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Question on pricing Sold Out Items


How Much Do they normally sell for?
Selling from member to member?
Just curious, i just want to price fair :)

i currently have Blissful Dreams & Cozy Living Room that i want to sell


At least add the sales tax so you can recoup what Foo takes from you. If you charge too much no one will buy it.


I think I’ve seen blissful dreams sell for 200-250 maybe? it all depends on how badly a user wants it and how willing someone is to part with their item. People often overpay if they really want the item or have been looking forever, but also some people price their items really low (like me usually) in hopes that the items will sell much faster.

i personally would put blissful dreams at 200, if it didn’t sell in maybe a week I’d knock it down to 150. May lower some more after that. I like to sell my items fast though lol

also I could be wrong on the 200fd price. but. there’s my two cents :D