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does anyone play lioden?


cause I want to show of some of my babies :’)

this beautiful bab is my queen Akira and my everything ahhh I love her so so much

and this is my heir Alakai, I put sooooo much money and time and lore into him it’s unreal asdfghjk. he’s got just a few more decor pieces left but I’m waiting until he’s king to equip them(:

Bindi, my little blind immortal oracle child. also a lot of lore on her. she is probably my favorite lion.

Lilith is one of my new gals but I already got her all dressed up. she has a base I’ve been wanting for a while so I blew most of my remaining money on her. can’t wait to write her lore.

my beautiful overgrown teeth bab Zara

and last but def not least, Cassandra. she’s just glorious I had to share even though he’s not dressed up yet.


i’ve never heard of this but they’re all so pretty I’m so intrigued .__.