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so i just came gone from my school spelling bee, and i got 6th place (yay?). i got out on divan because i said “e” instead of “i”, i don’t know why i replaces i’s with e’s but i was so mad lol after i got out the remaini people got out words that i studied so hard and could spell :‘) but i did better than i thought i would, -too bad i didn’t get to spell polindrome or synesthesia-
but i won’t get to try harder next year because the high school doesn’t have spelling bee’s :( they’re actually kind of fun once you get over standing in front of a bunch of people lol


Then you join Toastmaster’s – they have groups specifically for younger members called the Junior Gaveliers. You learn to speak in pubic, and leadership skills. Good job: :)


Hey congrats on getting that far.

I give anyone alot of credit because spelling is my worst subject haha. Give me math, give me science im fine….spelling? Nope.

In 5th grade we had a spelling bee. I lost in the first round haha. I had to spell the work “cloak” and i spelled “clock.” (Even to tell this story, i had to google how to spell cloak hahahahaa) yep spelling is my downfall.