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🎄🎁 Surprises Of All Sizes Christmas Rehoming! -- NEW OWNERS ANNOUNCED! PG.141 🎁🎄


To those who would like this and put it on their profiles C:


happy nye! or nyd for those a day ahead of me :) I’ll be at a new years party tonight so I’m not sure how much I’ll be online


hey everyone, sorry I haven’t been very vocal but dropping by quick to wish you all a great 2020!!! be safe and hope you all have a great New Years <3

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Alright everyone. I have been drawing all day, and its been amazing. BUT i am so ready to make some graphics XD So get ready for my New Years graphic <3


I was pp surfing with Blitzen and got this photo :"))


How cute is that <3 I got a few really cute ones of Angel, but my computer has since decided I can’t take photos anymore :)


Everyone feel free to put this on your profile <3


hope everyone has a good new years c:


Also, what day in 2019 would you “repeat” again if you could? Just one 24 hour span, that you would do all over again.

western first of all, I’m very jealous of your cookie cake!! I was obsessed with those back in MS/HS and I just realized I haven’t had one in a few years :O

now usually questions like this take me like 2 solid days to really think about BUT one memory popped back into my head immediately. My bf and I went to TMEA this year in February for Valentines day (coincidence it was the 3 days surrounding valentines day, but still). TMEA stands for Texas Music Eduactors Association, and since we’re both musicians, and it’s a huge thing for all texas music teachers, we really enjoyed going. We’d like to go again next year but I’m not sure if finances will permit….. It’s essentially like a 3 day comic con but instead of comics and anime stuff it’s just….music education LOL.

it was in San Antonio, and though we had to walk everywhere bc we could only park at the hotel, it was really fun. We walked around the riverwalk a ton, got some great food, and just had a lot of time together doing fun stuff :-)


(or whichever part of new years you are in! lol!)

hope everyone got my NY graphic I made for them!<3 I think I’m missing the last 3 or 4 from the application list, but I’ll get to work on those today :3

pokeh I LOVE your graphics ahhh. definitely going on my profile! Love the gifs

edit: also sandy omg you did find the perfect divider!! I was looking last night and I couldn’t find any that were perfect like that :D thanks!!<3


Hey guys!


As soon as I get on my laptop I’ll add those to my profile :-D I love the holiday graphics you guys make <3

I can’t take pictures either :-( I dis screenshot a reallllly cute picture of him the other day though. I’ll post it when I can!!

Possible TW I would repeat June 29th about 3pm- June 30th 3pm. We were on a small vacation me, Brandon, Daisie, & Brandon’s little sister. I was still pregnant with Ben. We were having such an amazing time. The days after that… we’ll we’re just about GARBAGE July 5th Daisie fell & got hurt, July 6th my childhood best friend’s grandfather passed away ( her family took care of me when my uncle on July 10th (Daisie’s birthday) mine & my husbands best friend was taken away, July 14th my papa was admitted to the hospital for heart issues( which started his downfall), July 16th I had Benjamin prematurely and he had to be transferred an hour away to our state hospital to be put in the NICU. Then the year just pretty much stunk from there out. That day was like the calm before the storm lol. I’m hoping for a successful 2020 as I continue my nursing degree!!


I am finishing my app up within the next few hours :) graphic portion is killing me lol


If I had to relive one day I would definitely relive the day I had my son♡ Even though I lost a lot of blood and had A LOT of complications I wouldn’t trade it for the world my little man is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I can’t wait to see how he is being a big brother in July♡♡


Oh Britt, I’m sure your graphics were fine the first time. Don’t ever doubt yourself! Your graphics are ALWAYS amazing! Just get them done and posted, please. You don’t have much time left and I don’t want you to miss out. ♡

Britt: I bet they weren’t horrible! And if you need anything let me know, I hope you’re alright <3

Thank you both <3 <3 I am working on them now. I am definitely very hard on myself so when it doesn’t come out exactly the way I would like it to I end up getting mad and discarding it. I’ll be getting it in before the deadline though don’t worry <3


If I had to relive one day it would be Christmas Day 1992 (revealing my age lol). We were on the Island of Crete (vacation for me, work for my husband). We decided to try to find someplace to eat lunch. We found a little outdoor place that was open. The island has a lot of stray cats and kittens. We had a friend with us (who worked with my husband). A kitten started to climb up his leg. He picked up the kitten and handed it to me saying, “go sit with her, she is the cat lover!”. I preceded to pet and snuggle the kitten and yes, shared a bit of my souvlaki with it. Then I put the kitten down. The kitten proceeded to amble towards a group of ladies that appeared to be Japanese (i could pick up a few words). Apparently, one of the ladies was PETRIFIED of cats. Every time the kitten came near, she would jump up and run off. Yes, I went back over and picked up the kitten so the poor lady could finish her lunch.

Finally, we saw a fisherman who was reeling in a fish and suddenly a seagull tried to catch the fish. Then bird panicked. It took a bit of time but the man was able to get the line and the fish extricated by the bird. At this point a crowd had gathered to watch. The bird was saved but I think the fish was probably thrown back in.

Edit: No cats came back with me back to the US. Yes, no amount of begging on my part could pull that off.


Haunted – love me some July babies!! My daughters birthday is the 10th, Bens is the 16th, & mine is the 20th!!! :-D

Kins – sounds like me begging for a shelter pup xD


Haunted – love me some July babies!! My daughters birthday is the 10th, Bens is the 16th, & mine is the 20th!!! :-D

Oh wow, your daughters is so close to mine! I love being a July baby. I was born July 9th and my brother was born July 18th. Ruby is my favorite birth stone for obvious reasons :’)


I LOVE your graphics ahhh. definitely going on my profile! Love the gifs

Thank you :D I am happy that so many people like them… it makes me feel better about sound of the design elements I put into them lol.

Also your two days of this year that you want to relive are so freaking cute! I think I would relieve the day that my boyfriend gave me my promise ring. We went to the restaurant where we had out first date, and he got choked up whenever he told me how much he loves me. It is always going to be in my heart as one of my best days with him and of this year.


/ if anyone wants to use


Greetings from the future
So far the year 2020 is good




I actually don’t have any special activities I do around this time of year. I tend to just hop along with whatever everybody else around me is doing. This year my parents invited me to go see the Sandy Point State Lights with them and I mean, it was okay. I’m more of a drive-around-looking-for-houses type of person, as a LOT of people around here put lights up for Christmas, but I enjoyed the Sandy Point lights for what they were.
Another thing I’ve been around the past two Christmas’ now is my boyfriend’s friends and baking cookies! I am not a baker myself as I would burn the entire house down, but I can’t say I don’t look forward to going over there and eating some delicious cookies! I can say his friend Ashley makes the best homemade truffles. They had a baby this year so they didn’t bake that much, but she informed me that my Christmas gift will be coming soon and that it will be my favorite; peanut butter truffles! I am genuinely excited.


I’m not too much of a Christmas music person, but definitely had two songs come to mind right away.

My all time favorite that I absolutely love is Carol of the Bells – Trans-Siberian Orchestra. So no, it’s not the original and no it doesn’t have singing in it. However I would argue that it is even more amazing without the singing. I am a huge fan of orchestral music, especially when it’s more on the rock-side, has piano in it, and/or has a violin in it. A lot of people find this as a shock because “oh my god you listen to metal how do you go from metal to this!?” I would also argue that point with how metal definitely focuses hard on instruments in and of itself, but that’s not the point here. This piece definitely triggers that goose bump feeling while listening to it. If anybody here hasn’t heard of this version of Carol of the Bells, I would urge you to go listen to it.

We Sing Noel is the other one that came to mind. I spent about 25 minutes on google trying to find this song and had no luck whatsoever. We sang this song in choir about five years ago and I genuinely enjoyed every single moment we sang that song. It was such a beautiful song and during this month I found myself randomly singing it in the shower. It’s a beautiful song and I really wish I could find it.


My favorite thing about Christmas has always been and will always be seeing the ones I love. Every Christmas I get to see my moms side, my dads side, and both sides have dinner together. Everybody gets together and I genuinely enjoy it the most. I don’t get to see my dads side of the family often at all, because while my moms side is a 25 minute drive away my dads side is a hour and thirty minutes away. So the times I get to see my dads side is mainly around holiday’s like Christmas.
This year that almost didn’t happen; I almost started crying. My grandmother (dads mom) is in rehab because she got pneumonia and became so weak she couldn’t walk, so everybody just didn’t get together. Everybody was going to take turns to see her and not see each other. I was genuinely upset by this, but Justin told me “that isn’t fair. if you want to see your family let’s go see them after we see your grandmother.” That’s exactly what we did and I was very happy. Seeing my family is the best part of Christmas to me and it always will be.


I had to think about this one for a bit because I don’t necessarily watch movies often at all. I definitely am not one for traditional Christmas movies which made this a lot harder. If I had to pick one, it would be Krampus. It is a horror-Christmas movie with a comical side to it, and I definitely enjoy it for what it is. While the movie is decent in and of itself, I genuinely enjoy the folklore behind it. I like the idea of Krampus and the way they made him look in the movie was actually pretty cool in my opinion. So if I had to pick a movie, it would be Krampus.


I use to say yes, and if I’m being honest I still would say yes ; I do prefer a white Christmas. However my instant response of “yes!” turned into a lot of thinking the day I got a car. My car is a Mustang, so for those of you who have rode/drove a Mustang, you guys probably know that they are the absolute worst when it comes to weather that isn’t sunny. So whenever it snows or is raining a lot I go “oh god, how is my car going to react in this weather?”
Though while my car is very bad in weather, I’m typically not the one who drives all around for Christmas. My boyfriend’s car is I’d say decent in the snow and he has zero problems driving his car in the snow. So with that being said, yes! Bring on the snow! I love it so much! When I’m not driving of course.


Thank you so much for the opportunity! This is a very kind thing for you – Sandy and Western – to do for the Foopets community. I know I look forward to your rehoming’s every time, whether I apply or not. They’re always so thought out and pretty. Thank you both so much for the opportunity and Happy Holidays!