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pp surfing + question


join me pp surfing! and in attempt to start up some convo on an otherwise quiet forum:
what is the worst thing you accidentally refreshed? (like, the rarest thing you ever lost on the play page?)

finds 11/26/19

-1 mastiff


Heya! Ill join ya c’:

Rarest thing ive ever refreshed was probably an exact black husky or a lost yellow lab.

My finds today

-4 tabby

-2 tabby

-1 nfc

tabby’s like me today for some reason LOL


it’s too bad that tabbies aren’t too rare/pricey anymore… they’re almost worth refreshing at this point :/


Yea, I couldnt pass them up though. The downside of me having bought them is that if i find any more losties im gonna have to buy cf to pull them off though c’:


sorry i was eating!!


its all good!