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Need Tech Support

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Got Clubfoo and it billed my card and I have no clubfoot features at all. I emailed support and PL with no responses yet.

Any suggestions?


There are no more Foo Club benefits for anyone. That’s why I did not renew my membership. No monthly bonus, no monthly gift, no litter license.

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I can’t even instacare my pets and don’t have a clubfoo badge either.

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And of course, no response from ANYONE at FP.

I have an account that I can no longer access, but they are still taking money out of my account.

Emailing support – fat chance – no response because NO ONE IS THERE.

How this is even ethical – taking money and refusing support is beyond me.

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Hey hon welcome back, you need to cancel that CC or tell the bank to BLOCK ALL future charges from this site like ASAP. That is the only way to fix it sadly.


I can’t block all from FP, as some accounts I want to keep – since there is no indication of WHICH account is being taken from my bank account, I have no idea which one to stop.

Bank will stop only ONE vendor – that would eliminate ALL my accounts. Although I am considering it, I haven’t made a decision just yet.