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Stop paying for this website y’all. Try rubbing your brain cells together for the first time in your life to form a reasonable thought.

Nothing will improve. Your money isn’t going to fix anything, it’s just being funneled directly into Ron’s offshore bank account which he uses to fund every other project he starts that’s dead on arrival.

In case you’ve forgotten (I assume you have, you people tend to have the collective memory of a goldfish). The last time he showed up on here was ~3 years ago (after a 2 year absence, which, if you’ve finished kindergarten you might notice is over 5 years of radio silence) to advertise Wagstarter which is already dead. Did you notice the only backers for it were Remsie and PL?

Homeboy has a string of bad investments a mile wide. You can’t fix him and nobody is going to fix this site because PL is just laughing her way to the bank to cash your checks.

And don’t try to feel bad for any of the mod team. All of them past and present are complicit in the downfall of this website and they know it.

Leave this site and make your own life. You have nothing to lose but your chains >:3c

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most people putting money here know what they’re putting it into, and if they wanna keep paying for it that’s their choice, it’s not really… an issue

like yeah, ron sucks and the site is dying, but if people wanna pay for it then they will

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hard agree, site sucks and its going hella downhill, even more than before (if thats even possible). no money you put into it is going to get you anything out of it. but its not your coin, let people spend money on what they want to spend money on LOL