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~ ||★|| Pokeh's Lost Stat Guide ||★|| ~

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Please only flag here since I will need to edit pricing as if fluctuates. Thank you!

~ Pokeh

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So… the last one with the registry was messed up before the registry was so long XD So I am separating them into two different posts!

Hi everyone! My name is Pokeh, and I have noticed that the prices of Lost Stats has changed drastically since creating my redo Lost Stat Guide. I decided to redo the redo guide as well as update the registry for the active lost stats here on foopets. These prices are of my own opinion mixed with what I have seen pets go/ what others have sold their pets for. Please keep in mind these can change, and that pet trades hold more value than straight FD currently.

So what is a lost stat? A lost stat is a pet, normally found on the Play Page, who have stats that are below the minimum personality traits. This was caused by a glitch that became super popular, so it was never fixed. Now an example of a lost stat would be a pet like Ginger. If you look at her bravery stat number, you can see that is is 71, but the base stat is 73? This means she is a lost stat. Now the number lost just depends on randomness, so there is no way to know truly how lost the pet will be. There is any amount of number possible for a pet to be lost, but it is very rare to find a pet lost more than 2 or 3 under. Anything over -9 is considered a uber lost, and they are typically harder to find. There is no max, but the most lost uber lost stat is 24.

Uber Lost Stats - These pets are lost by a number 10 and greater. ex. Oki
Double Lost Stat - These pets are lost in two different stats Windy Dayz is an example of a double lost stat.
Legacy Lost Stat - Legacies are pets that were born before a specific cutoff date, and are also 1st generation. Most people can tell if a pet is a legacy given their ID number or if they are a Pokey. Back in the old days of Foopets, Foopets went through and they converted a lot of Pokeys into Foo versions given how buggy Pokeys make people’s computers. Well Foos and Pokeys have different stats, so whenever they were converted, the Pokeys that were turned Foo still had the same stats. This caused some with lower stats to become lost stats. This is also what happened to the 2nd generation Lost Stats. They were once Pokeys turned to Foo. ex. Golden is an example of a legacy lost stat
Uber Legacy Lost - These are like the legacy lost stats above but uber lost. Benny is an example of one.
Second Generation Lost Stats - I personally haven’t seen more than one or two of these, and both are from back whenever Foopets converted all of the Pokey’s to Foopets.
Legacy Pokey Lost Stats - There is no known Lost Pokey and if there is, I have never heard of it. I know of a Exact LPH and LPGSD. There are also loads of AL pokeys, but I know of no Pokey Lost stat currently.
Oddie Lost Stat - These are oddies (pets with more than 5 stats) who are also lost stats. There are currently less than ten Lost stat oddies on Foopets.

And finally the part we have all been waiting for! As mentioned above, don’t agree with a price? Post and we will discuss it :D


❀ This is straight FD pricing, some of these pets may go to pets as well, and that is up to the users who are selling/trading to decided. I can only help with pricing lol
❀ AC price = 45FD
❀ a “+” next to the amount means this is the base price. Some are worth more, but given we haven’t seen enough being sold its hard to say what the highest would be


Australian shepherd: Males 75k+, Females 100k+
Beagle: 500 – 1k
Boston Terrier: AC, Uber lost ≈ 1k+
Boxer: 4 – 5k
Bulldog: AC – 300FD
Chihuahua: 60k
Chinese Crested: 50k
Dachshund: 3 – 4k
Dalmatian: 13 – 15k
German Shepherd: Males 100k, Females 125k
Great dane: AC
Golden Retriever: 55k
Black Husky: Males 300k, Females 300k+
Rottweiler: 35k
Red Husky: 300 – 500, Uber lost 4k+
Jack Russell Terrier Smooth: 4 – 6k
Jack Russell Terrier Rough: AC, Uber Lost ≈ 500FD
Mastiff: AC, Uber lost ≈ 1k
Miniature Pinscher: 1-2k
Yellow Lab: 1 – 3k, lost in agility 8-10k
Black Lab: 45 – 50k
Chocolate Lab: 25 – 30k
Marley yellow lab: Males 30 – 35k, Females 45 – 55k
Schnauzer: 300-400
Pitbull: Males 30k, Females 40k
Poodle: 9k
Portuguese Water Dog: 2 – 3k
Pug: AC – 300
Shiba Inu: 4 – 6k
Weimaraner: 1 – 2k
Westie: Males 35k, Females 55-60k
Yorkie: 60k


Abyssinian: AC – 300FD, Uber lost 500 – 1k
Bengal: 2 – 4k
Bombay: AC – 300FD Uber lost 1k
Calico: 300 – 500
Cream Persian: 1 – 2k, Lost in bravery ≈ 20+
Himalayan: 2 – 3k
Long Hair Silver Tabby: Males 40k, Females: 50k
Maine Coon: AC, Uber lost 1k
Nebelung: AC, Uber lost 1-1.5k
Norwegian Forest Cat: AC, Uber lost 1k
Russian blue: 3 – 4k
White cat: 7 – 8k
Siamese: 2 – 3k
Black mix: 50k
Orange mix: 6 – 8k
Tabby mix: 2.5k
Tuxedo mix: 55k, Males 65k Females


Legacy Lost Yellow Lab: Male 50 – 60k, Female 60 – 70k
Legacy Lost Chocolate Lab: Male 60k, Female 70k+
Legacy Lost Black Lab: Male 70k, Female 80k+
Uber Lost Legacy: 100k+
Double Lost Stat: 100k+ (depends on breed)
Second Generation Lost: 100k+

Lost Stat Registry is located “here”:




Thank you for this!!

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Updated prices since they’ve changed so much recently