a long-term dream/desire of mine. I do not have a search thread for certain reasons, and I am more of the mind that the right opportunities present themselves at the right time.

I’m going to take advantage of this question and answer both in terms of TLA and my favorite fictional character in general which in itself is a difficult question to answer since I have so many. With regard to TLA, I did not watch the entirety of the show, however, from the episodes I did watch, I certainly was likened to Katara, not only for her power but just because I find her character to be incredibly interesting and likeable, though ironically, I have a special affinity for Aang as well, and not just for his adorable Appa. I really appreciate the arch of Aang’s story and the development of the relationship between he and Katara. I find that Aang’s story is very much reminiscent of the human condition and the concept that we’re all destined for struggle and that the power lies in the mastery over ourselves and our own story. I have struggled throughout the vast majority of my life and yet, the last year or two has provided as the most difficult and most rewarding in my story thus far, and I find that I can relate in an exceptional way to Aang and the mountains and valleys that he literally and metaphorically crossed in order to complete his journey.

I have read numerous novels and seen many movies and I could name plenty of characters that hold a special place for me, and I definitely had the impulsive urge to say that Superman or Vision held that space as my absolute favorite. Even Sam from Lord of the Rings would be a contender. However, I read a novel recently called Reincarnation Blues, which was less of the usual classic literature that I have a tendency to gravitate towards and more of the humorous, existential dread sort. In the novel, a character named Milo struggles to achieve enlightenment, living 10,000 lives before he finally finds the answer to achieve it, and even after he’s achieved it, his period of transcendence is short-lived and ends nearly as quickly as it began. He endures countless lives of struggle, most of which he resists the external noise that criticizes his processes. I love that book, and I love it not only for its exceptional humor, but also for the fact that it allows you to walk through these lives with this confused, frustrated, scared character that is only doing his best at any given moment, and the fact that it offers that the most important piece of life is the journey, not the destination.

Since you didn’t stipulate whether you meant here on this site or out in the world, I’ll offer you what I’ve done outside of this site since I prefer to mitigate my presence here and focus on living presently in the world. I feel that I first need to just offer my thoughts on the concept of kindness, and whether that’s perceived as gift-giving or providing others with the opportunity to achieve their highest potential. The last few months have provided for drastic changes within myself and the relationships I have with others. I spent a lot of time healing and learning to rewire my brain and think in entirely new and different ways than I previously had. In that process, I have been able to offer my friends and family with far more authentic and meaningful relationships that are authentic. I find my friends coming to me, crying even in vulnerability and I able to provide them with the footholds to climb beyond the point at which they became stagnant. I feel that this is the best kindness I can offer to anyone in the world, especially given how lonely and hurtful this world tends to be. Beyond that, I signed up with a local church to serve for a day and help others in whatever way I can. My birthday was a few days ago and I share it with one of my closest friends, so I made an effort to make my party his as much as it was mine.

I’m not very active here, and that’s a choice I make for multiple reasons, the most important of them being that I value my presence in life far more and over the years, and especially in the last year, I’ve aged out of the need and desire to participate in whatever drama exists, regardless of its form, even as an onlooker. I genuinely seek to integrate positivity in my life, so I choose to come on, enjoy and care for my pets and then continue on with my day. I have been so fortunate as to have a few friends offer me kindness here, and I do my best to offer them the same counsel and friendship as I do to my friends in the outside world since I do not have the ability to offer any sort of monetary gifts and do not invest in them in general.

I do my absolute best at any given moment. I used to be exceptionally invested in this site––my life was very unhealthy and so was I. I engaged in the community and often found myself in the middle of some sort of drama that I had no desire to participate in. I used this website as a means to escape from my personal life and since I had not resolved my internal issues, I drew all the problems in my outside world into my virtual world. I was very lonely, and I was hurting for a long time, and so the illusion of socialization and friendship offered here appealed to me greatly, not to mention I found much enjoyment in creating scenes and graphics for pets that I grew very attached to. I had multiple accounts and had bonding badges that would climb upwards of 500 days. I found myself having many dreams and desires and the craving for them only made the feeling of their absence greater and the hurt more substantial when I was unable to achieve them. In time, I found less interest in pets of perceived worth and just found myself being content with pets as they came to be mine. For a long period of time, long ago, I was intent on having my own Avatar and I desperately wanted a LS Australian Shepherd to name Pickles. To be honest, I’m content with the pets I have, and I love them fiercely. I save what little FG and FD I have or am given and make scenes as I can. I work on their profiles as I am able and invest myself in each moment and story.